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So you want to know what your Life Purpose is?

You've found yourself here as you are wondering, searching,
looking for something that seems missing, or needing help to get you out of the circles that you seem to keep finding yourself in.

You may have also found yourself here if you're feeling lost, confused, like you're world is falling apart.... that no body understands the depth of who you are, or are broken hearted in some way shape or form, from a relationship break up, career change, or just plain I don't know anymore.

You may also feel like you don't fit in to any sort of place, group or otherwise either.
#igotyouheretoo #igetit

Maybe you're here and you 'have it all', but something... is amiss

I can safely say, your Life Purpose is starting to awaken within you and rise to the surface.

It's exactly why you're here.

You can use my healing space here like an oracle. As you scroll through my content, pick what jumps out at you or that you're drawn to and dive in/click/read/watch it - it will no doubt, be the answers you've been looking for.

If you don't know where to start, start with the Essentials Collection: Free Meditation Pack, and find the Internal Compass Meditation that's in there, it's free, and it's the very start of finding your way again. (you can find that just below here)

BTW, you're not lost beautiful one, you're just recalibrating into more of who you are aka your Life Purpose.

If you want to see what is currently happening, what has been newly released and more, scroll down a bit further to see 'What's Currently Happening'

Plus, my Blog is always full of new releases, amazing powerful free trainings and inspiringly healing Heart sharing that I have been called to write for you. 

Do you find the ways you clear negative energy don't work?

This 5 Step Guide will help you to clear negative energy and understand why the other methods don't seem to work for you! Let's get you clear #pronto

Show Me How To Clear Negative Energy Please!

You see everyone else living their life amazingly - why isn't it for you?

This free audio and video training series here for you - will show you exactly how you can too, with financial increases even though you can't see how exactly right now, attracting your soulmate tribe, attracting love, and of course, your beautiful health, wellness and weightloss too.

Yes Please Show Me How Hannah!

Free Psychic Readings

Every Tuesday since August 2016, I have been releasing Tuesday Tarot. Free Psychic Readings, every single week, to help guide you in trusting your intuition aka, your next step, confirming what you know in your heart to be true, so you can be clear, confident and of course, trust yourself. Make sure you turn on notifications on my page on facebook so you can receive Tuesday Tarot, every Tuesday first.

(P.S. Next month, marks 2 years of me never missing a Tuesday Tarot! Yes, there is a celebrating release, make sure you're following to see what gift I have for you!) 

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What's Currently Happening?

Reality Awareness Retreat

11th-15th October 2019, Lombok, Indonesia, Life Purpose Activation & Deep Spiritual Healing, Welcome to Reality Awareness Retreat

Show Me More of Reality Awareness Retreat

Full Moon Ceremony

Good Friday Easter Full Moon this Month, We will be holding our LIVE ONLINE Ceremony at:

18th May 7pm Brisbane AEST 
18th May 10am London BST
18th May 2am Los Angeles PDT
18th May 5am New York EDT

Show Me More Details of the Full Moon Ceremony

Become a Certified Healer

If you are wanting to turn your part time hobby into your full time career, you can now become a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator with Reality Awareness.

Show Me More Of Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator Training

Trust Your Intuition Online Course

Everything you need to know to Trust Your Intuition, whether you are just beginning your spiritual awakening journey, have shut down your psychic gifts long ago, or have been doing this for years and want to advance your skills, Trust Your Intuition is for you.

Show Me More Of Trust Your Intuition


Prefer to Work With Me 1:1?

Distance Healings, Psychic Readings, Powerful 21 Day Shifter Programs and 3 Month Goal Reacher Programs. All the Details here:

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Awakening Your Life Purpose...

is about Trusting Your Intuition and Freeing your Soul, to Live your Highest Potential - and I'm here supporting you, every step of the way. (For as long as you need it of course!) 


Self Help

Hey beautiful Soul! I am passionate about supporting you so you can get back on track with your Life Purpose, find meaning and live the life of your dreams. There is a lot of Divine Wisdom that flows through me on a variety of topics as soon as someone asks me something - it is my gift. I am passionate about helping you uncover your unique gift, and it all starts with knowing where to start! Have a look below and see what 'jumps out at you'. This Self Help, is only in the beginning stages as I continue to create, the self help, continues to grow. So if you're ever feeling lost, or needing answers, come and use my website like an oracle and allow your intuition to guide you to what you need to see.

Online Courses.

I am passionate about teaching you how to heal yourself, so that when something comes up, you can tend to and heal yourself right away, rather than being in pain, hurt, trauma and confusion waiting on that appointment until you can see someone to help you. 

Here is a selection of my online courses that you can do right from your own home 24/7. From self healing, to awakening your life purpose, to strengthening your psychic abilities to so much more.

Over the next 12 months, this collection will continue to grow, so remember to come back and check what has been released. It will no doubt, be the answer you're looking for. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen

All of my online training courses are video trainings that you have lifetime access for. Most of them include some audio meditations and activations, energetic upgrades, clearings and healings. Once you choose the one you're intuitively guided to, you will receive email confirmation so you can log in and begin right away.

