I released a parasitic entity this week that took me to depths I haven’t been in a long, long time. It threw me for six, took me under a bus and back and made me wonder… many things. 

We spoke deeply in Transcendence Reality Society yesterday in our Hot Seat Mentoring about the world stuff demons and updates, energy updates, earth quakes, solar flares, combined with our own demons, the parasitic energetic forces deeply taking Lightworker’s down and we all realised how powerful a tribe we have become - all walking in a depth of integrity and truth with our Heart and Soul’s callings, that I have not seen anywhere else. My heart has blown open wider than ever before with Transcendence Reality Society Tribe, it truly is transcending magic in there! So so grateful. (Doors are open until this current Friday, still time to join us!) 

The parasitic demonic entity… became apparent to me, when I ‘fell’. On Thursday afternoon I was holding it back, without knowing, due to appointments and was so so so tired, almost falling asleep standing up with the holding it back and as soon as I got back home, I had to reschedule clients, move trainings - it totally floored me. I didn’t want to be here anymore - it was very, very dark. I haven’t felt that level of darkness, in a long, long time. 

And yet, as always, Spirit shows me the threads, the cords, the lineage and the pieces of where it comes from, what was happening, what was going on. As I shared with my Transcendence Reality Society Tribe, it was many, many things. 

It was all the pieces of EVERYTHING that was ‘wrong’ it was EVERYTHING that I had an issue with - all coming up to the surface of what was happening. 

And yet, I also know… ‘why’. 

A day prior, in Ear Chakra Consciousness Training, also in Transcendence Reality Society - we transcended expansion levels beyond consciousness!! Literally smashed through glass ceilings with the processes that our Wednesday’s training took us through! Everyone got off that training feeling a little bit… different! I know with the level of expansion that I walked through myself, as I was teaching it - Phew, hello Thursday 😳

It pulled me into alignment and away from anything that had been holding me back from fulfilling my Soul’s Desires. The parasitic entity represented all the things that… kept me small. Had tentacles in my throat, stopped me speaking my truth and being who I am. If anyone has paid attention these last two years especially, these parasitic tentacles, have been lodged… no more. 

If you saw my story this last few days, there were some potent images that explained the feels immensely. 

The parasitic demon entity… represented… everything that I was not. 

It represented how much I didn’t trust myself. 

It represented how much I walk around waiting for someone to love and approve of me. 

It represented how much I shrunk, how much my light was sucked dry. 

It represented how much I was told I was wrong for everything my heart desired. 

It represented all my not good enough’s. 

It represented all the dimming my light to not rock the boat of another.’ 

It represented all the waiting around for someone, because I some how took on a belief that I need others to get shit done. 

It represented all the times I was discarded, betrayed and trampled on. 

It represented all the times I placed someone else’s words holding more weight than my own, even when it didn’t feel right.

The depths of darkness that were released from my system on Thursday floored me. And showed me so much. 

The Ear Chakra Consciousness, expanding me beyond realities previously lived before, awakened from a slumber that has held me hostage since beyond the dawning of time. No more. 

The release of the shackles from this lifetime, from previous lifetimes and from dimensions that captured my Soul in broad daylight, no more.

The magic has been reclaimed for many recently. Curses have been lifted and the spells broken. Souls have been returned to their rightful owners - not just for me, but for several clients I have been working with as well, which shows me, many more would’ve felt this too. 

The deep trauma that has shattered Souls through all of time - all being reclaimed and drawn back to their rightful owners like a magnet. 

The level of darkness that, that parasitic entity had a hold over me - was a direct representation of what was held over Humanity. No more. 


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. I channeled the Ancient Blooded Healer Activation on our June Full Moon. When I finally sat down on Thursday Morning just gone to finish it, choose and place the backing tracks and put it all together, as I was working on it, listening, piecing the music together, I broke down in tears listening to the words that I had channeled. 

I realised in that moment, I wasn’t behind. I didn’t have a back log of work, I wasn’t putting things off or avoiding working. 

I realised in that moment of breaking down… there was not a divine moment more that I could’ve finished this activation. 

With what the wording and what the activation actually does, I realised that what was going on in my personal life, needed to be cleared out before this could be completed. 

It had to be pure. 


Nothing interfering. Nothing holding me down. Nothing in my field that was not this. 

No wonder, Thursday afternoon is when the parasitic demon left me. It cannot withstand the power of the ANCIENT BLOODED HEALER HEART AND SOUL it is.. who we ARE. 

Click here, only if you’re ready to finally shift, all that has been holding you back - so you can get on with your LIFE baby: https://www.realityawareness.com/ancient-blooded-healer-activation

P.P.S. Transcendence Reality Society closes this Friday night, seen as though I was shifting some deep stuff out, a few days disappeared in recovery! If you want to be part of a tribe that is solidifying an Ancient way, that has been around since the dawning of time - click here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/transcendence-reality-society


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