111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999 - What do these numbers even mean?!

111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999 - What do these numbers even mean?! What about feathers, or gold coins or someone just out of the blue saying something to me?

The Angels have saved me and saved my life, more times than I care to share, or remember. I just know, I wouldn't be where I am today, nor even still alive probably - if it wasn't for their Heartfelt genuine presence since I began to first be conscious of them. 

I have had this book since 2005, well, this is my second copy of it, the other one was even more tattered than this one and a signed copy, that I gave to someone at some point who needed it more than me. 

And then I went and bought another one right away! Then when the app came out I had that too.. but the app is no longer available. But if you see me share the Angel Numbers on my story from the app - it is my old iphone 5 that I have never updated since with my new phones I discovered the new updates, didn't have the Angel Number app anymore and I wanted to keep it! 

This Angel Numbers book has saved my life more times than I care to share. 

It has lived in my door car pocket shelf ever since I got it and I frequently know many numbers off by heart, because for so long this has been an everyday go to. 

When I had my spiritual awakening back in 2005, earning good money working at the strip club back then I went and spent all my money on this spiritual stuff (yes, I had my spiritual awakening at the strip club! And 2 weeks later quit because I knew I didn't need to work there anymore with my spiritual path now open). 

Days later after I quit, I was flicking through a spiritual magazine, that had an advertisement for. Lightworker Practitioner Training and that is all it said with a phone number. I called it right away. For the next 12 months I studied this course and became a Certified Master Lightworker Practitioner.

Half way through, I moved to Brisbane (1 hour away), the capital city of Queensland, Australia and got a job working in a bar as a glassy. It was a super hard transitionary period of my life, as I would commute back up the Sunshine Coast to attend the Lightworker Classes and visit my biggest resource for my Soul - the Ocean. 

Not long after that, I stopped working at the bar (nightshift didn't agree with me at all!) and got a job in a high class menswear store, selling Hugo Boss Suits to wealthy men. It was an interesting 18 months and saw me living in Brisbane in 'my own house', a very old Queenslander Home on the top level, the lady lived underneath. 

I questioned what I was doing with my life, and yet, at the same time, it was a huge transition out of the drugs and raving scene into spirituality and really being on my own in a big way. It was a 'recovery and discovery' time. 

I used to catch the bus from home into the City to work every day.. and my bus number? 379.

379 - 'Keep praying and listening for guidance about your career path, because you are presently on the right track for your Divine Life Purpose.' 

It kept me sane. Especially when I didn't really know why I was working there, but I knew it felt right at the time and my spiritual studies filled my Soul, let alone committing to three yoga classes a week in the City, straight after work - it was truly the strong yoga practise that completed the cycle of needing to take drugs - spirituality and yoga, became my drug. And that, is a whole other story in itself. 

When I fell pregnant with my Daughter, when I was going through a hard time, when everything feels like a loss and I am questioning EVERYTHING is usually the time I see the most numbers. Sometimes I see multiple numbers all the time, other times, I barely see any, but regardless.. this book has saved my life. 

Or should I say, the number meanings have saved my life. 

When I am questioning things, I see particular numbers and the meanings encourage me to keep going. 

When I am doubting why any of it is happening in my life, or when something bad has happened 'out of the blue' these number meanings.. gave my life meaning again. 

The Angels saved me more times than I can remember. 

They are a constant presence that I would... not be where I am today, without them. 

When everyone has walked away from me, when I have walked away from everyone, when people have hated on me, or left me when I needed them most and felt at the lowest of low.. the Angels have been by my side. 

I will see a feather in random places, or float inside my house with no way that could've got in, that makes my heart melt, usually followed by a well of tears because I FEEL their presence by my side. 

I will find a gold coin deep in the dirt that looks like it 'surfaced just for me' that my shoulders drop and relax, followed by a deep long exhaling, knowing that all is going to be okay because the Angels are right by my side. 

Or I will be in a shop and someone just happens to randomly say something that changes my entire day, or I overhear something - amongst all the white noise going on - all of a sudden someone's conversation is like the only thing you can hear with acute clarity like someone has turned down the volume on everyone and everything else around me for just a few moments, so I can hear a particular sentence, then all of a sudden everything is back to normal, that almost takes my breath away, as tears start to well, feeling the presence of my Angels, once again, by my side, when everyone else has walked away from me. (That is your Clairaudience hearing your intuition/Angels by the way!) 

Numbers will appear on my phone or I will be in my own world driving when my eyes are just drawn to a particular number plate out of the blue, or the dashboard will have numbers alongside my car dash and all the numbers at once will happen, or one particular message, for example like:

637 - "Everything related to this situation is working out beautifully!" 


742 - "Trust that the Angels are guiding and protecting you in this situation, because they are." 

I would be lost with out these words of encouragement with the exponential leaps of faith that I have taken over the years in my life and business. 

Still today, this book lives in my car door pocket and still today, my eyes well with tears, or my shoulders drop and relax with relief as I exhale, when I have taken huge leaps of faith action and decisions that are life changing that... so many, just wouldn't. 

However, the thing I need to, still today - constantly remind myself is two very important things: 

#1 - Remember to ASK my Angels for help! They are always there, but they cannot just step in - without your permission. So 

#2 - Ask for more information. Sometimes we forget that we can ask for more information! This is sooo important when learning your intuition (the communication channel to hear/speak with your Angels). We are shown so much with our intuition, through our every day life, thoughts, feelings, hearing things, dreams and so much more - and for me, I always tried to decipher things and would be frazzled why they are showing me certain things like roses, or a dangling bunch of carrots for example. Then - I remembered I can ask for more information! 

Sooo importnat! 

If you are like, hmm, what is that? Instead of asking someone else - ask your Intuition - ask your Angels of 100% Light - for more information about this please! 

You may receive answers right away, or you may receive them in the coming days - just let go and trust as you continue to walk forward in your life, deeply connected to your heart and intuition, every step of the way - that you are also provided for, every step of the way,  that you always receive all the information and resources you need at just the right moment you need it. 

Do you, trust your Angels of 100% Light? 

Do you, trust your Intuition? 

Do you, ask for more information? 

Do you, even remember to ASK your Angels to help you? With ANY thing at all? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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