13 Years of the Goddess Walk

about hannah reality awareness Aug 04, 2018

13 Years - this year, marks my 13th year, since I was spiritually awakened. I know some people irk at this, roll their eyes and slap their forehead 😘 and….I deeply smile, from deep, deep within my Soul, as I honour the deep drawing of the Goddess that has called me, from deep, deep within, as my Soul howls and screams like the Wild Wolves call, the veils were pierced long, long ago. And it is now, I know this time has come that my blood lays with those open veils like never before…. I have… come Home.


From the depths of my Soul, I called, I longed for Home. Yet, I never truly knew, where Home, was.


Yet, it was from my youth home in this lifetime, I wandered and I wandered far.


For a long time, over this past 15 years of living interstate from my blood family and not knowing why, there have been times I pine for my family, especially in the early years, as my siblings grew up, and I left and saw them only when they were young…. and wonder why I chose to live here and rarely returned.


In July 2005 I hit the darkest of dark, as my rock bottom could take me - or so I thought. It felt like death, it felt like, nothing before.


I stumbled and cried and screamed through the veils - yet, at this time when I was just 21, I did not know what depth this took me then.


My heart was calling, longing for something, something I had long forgot… and the rock bottom of high risk drug taking and broken hearts across the seas, not only pierced the veils, but cracked open my Heart, for the most incredible journey, I did not yet know lay ahead of me.


Fast forward 13 years and the depths of the darkest abyss on this Earth, took me beyond my gift more than ever before and honing my craft like a Priestess in the Night, I heard Her call again, and it is here that I rise.


I feel the blood in my bones, through the deepest of deep… The Ancient Blooded Healers are remembering, are gathering and it is here we sow, we weave the tapestry of the night and the day as one, the call of the Goddess, the Priestess of the Night…


I see some of you reading this and having reactions to my 13 Year Initiation Goddess Walk… I see you not comprehending the depth of what this means and so ridicule it instead… I see you and I hold you… because I see right through you… deep, deep into the true longings of your Heart - for dear Priestess…. I see you in there….


I see you reading this and some of you may weep…


With the depth that you feel, that is just like mine, the resonance is strong, and exactly why you are here and can’t look away… maybe you do, but you come back, time and time again… because it calls deep within you..… I feel the depth of you.. that is why we meet in the black of the night…


I feel you dear Druids, as you read and receive the depth of the Goddess and the remembering as your Soul wakes to walk the cyclic rhythms of Her Soul.... I feel you and feel your power rise dear Druids.... I honour... You... 


I see you reading this and feel deeply uncomfortable… some of you may cringe and curse and not deeply understand what I write… I see you and I see the depth of you… that is like me.


You are no different to me, for I see you all.


Just like our Dear Mother, holds you all.


We are all but One, on this Dear tiny Earth, our Great, Mother Earth… all with the same, deep longing, the same deep purpose…


This fast forward 13 years, as this crucial pivotal point - 13 Moons, the Goddess is deeply, deeply Alive.


We have just passed our Blood Moon through our eclipse as we’ve seen - some prophecies of the end of the world with this current Blood Moon…


Yet, when I hear, this - just like the Mayan’s were misinterpreted of their end of the world in 2012 - it is not the end of the world -


But the end of the current consciousness of the world.


Another layer, has been shed… collectively - you’ve all been feeling it… deep within your Soul…


Just like I shared yesterday… if a part of you feels like it is dying… it is… a current consciousness of the collective is shed, on every eclipse, on every Moon even, and the cyclic rhythms that we ride in the midst of these shifts… become the ride of the lifetime that fall swiftly into the Heart.


Each time you weep, your Heart opens wider as you feel deeply held by our dear Mother at your feet. The Earth beneath you holds you more than you realise and when you consciously connect to this grand support under the skin of your feet, you walk the path, of the dearest Goddess and Druid alive, the one, that’s Heart beats at the same frequency as yours.


Remember each time you feel like a part of you is dying…


Remember every time you feel like you are going through a black night of the Soul…


Remember when you feel like there is a demon at your foot….


That the Sun rises again in the East every single time, that the daylight breaks the dawn with the power of the Father Sun, to warm your Soul, bring light to your life and nourish your tender Heart.


That the deeper you feel the depth of your broken heart, the wider it opens to let the deepest Love IN that you thought you’d lost, long, long ago….


That you realise, it was there all along, that the depth of the love that you seek, begins in the depth of your Soul…


The darker the night, the brighter the day… the dawn of the light, heralds a time of change, of never ending change and cycles and the light of the stars dances in the night to hear the crows of the stark light, bring back again - the warmth in your Heart.


Over this past 13 Years, I have walked into the blackest of nights, faced the darkest demons of my Soul and brought them to light.


I walk in the night and I walk in the day - I walk in both worlds, because I am of this world. And this world is all worlds in One.


I find my power, my breath, my gift and my light, my voice, shines brightest when I walk on both sides, because it is here, it all exists.


My gift, has exponentially taken me to new heights in this past 3 months as I have walked to the deepest of Soul graves and stepped deeply in the night and as I rise, from the darkest of dark, it is here the fire burns bright.


There is nothing that scares me, nothing that I fear, for my demons walk by my side - shining the light on the truth underneath that is glaringly obvious deep in my sight.


“It would be ill advised to lay your demons at my feet. I have an army of angels waiting, to love them until they weep.” - t.m.t.


I see through the bullshit, I see through the night, I see straight and beyond your Soul.


I honour my deep power, I honour my deep gift and I honour my calling to serve this dear Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants that reside deep in the connection to my Soul.


The Ancient Blooded Healers are remembering, gathering, rising and so brings the dawn that heralds this deepest rise on this Earth to date. The Legend, has been born.


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen


P.S. I can feel something coming.. something is about to come together, like I have never felt, experienced or offered before… keep your eyes and heart open - can you feel it, like I can?


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