Finding Your Life Purpose


Awakening Your Life Purpose - that is, what you are born for right?

Remembering WHO YOU ARE

The biggest part of Finding Your Life Purpose - is Trusting Your Intuition!

I am sooo passionate about teaching you to hone your intuition - because it is the KEY to Awakening your Life Purpose and living your dreams! THE KEY 🔑

It is THE core element to the entire thing! You must trust yourself, or you won't be able to do what you have be born onto this planet to do. 

So many of us, were taught at a young age, it was not okay to trust ourselves, for one reason or another and then we end up wondering why we are so lost when things break down or are seemingly not working in our life. If we had only trusted our gut in the first place right?

It is there, inside of you, you just need to awaken to it. 

Your consciousness, your conscious awareness of yourself, of all parts of your Being - are calling forth - YOU. 

Whatever turns  up on your path, is an aspect of your Life Purpose - an aspect of you, awaiting you to reclaim you. All of you, to return to wholeness.

Those pieces you have left behind on some timeline, in some place, in some dimension that is still active, alive and present today, that you have access to. 

Awakening Your Life Purpose, is Awakening the Consciousness of your Being, of remembering the connection to your Being, to who, you really are and what, you were born to do on this planet. 

Remembering WHO YOU ARE

That everything is consciousness, including you and everything is awaiting your return to the consciousness of everything.

Reclaiming all of you, remembering, Awakening every aspect of consciousness, within you. 

Returning to your magical, powerful, intuitive and healing gifts of the core of who you are. 

Trusting Your Intuition IS  your key, to Awakening Your Life Purpose. 

If you need a starting point, Recalibrate Your Internal Compass, it is my Free Meditation for you, in my Free Essentials Meditation Pack (along with 5 other Free Meditations) IS your starting point, if you haven't Recalibrated Your Internal Compass, this IS where you start, so you can move forward as the very first part in finding your path, Trusting Your Intuition and Awakening Your Life Purpose.

There are training videos in there, that give you depth of understanding in how best to use the Internal Compass Meditation to guide you on your journey of Awakening your Life Purpose, so be sure to watch them too. 

If you don't know how to manage your energy, face the depths of the darkness of your own psyche, let alone know how to use your intuitive gifts, that is the number 1 reason why knowing the ins and outs of your intuition is KEY to Awakening Your Life Purpose. 

We are only ever shown the next step, the next step, you may have an idea of big dreams - awesome, take the next step and let the Universe worry about the 'how'.

Awakening Your Life Purpose and then living it, comes deep into Trusting Your Intuition, one step at a time. 

Having a supportive tribe around you, who also get it, is your next most important key factor, as if you have found yourself here, you will more than likely have a Life Purpose that is unique to helping shift the consciousness of the planet, and most people around you in your current life, may not get the depth of that.

Just don't share with them the depth of what you're being called to do, as most will turn around and tell you not to do it, or that you are crazy.

Talk to your tribe about it - we get it! Come and join us in the Reality Awareness Support Group on Facebook by clicking here, if you're not already in there and need a tribe who totally get's it! 

One step at a time, deeply Awakening Your Intuitive Abilities, your gifts, trusting them and what your Soul is guiding you to do (which isn't what 'Spirits' are telling you to do btw) - there is a very different distinction here! 

How best to Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities? 

Everything in Trust Your Intuition - there is EVERYTHING you need in there, yes it is a big course, but it is everything you need to navigate the Spirit world and how to distinguish your Soul, from your Ego, from your Humanness, from your parental line, from Spirits in the Spirit world and well beyond the veil. 

Another deep factor to Awakening Your Intuitive Abilities, is working through the Chakra Consciousness. I have always been guided to begin from the Crown down, as we need to come IN to our bodies. 

For so long Humanity has been 'reaching up there' to Spirit, and are ungrounded and living from the head, not the Heart. 

Working through the Crown down, brings us to depths that we actually ground our Soul into our body and are able to birth our Life Purpose from this space, let alone reclaim your unique Life Purpose gifts.

Each time you do a round of working through each Chakra, you will Awaken another layer of consciousness around your gifts, your consciousness and what you are here to do aka Life Purpose.

On my Self Help page, you have access to the Chakra Journey, or you can pick any Chakra to dive deep into the consciousness of it, explore it, awaken it and birth an entire new reality of your life, each and every time you do this.

The Chakra Journey's happen every year and you find them by clicking here.

Working with me 1:1 amplifies your gifts and gives a unique understanding of your individual perception of reality, of how YOU receive your intuition and what you are being shown by Spirit.

How to distinguish what is what in the Spirit world, let alone release the energetic baggage in your Aura, so that YOU can shine through, no one else, that is what we cut through to in 1:1 work, as well as pin pointing and connecting all the intricacies of your Intuition - of your unique form of Intuition with working 1:1 with me. 

Of course, there is also the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose. You can join our Reality Awareness Facebook Group for access to the trainings we have already done this year, as we are moving through a Divine Step each month, so you can catch up on the replays and... Awaken Your Life Purpose in 2021, to prepare for this new cycle, the birthing of Humanity's Greatest Awakening the Earth has ever seen. 

If you have been called here, finding yourself reading this, your Soul is calling you to Awaken Your Life Purpose. 

Your gifts are real, valid and an important part of you servicing the Divine with your gifts - your reason for Being. 

Our Divine Mother Earth is calling you to birth, what you were born to do. 

Ask yourself, 'Is everything I do, infused with Purpose?' 

Everything, has a reason, a rhyme, a season, a purpose... you just have to feel it in your Being. 

You are always on Purpose, beautiful Soul, even when it doesn't feel like. 

Recalibrate Your Internal Compass, so you become conscious of it, that's all. 

One step, at a time. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑







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