Restructuring the Energetics of the Land 🌳🌏🕊

When our Earth goes through transformation whether through natural disaster or man made disaster/destruction/construction it is up to us sensitive Beings, Empaths, Lightworker's, Healers, Intuitive's - to restructure the energetics of the Land - did you know this? ðŸŒ³ðŸŒðŸ•Š
Do you do this?
Now I am not saying you have to be obsessed with this (unless your Soul call's you) - yet, it is the same as noticing rubbish at the beach and you picking it up and putting it in the rubbish bin.
That when say a forest is knocked down and humans are going to create buildings there in some way shape or form - the energetic grid, the energetic structure of that piece of land and the energy grid lines just above our Earth, Earth's Aura, has been disrupted if you may.
If you are sensing this or feel sad, angry or hurt that the trees have gone and they have done this to the Land - this is your sure fire way to know that you're feeling this disruption and destruction of the energetics of this piece of land - just like noticing the rubbish on the beach. 
So what do you do then? 
First is to ask our Earth, what She needs at that point, in that space. Literally place your hands on the Earth and ask what She needs you to do.
There are many scenarios here, yet it is important to use your intuition on what you are guided to do from asking Her yourself. I teach this deeply in my Heal The Land course and have given many of my experiences in there that I have done personally on the land, including helping many Indigenous and Genocide instances pass over around the world from countries and land that has called me to do so over the years, let alone construction deconstruction of the land itself to build infrastructure on our Earth. 
It is something we can't 'stop' - but our 'job' - is to go in and reorganise the energy of the land to support what Humans are doing, and what our Earth needs. ESPECIALLY if we are feeling it so strongly. That is your sign you are 'seeing the rubbish on the beach' so to speak. 
It is important when moving into a home, or the home you are in, to check the land and 'reset the energy grids' where ever you go - simply ask first, what you are being called to do (if anything) as there has, over time, been so much destruction, the construction of modern day world as we know it today. 
Your home - especially if old, has had a lot of people in it and the land has seen much over time. 
If it is a new development, the 'nature' structure fo the energetics has also been changed. 
There is always work to do, again, especially if you are conscious/feeling it. This is your 'job to pick up the rubbish'. 
Imagine, if all Healer's were doing this - resetting the grids in all the main/busy/big cities and other places - imagine how that would shift the world on it's own ðŸ•Šâ¤ï¸ðŸŒ
Even where buildings and cities are, it is important to redo the energy grids. 
It isn't that it is 'bad' that we/humans have done this. 
it is now up to us - to reconstruct the energy grids to suit and support the new environment. 
A bit like a builder comes in and builds a house - everyone has their own jobs - the tiler tiles, the painter paints. And it is up to us Healers - to redo the energy gird to now suit what is currently built there. Just like a landscaper coming in and redoing the gardens - we redo the energy and reconnect it back to the Earth grids that it has been 'cut' from. 
Have you done this  before? 
Do you - not just see the destruction and feel the pain that is triggering your own internal pain from your past that you haven't yet felt (or you wouldn't be so 'moved' by it all - this is about all the change in your past, you haven't processed) or do you see the solution - that YOU are the solution and start reconfiguring the energy of the land that you are being 'moved' by? 
Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘
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