Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation

Healing repetitive patterns, cycles and reclaiming your gifts to support your present day reality.

Hey beautiful Soul, this is a powerful life changing Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation.

Walk forward with gentleness after this meditation, you are rewriting your history with this meditation and receiving the gifts of why things are currently playing out in your life.

Rewriting your history = changing your future to what you really want, instead of the same repetitive patterns.

If you were ever married in a past life, or said a vow to serve someone for life through war/combat/battle or otherwise, committed your devotion to someone as a servant or more - unless you've consciously worked on releasing these, they will still be sitting in your Soul energy field, memory and subconscious. 

If you are finding it hard to let go of a relationship, or attracting the same sort of relationships, whether intimate, business or having family issues, then this Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation is a guided meditation to release these vows, contracts and to heal this past.

This will enable you to be free to walk forward in conscious and free choice today, without these subconscious ties to your past relationships that are hindering your choices underneath the surface of today. 

What is the Investment?

The investment is $15

  • Get insight to past relationship karmic ties
  • Understand why current relationships are so strong and 'pop back in your life' after so long of no or little contact
  • Heal past relationships
  • Heal constant cycles of relationship karma
  • Heal repetitive patterns
  • Release contracts, vows and ties to your past that are affecting your current reality 
  • Heal current strained relationships
  • Take your current relationship to exponential heights in positive ways
  • Release negative patterns/cycles/issues from anything currently going on in your life

Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation


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