At the time, it definitely doesn't feel like it

about hannah how to trust your intuition Aug 17, 2021

At the time, it definitely doesn't feel like it and sometimes we are not shown until a year - or two later even, if at all.... why things happen the way they do. 

I have become obsessed with sleeping with my blinds open - THE STARS I can see from my bed takes my breath away - well, makes me breathe sooo deep to fall asleep to.

I used to always many years ago, sleep with my blinds open then for whatever reason stopped it. If it wasn't for the whole mould incident in the ensuite, which is now fully cleaned, treated, painted and restored - I still haven't moved back in that room. 

If it wasn't for that whole experience, I wouldn't have moved my bed and made one of the other 5 bedrooms in this house, my room, which was only going to be for now. However - a few weeks ago, I got the message to sleep with the blinds open. I hadn't been because it has been so cold, however, I tried it one night and the heater managed to continue to do it's job and.... OMG THE STARS. 

With snap lockdowns and extended lockdowns happening all over Australia right now and with the news of Afghanistan (😭) and a tiny piece of whatever news clip I watched of it with people fleeing and many trying to - I keep thinking how so many people leave it all too late. 

I keep thinking how when I got the intuition in February last year ('20), I kept having the vision of men in white puffy suits coming around to force vaccinate people - I never told anyone, we weren't even on lockdown then - and I packed up my house , put it in the storage container, packed up all our animals and my daughter and got in the car and drove. There was no way I was being in lockdown in suburbia. 

I did this within 3 days mind you. And every time I have got in the car and left somewhere along that road trip, it was FAST. Not - next week, not in a month - no - FAST. And each time, we just made all the border closures, missed lockdowns and the like. But if I 'logically' planned it out due to timelines for my own work, money or anything else that made it more convenient to me - we wouldn't have made it. 

The thing about acting on your intuition is that it comes at a particular time for a reason. The faster you act on it, the more you stay in alignment with what is coming through. 

I see many people doing that now - and yet, many are missing timelines, deadlines, border closes and now being fully locked out... or in. 

#sidenote I kept wanting to post and find it so fascinating - so hang on, the most 'deadly' variant is here, but people from overseas and interstate can still enter Queensland on a green zone? (meaning no quarantine) (which was soo helpful for my daughter returning from New Zealand the other week) - but hang on, we can't leave the state? I kept wanting to post, that.. to me feels like a hostage situation. Get this jab or don't leave. On tv shows, if a hostage tries to escape - they shoot. Feels kinda familiar 🤔

Lucky, I didn't wait. Lucky I didn't doubt my 'crazy' vision of men in white puffy suits coming around to force vaccinate last February when Australia hadn't even 'heard' of lockdowns. 


I think it shook something in me, seeing the different news clips of those fleeing Afghanistan and actually got out in time - because they left 'before it got bad' - obviously they took decisive action BEFORE they knew compared to the many at the airport on the friggin tarmac fuck that broke my heart seeing that. 

And yet, this overwhelming sense of gratitude amongst the dis-belief and still processing what is actually happening in the World that thank FUCK I have not just trusted my intuition when everyone else called me crazy - but I did it anyway - even when I couldn't I found a way - because you CAN.

There are no excuses when it comes to trusting your intuition - especially in these world times. 

That means trusting yourself on ALL your choices for all different aspects of being prepared, of taking cautionary and preparation measures WHEN YOUR INTUITION CALLS IT. 

There is a difference between acting out of fear and acting from your intuition. 

The hurried, panic state - is from fear. 

Your intuition is grounded, those deep internal knowings that you need to do something, that gentle taps you on your shoulder and doesn't go away.

The first few nights I slept with my blinds open again, my guides/intuition kept waking me up - THE STARS!!! 🌟🌟🌟 FROM MY BED!!!!! 

It is so dark out these ways - that I can see sooo many stars from my bed and I kept being shown different points in the night where they were turning and then the moon shining and then the sunrises! 

Everything happens for a reason - but that phrase in the most traumatising and painful circumstances is one of the most harshest and unloving things you can say to someone when they are in the midst of turmoil and pain. 

I couldn't see the stars like this from my other room. 

I keep thinking back to last year, when we were travelling and didn't have this Home yet... I had no idea where we were going to live or move to. That was one of the many reasons of the whole road trip. Where did Spirit want us to live after so many options kept exhausting for the last two years we lived at our old house, hence the road trip to shift some serious energy. 

I remember being out at Dad's in Outback NSW, my place of birth, waking up - in the night - being shown the stars from my bed, and placing my order, that, I wanted a home where I can see the sunrises and sunsets on the horizon - and to see the stars from my bed... oh, and a pool.... I guess Spirit answered, for 6 months from that moment on that bed, to a complete order being placed - 4 weeks later, we found this Home. 

I knew driving out here, that was 1 hour away from our old Home, the Gum Trees - were very tall and straight and I KNEW that this was our home still 15kms before we were even close, that this was our Home. I couldn't understand why the Gum Trees in the old goldfields of Victoria where we spent 3 months in the cold, grew in weird and strange ways, there was not a tall straight Gum Tree in sight. It was so noticable to me. Maybe because the Gold had been 'stolen' from the Earth. Whatever the case, driving out here with the extremely tall Gum Trees, I guess my intuition was right again. 

The stars activate higher realms of consciousness when star gazing. They connect us to something more than us, they remind us what else is out there - let alone the possibilities that life have to offer us, no matter what current state of affairs your own life, or the world is in. 

We have been here for 12 months now and I feel like I am only just getting settled in. I have pangs of missing the beach for sure and that lifestyle, but I am adjusting... and with what is going on in the world, I am just grateful, so grateful, to have trusted my intuition the entire way to end up here. 

Everything happens for a reason - but when I was collapsing on my knees in the cold earth of those gold fields of Victoria in June last year not knowing where to go, wondering why the fuck my intuition took me there in the first place (at the time I didn't I see so many whys and aha's and grateful for it now!) and all I heard in my Clairaudience was that song from Frozen, the 'voice' that called her - all the way Home. 

Do you listen to your inner voice? No, actually - do you ACT on it? 

It gets louder - the more you follow it without analysing it. 

You trust it, act on it and your life becomes it. 

You will always be protected, cared for and guided the safest passage - if you would only act, when you receive the intuition to. 

Your intuition is the safe-way, the safe passage through these times in the World. 

It is what will keep you safe, provided for and show you the way. 

Tune out of the noise and tune in to your intuition. 

Make practises that strengthen your intuition a high priority. 

They are what will lead you Home. 

Your Intuition is your answer. 

Your Intuition is your superpower. 

Your Intuition is your protector, nurturer and guide through these times. 

Trust it. 

Better still, Act on it. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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