Restructuring the Energetics of the Land 🌳🌏🕊

When our Earth goes through transformation whether through natural disaster or man made disaster/destruction/construction it is up to us sensitive Beings, Empaths, Lightworker's, Healers, Intuitive's - to restructure the energetics of the Land - did you know this? 
Do you do this?
Now I am not saying you have to be obsessed with this (unless your Soul call's you) - yet, it is the same as noticing rubbish at the beach and you picking it up and putting it in the rubbish bin.
That when say a forest is knocked down and humans are going to create buildings there in some way shape or form - the energetic grid, the energetic structure of that piece of land and the energy grid lines just above our Earth, Earth's Aura, has been disrupted if you may.
If you are sensing this or feel sad, angry or hurt that the trees have gone and they have done this to the Land - this is your sure fire way to know that you're feeling this disruption and...
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When the Trees are cut down, there is more LIGHT ✨🌳✨

When the Trees are cut down, there is more LIGHT 

Standing in my backyard this morning, just before dawn, a memory came back of the HUGE old tree that used to be in it when I first moved into this house 8 years ago. I am not sure what tree it was, but I think something like a big paperbark tree, She would've been there for so long, her trunk was so big I couldn't reach my arms completely around Her.

I remember when not long at all after I moved in, the owners came and cut her right down, completely removed her along with another big tree in my backyard.
I was so devastated, a feeling that I know very well having being someone who feels everything, let alone the hurt Mother Earth feels with what we do to Her.
I remember when I was 13 going to my favourite bushland one afternoon after school like I do, only to discover they had knocked it down and placed wooden pegs with marking lines all over the place. I remember being infuriated with pain and anger...
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