Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes,

about hannah energy update Apr 10, 2021

Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes and all I can do is go slower, absorb more, sleep more and... drink sooo much water.

Did you know that two hours in nature, listening to nature sounds and being in nature completely resets your energy? Say goodbye to anxiety, depression and more at the drop of a hat, by adding minimum two hours of nature time PER DAY to your life and watch it transform before your very eyes and remember who you are. 

I haven't been sleeping much more either even though I have been quite wiped and feeling super 'weird' at times... I have actually been sleeping less. By choice. Not because I necessarily want to, but right now? 


Every single area of my life is being upgraded, shifted, accelerated, changed - EXPANDED.

With support, help, unexpected opportunities and at every turn, there is a huge expansive feeling to every single moment. 

And phew! Wanting to implement so much and all I can do - choose to do - is sit in nature. To stop. To lay down. To re-organise Reality Awareness Business. To delegate over 60 hours a week to my soulmate team that has 'all of a sudden appeared' - that truly are so soul aligned - to hand over 60 hours a week? This is massive for me. So. Damn. Excited! 

My Soul has already been enjoying the space, the nothingness, the being able to stop and not stress about it even though I am not done handing stuff over yet 🙄🤣

My Soul has been stopping - in Red Jasper Rock Pools, or at the Divine Sunshine Beach much to my human virgo self dissatisfaction wanting everything done - yesterday!

And yet, everything is slowing down. More Light is coming in. No - I am consciously ALLOWING more light in. 

I move forward and have rapid accelerated shifts forward and then it is like I almost stop completely and 'am stopped' either just unmotivated, that isn't unmotivated because I am a driven person, hard to describe, but then need to sleep again, then all this energy again... so full bursts of light upgrades then a recalibration, integration stopping. So very fluctuating and the pulsations - I feel they are only increasing at the moment, becoming more rapidly, becoming more... normal. 

This frequency is becoming normal and I don't feel it will ease off until mid-late June this year. 

We are 2 days away from our New Moon Peak, meaning, we are in the Dark Moon phase right now... a time of rest, a time of deep inner reflection, a time of deep inner recalibration, where new intentions are being set into the place old outdated worn out systems were and are no longer needed. 

It feels like such a huge change of energy, a whole different reality is being 'implanted/embedded' right now - many, many can feel the Light that is here, that is being transfused, activated and realigned into their body - can you feel it? 

Have you felt:

  • weird
  • can't sleep enough
  • can't drink enough water it seems 
  • feeling confused, lost but then moments of clarity and then back to what am I doing again? 
  • feeling like things are moving in leaps and bounds when they do - it is fast, rapid change
  • feeling like you can't keep up wth the changes/expansion at times 
  • so many new ideas coming in tricky to 'catch' them all - even though you are 
  • ready to expand to your next level like you have never done before, about to take leaps that you know you need to. have to, that your Soul calls you to, even though you're not sure how it will all work out - you know you have to do this 
  • seeing the world with a different point of view, new ideas, perspectives - things that you didn't believe in before - you believe in them now, even though you may not have admitted this to people around you or anyone 
  • have left the past in the past and are ready for your new life to start already 
  • can feel something HUGE coming 
  • are starting to feel excited about life again... finally 

This is a powerful week to not just set new intentions, but implement them. The law of attraction only works - if you take action! 

Support yourself, by listening to your body... do you need more rest? More exercise? More off grid time? More water? More nature? 

What soothes your Soul? 

Are you listening to that as priority? 

You do realise, that is the fastest way to make everything 'happen' 'without doing anything'? 

To step into full super Soul flow? 

Are you, listening to your Soul? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

P.S. Due to my Soul having other plans and me deeply trusting this divine timing - the magic in this, the Super Soul led, divine Transcendence Reality Society where only Soul led alignment is found... where the Platinum Light guides you... 

Where the Golden Water envelopes you... 

Where the Silver Light holds you... 


Eeeekkk soooo excited about this! 

Can you feel it? 

Drop a ❤️below to get on the waiting list... powerful portals and door ways of opportunity open Monday!