I let so much go, I didn't realise I was carrying so much...

I let so much go, I didn't realise I was carrying so much - yet, it is always a continually evolving process. 

Everything is. 

Nature, doesn't just change it seasons once a year. It changes them, four times a year - EVERY year. 

There is a continual ebb and flow a continual cycle that is always moving, flowing, shifting and changing - and it is our duty, to come into deep alignment with the ever flowing cycles, rather than thinking it is going to be one way and this way forever. 

Some days you are going to feel good, some days you are going to feel bad. 

The key is not allowing yourself to bury yourself deeper into either of those. 

The good or the bad. 

Some people get tripped up - and I used to do this too - that when I felt bad, I would question why, think something is wrong with me and feel worse because we are supposed to 'feel good' yet - that isn't the truth either. 

All feelings, all emotions are on a vibrational scale. They all...

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