You thought you knew where you were going...

You thought you knew what you were doing...

Everything you seem to try fails or you get blocked in some way shape or form...

You feel like you have a demon or entity attached to you...

You feel like your entire life is cursed...

You have been left in the lurch of a relationship (AGAIN) that you thought you were going to be in forever…. or you are in one you know you need to leave… 

You are an emotional wreck… 

Things are falling apart and you are just like WTF IS ACTUALLY GOING ON? 



1:1 With Hannah 

Let me show you your Celestial Way Home 


Let me remind you who you are


Let me Guide you back to sanity and BEYOND who you thought you were before 


Let me lift you up, let me guide you back to the truth of who you are. 



1:1 With Hannah 

✨Let me show you your Celestial Way Home 

✨Let me remind you who you are

✨Let me Guide you back to sanity and BEYOND who you thought you were before 

✨Let me lift you up, let me guide you back to the truth of who you are. 

This is for you if...

✨You are usually onto it

✨You are usually the one who holds it all together 

✨You are the one who picks everyone else up 

✨But for some reason, something is just going wrong, something is just amiss

✨Something has deeply changed (or you’re ready for it) and you just don’t know who you are or what you’re supposed to be doing anymore

✨You thought you knew where you were going and you do but you are doubting yourself more than you have ever done before 

✨You are forgetting the truth of who you are 

✨You are…… who am I again?

✨You are ready to be supported 


✨You are ready to let in help this time

✨You are ready to stop being everyone’s everything and deeply reclaim what you set out to do in the first place

✨You are ready to amplify your psychic abilities beyond what you ever thought you had before

✨You are ready to extinguish the doubt

✨You are ready to get clear on your purpose

✨You are ready to honour your needs (finally)

✨You are ready to claim your health, your sanity, your wealth, your endurance, your energy and accelerate your financial, spiritual and physical reality.

✨You are ready to BE CELESTIAL once more.

Sparkling… tranquil….. amplified…. successful - in ALL areas of your life. 

You are ready. 


So how does it work? 

➳ This is 1:1 support with Hannah for 1 month

➳ Voice and text message via Telegram 

➳ 2 x Psychic Readings (Via Telegram)

➳ Intuitive Guidance, pin pointing exactly what is going on, what has you stuck, doubting yourself and of course, all the pieces to reclaim who you are. 

➳ 30min Phone Calls 

➳ I will intuitively accelerate the pieces for you that are missing, that you are ready to reclaim, and give intuitive guidance on ‘how’ to do that, step by step. 

➳ I come in and give direct intuitive guidance about what I see happening in your life, what needs to shift and change and what you can be supported by when you ask me questions about a situation that is happening for you. 

➳ There is intuitive work to do of course, whether that be intuitive healing, activations, meditations and deep diving into past lives, future lives and recoding inter dimensional realms - we cover ALL of this

➳ If you want unlimited 1:1 that doesn't have limits, access an all areas pass to all courses, all trainings, activations and meditations, then Life Purpose Accelerator is more suited for you. Click here for Life Purpose Accelerator.



What this isn’t: 

Holding your hand and not being direct. I will tell it how it is #nobullshit - no body has got time for that and you have wasted enough of your precious life and time tip toesing around the real stuff right? 

What this is: 

You asking me any questions day or night. I always come in and check messages for my clients minimum once a day, sometimes more, depending on what is going on.

There is no limit to the questions, however, there is a 10min voice message length cap. If you need longer, it is important to book a 30min call instead, which you have them available to you in CELESTIAL.

We can shift so much so fast in a phone call and I am just a call away. I am here for you - remember? 

✨ I will energetically hold, support and work your life in all ways, on all levels, in all areas energetically whilst you are in this space of CELESTIAL 
✨ Expect to be upgraded and shift rapidly during this time working 1:1 with me. Whatever has been stuck or unclear, will instantly be wiped away to reveal all you have been wondering for… seemingly ages!