12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose

These are the exact steps that I have been living for over 13 years now that have enabled me to Awaken My Life Purpose as you see it here today. Are you, living your unique Life Purpose? Are you... ready to uncover yours?

12 Divine Steps

Rapid Ascension Awakening

Where ALL your Chakras are activated, awakened to depths beyond what is thought possible before, to allow for ultimate expansion for your highest potential to be birthed on this Earth - the whole entire reason you are here in the first place. Welcome to Rapid Ascension Awakening.

Rapid Ascension Awakening

Heal The Land

When you see the intense deforestation and constant destruction and construction you feel so much pain at times right? And then totally powerless to do anything about it at the same time?

Here with Heal The Land, this powerful divine Healing package to help our Mother Earth restore Her grids, help Soul's Pass over that are stuck here, heal the pain our Earth Mother feels from what us Humans are doing. There is something you can do. 

Heal The Land

How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards

You'll never have to see a professional Tarot Reader again after this! 

How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards

Clean Energy

How to use our physical world to clear negative energy. Crystals, Water, Sage, Essential Oils and much more. 

Clean Energy

Clearing Energy Blueprint

All the in's and out's on clearing energy, why and how, so your Intuition is acutely clear and loud. Why you aren't sleeping at night and what to do about it. What to do when you sense a presence in the bedroom or house. How to tell when you are carrying someone's energy, why, and how to clear it on the deepest level so you stop doing this! Mediumship, Past lives and so much more is in here too!

Clearing Energy Blueprint

Power My Life Upgrade

In here, I give you my exact Morning & Evening Ritual Steps of:

~ How I use all the tools every morning & evening

~ What I do when I am 'busy' and 'can't' do it

~ The exact structure that shifted me through the biggest blocks, so you can too

~ How I stop sabotage behaviours; The Inner Child Work, The Shadow Work, The Past Life Healing Work, The Money Goal Work, The Life Purpose Work

~ I give you the inside details of exactly what I use and how I do it, and yes, I show you how you can take these and find your own way, so you can do it too!

Power My Life Upgrade

Get Clear

Your Sacred Keys for receiving crystal clear intuition. This is how you can receive messages clearly from your Angels, Guides, Intuition and more - just like you see everyone else receiving messages and you wonder how they are doing it? This, is how beautiful one. 

This is how you build those intuitive and psychic muscles to hear your intuition loud and clear. 

~ Claircognisence Healing & Activation

~ Clairvoyance Healing & Activation

~ Clairaudience Healing & Activation

~ Clairsentience Healing & Activation

Get Clear Intuition

Heal Your Broken Heart

Here I deeply hold you in your Heart's pain, so you can truly heal your Heart, even when you don't want to let go, when you've been dumped, or even if you did the dumping and are now questioning if you did the right thing. 

It is here I hold you, so that you can allow your authentic feelings to free you, even when you don't know you can even face another day again.

Heal Your Broken Heart

Earth My Reality

~ Combating Fatigue & Overwhelm

~ Detoxing! How to do it, what detox is best for you and how to do it when you have an entire family to feed! 

~ Extreme Self Care

~ Clearing the Clutter, I'll show you how to Decluttering Like A Boss! 

~ Powerful Skin Ritual Activations so you can get that Earth Angel Glow

~ The Sacred Art of Receiving 

~ Guided Physical Realm Exploration

~ Finding Your Own Flow (all well and good how everyone else can do it, this is making it work for YOU and your life babe!)

Earth My Reality

Awaken Your Psychic Senses

~ Spiritual Organ Awakening, Healing and Activation

~ Claircognisence Healing & Activation

~ Clairvoyance Healing & Activation

~ Clairaudience Healing & Activation

~ Clairsentience Healing & Activation

~ Spiritual Bodies Healing & Activation 

~ Realm Portal Activations

~ Fine Tuning Your Psychic Senses

~ Understanding Energy 

~ Past Life Understanding & Healing 

~ Future Life Integration & Activation 

~ Present Day Integration & Activation

~ Galactic and Intergalactic Portal Activations & Integrations 

~ Land & Earth Healing & Activations

Awaken Your Psychic Senses

Activate Your Higher Senses

~ The truth beyond the veils is revealed

~ The portals of all realms, revealed

~ Retrieving Life Purpose Activation tools

~ Deciphering our physical and spiritual world and how they both combine

~ How to live in both worlds at the same time, without being labeled crazy or more

~ Shifting depression, confusion, loss of direction, reducing fatigue and insomnia, releasing feelings of overwhelm

~ Sleep tips

~ Sacred Star Activation and Portal Activation

~ Star Portal Travel

~ Archangel & Star Being Activations and Attunements

~ Psychic Surgery

~ Psychic Attack and what to do about it

~ What to do about the 'dark forces', how to recognise them and not 'hang out with them'

~ Spiritual Cleansing Techniques

Activate Your Higher Senses


Prefer to Work With Me 1:1?

Distance Healings, Psychic Readings, Powerful 21 Day Shifter Programs and 3 Month Goal Reacher Programs. All the Details here:

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