"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!"

"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!" 

"Not with me you haven't." I replied. 

It doesn't matter if you spend a little or a lot... 

What does matter - is the person who is holding the space for you to transform. 

I have had many, many people over the years come to me and say that 'psychologists don't work, doctors don't work, no body, not even other healers can figure out what is wrong with me' and yet, again, it depends on the practitioner that is holding space for you to transform. 

Anybody can train to become anybody from a book/class. 

But how deep are they going within their own transformational growth journey? THAT is the key you want to be looking for. 

The best healers, guide you to connecting to your own inner health, inner wealth and inner life purpose. 

No body can do that for you.

It is like when I teach Lightfilled Yoga, I ask if there are any new people to my class and give them a disclaimer. If you don't like...

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My gift opened, when I stopped trying to fit it in a box

Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor 
The Life Purpose Queen 

My gift opened, when I stopped trying to fit it into a box!

I felt lost for so many years - lost or more, just 'What on Earth do I do, what is my purpose?'


It was more like -

What do I call myself?!!?

I knew exactly what I did and do!! And how clear and accurate my gift is - always have. Yet - I thought that this exact thing - was normal for everyone! No wonder people thought I was crazy and I lost a lot of friends in my time!

I knew I was meant to do this spiritual stuff - right from when I first spiritually awakened when I was 21 (more on my spiritual awakening, 'how' it all happened for me and coming off recreational drugs into spirituality by clicking here: and this blog by clicking here for more on my 'story': )

It was like magic, things were incredible and I knew, with not a doubt bone in my body, this...

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