You CAN heal from your trauma and live your best life.

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You CAN heal from your trauma and live your best life.

You CAN be spiritual and rich as fuck at the same time. 

You CAN smile and enjoy life again, now and forever from this moment on. 

You CAN have healthy relationships and open your heart once and forever more in deep grounded trust. 

You can have, be, do and create the magic in your life that you crave. 

You can… have everything that you want to have. That isn’t ego - that’s called LIFE baby - without ego - you wouldn’t have a human body - so get over it - it is called HUMAN LIFE - you know, the thing you incarnated as a HUMAN to experience?

The only thing ungodly about the ego is you dogging it out for being not spiritual! Honey! Everything is spiritual last time I checked!  

The very essence of LIFE is made up of atoms and that means… that there is magic you can tap into at anytime and make stronger than your trauma, make stronger than your fears, make stronger than your tears - feel all the emotions for sure, ride them like the pro-surfer you are, you know I am advocate for that - that is how we surf it on top, not drown underneath it - is by diving deep when we need to aka feeling. Don’t cut that off baby. 

You can stand in your power, the very essence of your Being and say no to what you don’t want, so you can say YES to what you do want! 

That dream life is BORN from you living in lala land, from daydreaming about what you want happen in your life - the life you always fantasise about and know is yours - stay there in your bubble - don’t let that baby pop because of your fears or what someone said to you - that life, is meant for you because you see it inside of yourself so stay here a while - and forever in this bubble of fantasy… 

Because then one day, life will bring forth, life direction changes that will seem out of the blue - but when you really look at what is on the table, you’ll realise that this is what you’ve been asking for all along.

And it wasn’t fantasy… this was your Soul speaking to you all along, guiding your every thought, guiding your every feeling, guiding your every move… 

That is your Soul speaking to you via your intuition - your daydreams (clairvoyance) your feelings (clairsentience), your fantasy sounds you hear talking to you in your head (clairaudience), your crazy out there thoughts that are so big and fantastical you wonder how that is even possible (claircognisence).. you see....none of that.. is fantasy… 

Your imagination is the seed of your intuition - it is the doorway, the key, the way INTO your Soul and it is speaking to you all the time. 

When you stay here a while in your bubble of this space… 

This is the place where dreams are made of and come true…

This is the place where opportunity knocks on your door without you even trying because you are… 

In the vortex of your Soul.. 

And that.. is the place where all of reality comes from, is created from and you are here to experience it all. 

You CAN heal from your trauma, leave your past behind, still be spiritual, wild and free, become rich as fuck and have it all. 

It is..  what you were born for. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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