My gift opened, when I stopped trying to fit it in a box

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My gift opened, when I stopped trying to fit it into a box!

I felt lost for so many years - lost or more, just 'What on Earth do I do, what is my purpose?'


It was more like -

What do I call myself?!!?

I knew exactly what I did and do!! And how clear and accurate my gift is - always have. Yet - I thought that this exact thing - was normal for everyone! No wonder people thought I was crazy and I lost a lot of friends in my time!

I knew I was meant to do this spiritual stuff - right from when I first spiritually awakened when I was 21 (more on my spiritual awakening, 'how' it all happened for me and coming off recreational drugs into spirituality by clicking here: and this blog by clicking here for more on my 'story': )

It was like magic, things were incredible and I knew, with not a doubt bone in my body, this...

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