I've noticed, that every time I have a deep energetic shift, that every time I behold an energy within my system and truly integrate it with that deep 'cogs clicking into place' - when that vibration is not just in your head and you know it, but it is beheld in your body - I noticed THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES 👁
I notice that every time I RISE 🔥THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES 👁
I notice how things come to light that I need to see, I notice that Spirit shows me things I need to see or things that I need to hear, I notice that I am told things about the world, people or otherwise when I need to be shown.
I notice that when I shift to becoming more of my integrity in deep alignment with where my Life Purpose is taking me, which is a constant evolution, I notice that the things that are NOT in alignment anymore, or have been stagnant sitting there under the surface, that things are 'in my face' and get to shift out and fast.
I find that the fastest I let things go, the faster I continue to stay in alignment of where my Life Purpose is taking me.
I notice that when by continually walking my Life Purpose path, no matter what 'gets thrown in my face', no matter what I am 'knocked down by' through people, comments, words, experiences, the more I ALLOW this space and drop into the depths of grief and support myself, I notice that, when these things come to 'knock' me, I don't get so knocked anymore.
I notice how I tune in to the depths of the frequencies underneath what is really happening, where my gift takes me to the depths and energetics underneath and perhaps, it is with this understanding, that, I see the truth of what is really going on.
I see what is happening through the energetics of me, of that person, of the situation, of where it came from, of why. I see whether that is still in alignment or not. I see whether those words are really about me and what that has triggered within me - to see if it is something that I need to clear...
Is that - showing me what is really important to me? Is that showing me, how far I have REALLY come? Is that showing me that the reason I have been triggered is because it is showing me the TRUTH about this situation and my protective nature about my Life Purpose and that -
If had let every comment from people that told me I was doing it wrong, or that I shouldn't do it, or that what I am doing is 'old healing methods' (gosh I am a Shaman Earth Druid you know!) or that I am not 'keeping up to date with healing methods' or that 'Shadow work is wrong and I shouldn't be focusing on the dark' or 'that I should get a normal job' or that I am not living my life purpose and coming out 'being who I am meant to be' #seriously or that what I am speaking about is 'too much trauma and drama'
I say
What I will say is FUCK YES those comments, HURT LIKE FUCK, they made me question what I was doing, they made me wonder if they were ever really my friend or ally in the first place. It cut me to shreds, it tore me to pieces, it ripped my heart out and made me pierce the veils with grief, MANY times over.
What it DID DO -
Is taught me how to WALK THROUGH THE FIRE AND BIRTH DRAGONS #imserioushere
It taught me to travel the energetics and find the threads FAST and now it happens with effortless ease. #youveseenmygiftsinaction
It taught me MY GIFT. My GIFT is helping people out of the darkness out of the trauma and drama INTO the light and empowerment of BEING on this planet and functioning as a HUMAN BEING with gifts that are beyond the scope of most people's understanding. I teach people how to use their beyond the scope of most people's understanding Gift and pull them out of the trauma and drama and into the LIGHT.
My gift, is awakening your gift.
My Life Purpose is awakening you to live your Life Purpose. #unique
If I had let other peoples comments about what they think my Life Purpose is and 'how I am not doing it right' - change what I was doing? Fuck I would be off path!
Thank goodness I didn't listen to them right? Hurt? Yep. Teach me the depth of my gift and fine tune it every single time even more BECAUSE of them? YEP! THANKS GUYS!
But if I didn't stay my course in the deepest face of adversity one could ever face, over and over and over and over? I would NOT be where I am today.
Adversity allows me to fine tune my path, my gift, even more. 🔥It's just been a journey to understand the DEPTH of this. 👑
It turns up in ways that you don't think of. Get out of the way and let Spirit show you how, because the how is already figured out. You just need to turn up to receive the next step of 'how' - and that may mean you 'don't hear correctly' but in essence you are. If there is a 'no' - does that mean you stop at that door? No, you keep walking to the next 'door'. You keep going UNTIL you get to the door that opens.
Because when you do this? You are shown the 'how was figured out all along'. You just needed to continue turning up to each step of the way, all the time. You have an idea about something, you keep pursuing UNTIL that door opens, and realise it was meant to be this way all along and 'why didn't I think of that!' #ofcourse #lifepurposerules
Start with what you have, do what you can with what you have and move forward with that. Don't wait, 'seeing the truth of your reality' 👁means you do what you can with what you have, you start where you are, because Rome wasn't built in a day and when you 'do what you can with what you have' you are in essence, focusing on what you have and what does that do? Create more, of what you have. 😍#essenceofmanifestation Gratitude for what you have right?
THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES 👁When you continue on the path of your Life Purpose in the face of adversity, when you know your Life Purpose at the core of your BEING and when everyone around you tells you you're doing it wrong, or they think you are not living your truth or sharing your message properly and you, yes, cry about it and essential clearing of their words, KNOW that you KNOW, BONES FEELING IT KNOW your Life Purpose, is not something they can even comprehend, they think they do and know it and proceed to tell you how you are doing it wrong, but honey, only YOU know your Life Purpose - when you use these words as FUEL FOR YOUR FIRE - you, stay on course, you create your own path, you WALK THIS FIRE 🔥
If I had stopped what I was doing, because of all the comments I have heard over this almost past 3 years online, people telling me I am doing it wrong in one way or another - I would not be where I am. My GIFT is helping you navigate the darkness. Not many people can do that. They either turn their back on it, or tell you it is drama, negativity, victimhood, or trauma is too much and you don't need to go there. Gosh, glad I didn't listen to them. My life is a drama to most people, because I am DEEP. It is the depth, that most won't travel and I am deeply for my GIFT supporting me the entire way through it. Deep in my middle name. Darkness is my LIGHT.
Your Life Purpose is guiding YOU. Know that the more you FOLLOW THIS, regardless of what anyone tells you to your face or that you hear behind your back (because THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES 👁and Spirit has your back and makes sure you know the truth of what is going on), if you follow this?
Gosh, how your Life Purpose supports you, grows in strength, momentum, energetic being of itself, when you do this?
Only you can SEE your Life Purpose. Sometimes you need some help to put the pieces of the puzzle together that clicks instantly when it does, but only from those that are already living their Life Purpose and have walked through the FIRE to get where they are now. Anyone else, will be one of those that isn't supportive simply because they don't see what you do. Find those that see what you do and surround yourself with only those as you work on your Life Purpose. Yes you can still live life, but the Life Purpose bit, only speak about it to those that see the depths of your Unique purpose, anything else, is that they don't see deep enough into the dark, that place, where the light is. 👁 #thatfirethough 🔥🔥🔥those ashes, that cinder, goes pretty black I reckon! 😉🔥
Oh honey, you BLOOM!
THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES 👁so you can stay on track, that is all. That is all.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
I feel like this is total next level, this DEEP TWO WEEK IMMERSION is something ELSE! This is an Energetic Reconfigure of your energy that is going to shift not only your life, but accelerate your Life Purpose.
This streamed through me in the Full Moon Ceremony and what I thought was going to be just releasing the Audio Meditation (which is still going to be available) - this Reconfiguring Energetic Codes, has turned into a two week IMMERSION to Reconfigure your Energetic Codes that turns this 'what now space' into a complete amplification of what you know in your core to BE.
BUT! This comes into, without the push, without the striving, without the underlying PUSH, it becomes, effortless, Reconfiguring Energetic Codes, is that deep alignment into effortless flow, that 'what everyone talks about but why isn't it happening for me' - this, is where the keys lay. Check out the full insight here:
This is ONLY for those that feel like:
⚡️Questioning everything you’ve ever done
⚡️Feel like you’re standing in a room naked and everyone staring at you (but you're not even putting yourself out there!)
⚡️Wondering what on Earth your next steps are when this driver is now gone well, what’s the point? Well, the point is still there, you can deeply feel that, but it's all changed, nothing feels the same anymore. The push, the patriarchal need to push, need to get it done and now because then you can ______ (fill in the blank), yet, this doesn't feel right either
⚡️Are at a total loss at what just happened and are questioning what it is all for
⚡️And now that has gone - how on Earth do you navigate this space? How do you even get motivated and share your message, let alone even find what your message is, because that has changed, what you thought it was and drove everything you've ever done until now, has changed, but it hasn’t at the same time and are deeply confused by this
⚡️Are in a lot of fear and don't know why or how to shift it
⚡️There is a deep sense of Peace going on, underneath this fear, so much so that the fear seems unwarranted, but warranted at the same time
⚡️Are in a place you haven't found yourself in before, this space of space, this place, is different but familiar at the same time and are needing help navigating this new territory
⚡️Feeling like the old techniques you use are somewhat outdated and need upgrades to your tools
⚡️Feeling like you are 'out of time', you don't feel connected to this reality anymore, like everything is turning to pixy dust as it disappears in your hands and right in front of your eyes **poof** GONE. Just. Like. That. 😳😰
⚡️You've been feeling stuck, stagnant and in 'limbo' or almost like a 'pause' has been put on everything
⚡️Not clear about what your next offer or step in your Life Purpose business is and need clarity now
⚡️Feel like you are starting to burn out and are tired of this cycle of 'collapse and fall' and just want stability
Check out the full insight here: or send me a message with any questions about it.

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