I've noticed, that every time I have a deep energetic shift, that every time I behold an energy within my system and truly integrate it with that deep 'cogs clicking into place' - when that vibration is not just in your head and you know it, but it is beheld in your body - I noticed THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES
I notice that every time I RISE THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES
I notice how things come to light that I need to see, I notice that Spirit shows me things I need to see or things that I need to hear, I notice that I am told things about the world, people or otherwise when I need to be shown.
I notice that when I shift to becoming more of my integrity in deep alignment with where my Life Purpose is taking me, which is a constant evolution, I notice that the things that are NOT in alignment anymore, or have been stagnant sitting there under the surface, that things are 'in my face' and get to shift out and fast....
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