"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!"

"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!" 

"Not with me you haven't." I replied. 

It doesn't matter if you spend a little or a lot... 

What does matter - is the person who is holding the space for you to transform. 

I have had many, many people over the years come to me and say that 'psychologists don't work, doctors don't work, no body, not even other healers can figure out what is wrong with me' and yet, again, it depends on the practitioner that is holding space for you to transform. 

Anybody can train to become anybody from a book/class. 

But how deep are they going within their own transformational growth journey? THAT is the key you want to be looking for. 

The best healers, guide you to connecting to your own inner health, inner wealth and inner life purpose. 

No body can do that for you.

It is like when I teach Lightfilled Yoga, I ask if there are any new people to my class and give them a disclaimer. If you don't like this class, please don't be put off by Yoga, as every single teacher, has a different style and teaches the same class differently, so please continue with different yoga classes and teachers, until you find the correct teacher for you. 

That is really what it boils down to. If you don't have the right support, the right teacher, if you are not surrounding yourself with the right people and doing the inner and outer work DAILY - you won't shift much. 

And again, every person is different. What works for someone, doesn't work for someone else, however, again, the key here? Is what that teacher does in their own life to shift themselves and how deep they go, is how deep they can take their students and clients. That, is a golden key. 

No one can do the work and make your day to day, moment to moment choices that is where radical responsibility comes in. 


It really comes down to what you are doing with the tools and space given to you, it also depends on if you're really willing to shift. 

I would not be where I am today, without my mentors 100%! And yet, I have gone through a relationship wave phases with all of them over the years. I have loved them, hated them and come into balance with them. They trigger me and when I am conscious of that to CATCH that, and humble myself down, actually LOOK AT MYSELF and realise that this is SHIFTING ME - rather than 'making my reality wrong' - THAT is where the biggest shifts have come. 

But it also hasn't happened overnight. 

This ain't no overnight game. 

This is the long term game baby, and if you ain't in this personal development world for the long haul, then you may as well go back to unconsciousness forever #saidwithlove 

No body transforms their entire reality over night. Well, maybe that is the case if you decided to leave everything you've ever known and leave on a jet plane overseas with nothing but the clothes on your back and start again. So hey, there is ways! However, 90% of people wouldn't and choose not to do that. 

They choose to stay comfortable. 

That means choosing where they place their money and their time, every single day. 

It is so interesting to me, when I hear people say they don't have money for it, but then they will say, go to the bottle shop and buy their favourite wine for example. It is never about not enough - it is about choosing where to place your money and time. 

I never had the $50K in my bank account to invest in my mentor at the time when I began - never! I had enough for the first payment of the payment plan and I didn't tell a SOUL and some people reading this now would gasp that I am even sharing this now - or God Forbid that I did that! 

However, I knew, early in my journey that if I wanted to increase my wealth, I needed to learn to from the people well, that had already done it! It wasn't until about 18months until my journey online that I realised this and when I had the first payment amount reach my bank account, it went straight out again for the start of the payment plan. 

I remember shaking when I made the payment and felt so... I can't describe it - but I also didn't tell a Soul - well, I told one person, who completely got it and she turned around and told me she did something similar the year before with a different program and again, never told a Soul because the amount it was a lot for people in our life. I felt relieved I wasn't the only crazy one 🙃 But it isn't really crazy when you are advancing your life. 

No body blinks twice when they invest into University or other schooling. Do they? No. They just do it and find a way.

There is ALWAYS a way. 

Whether you spend thousands or a few hundred or less - it really depends if you are ALIGNED with the person. 

Of course, you probably wouldn't spend anything with someone you don't resonate with, but when you KNOW you have to do this thing, I wouldn't be letting anything hold you back, not even money. 

I had no idea how I was going to keep paying the payment plan payments each month at the time when my business was in infant stage and the $2500kAUD was coming out each month. However, I JUST KNEW it would turn up, because I had COMMITTED to it AND I was turning up to do the work I KNEW I had to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

It GAVE me more motivation too. Not because I was stressing about making the payments - but.. this is what the successful people do right? 

Turn up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY - no matter how they are feeling yes? 

From that day forth, I committed to getting up at 5am, to journal and write my reality into existence. I then do whatever Soul work calls through on that day.. and it has been like this, since April 2018. And... I wouldn't be where I am today, without being surrounded by people who do the same. 

Who are constantly increasing their psychic development.... 

Who are constantly positively impacting, shifting and guiding Humanity....

Who are constantly increasing their health... 

Who are constantly increasing their wealth... 

It is these people I choose to surround myself with and over time, they have become dear friends.. 

But that wouldn't have happened, if I didn't push the limits of my faith, not tell a Soul what I was doing and just do it... 

And turn up to do the work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Inside and out. 

Do you? 

Or do you let your logical mind get in the way of your Heart?

I have taken out there choices and they have been successful - because I MADE them successful. Failure was not an option. Filaure only happens when you give up! And, when you FEEL like giving up - you're about to break through... so just don't! Pick yourself up and keep going. 

It was never logical for me to take that leap back then and if anyone saw my bank account they would've thought I was crazy and tell me not to do it. Lucky I learnt from my past back then about... just not telling anyone! 

It was never logical for me to soley build online back in 2017. Everyone told me to stop doing this silly psychic stuff online and get a real job. I guess, I am grateful I didn't let my logical mind stop me fast forward to 2020 and everyone wishing they paid more attention. 

It was never logical for me to invest in a car in 2018. Especially a V8, one that I love. Lucky I did the illogical heart calling thing anyway and did what I wanted to do and love so much. Fast forward to 2020 and premium fuel drops to below $1 for the first time in what I have ever seen YEARS and... I can get in my car and road trip out of lockdown... that led me to my beautiful Home I am in now. 

Lucky I invested in my HEART - every single time, as having that long term mentor, continually gives me the courage to keep going when the whole world seemingly turns against me and I feel like I have no one (especially in the start) - it enabled me to turn my life around, to make my dreams reality and keep going, to continually expand and shift my reality into my dream life... let alone expand beyond the constructs of reality that I thought was all there was to life - but I had to be open and humble enough to see them, to RECEIVE and let them in. Without a long term mentor, this would never have occurred for me. 

And yet, none of that would've occurred if I had let me logical mind trying to figure out HOW. 

You are shown HOW when you... commit to your HEART. 

Because your Heart always knows the way, you just have to trust yourself enough, commit to YOURSELF enough.. to know that the path is already there, if you'd only take the steps to follow it.

Do you, trust your Heart enough to guide you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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