From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

12 divine steps to awaken your life purpose life purpose Dec 31, 2018

From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

That I am no longer tolerating people who don’t respect my boundaries or get shitty when I say no.

That I am no longer tolerating people who back stab me and then pretend/talk to my face like it’s fine and all nice - trust me, Spirit shows me the truth and makes it clear who stays close to me in my life and who does not.

I no longer have a tolerance for those not taking responsibility for their own shit in their life and actions they have made in the past and trying to talk me into believing their own lies.

I no longer have a tolerance for two face bullshit and inauthenticity, no matter who it is.

I no longer will hold back what isn't mine to hold back and I release control of what no longer serves me.

I no longer have a tolerance for those who are not willing to do the work and change their life. I have plenty of tools available for free to do this - for FREE - because I believe in you to change your life, it IS possible and I make it so, you only have to private message me to ask for the right tools and I will send them to you. You just have to be willing to USE THEM. 

I anchor all of this in with a deep Soul pact to remember who I really am and what my Life Purpose truly is, knowing that my Life Purpose is more important that any of the above and strong boundaries deeply support me. My strong boundaries are an act of deep Self Love and Care. 

What I am amplifying and choosing for 2019 and beyond is to increase my intuition (do I need this? 🤔😉😍)

Amplifying my abundant surroundings, my serenity and the calibre of my entire life, energy frequency and physical environment and beyond. 

Increasing the amount of deep authentic, honest, heart centred people making a difference in this world and committed to awakening and living their Life Purpose in my life and close vicinity to me. 

Growing and expanding my team and Reality Awareness beyond 10x levels.

Increasing quantum amounts of time, love and nurturing spent with my daughter in abundant divine ways as now normal.

Generous and deeply valued interactions, connections and divine exchanges with people, clients and students in high powered influential positions.

Increasingly abundant divine service of my Life Purpose vibration that is amplified in all ways.

💕 Love. Love. Love 💕A commitment to focusing on the truth of Love, and that all begins with how I treat myself, love myself, talk to myself and BE myself. 

Are you super clear on your energetic vibrational match for your 2019 and beyond?

Do you want to be?

If you want to commit to awakening and aligning solidly and deeply to your life purpose in 2019 I received the intuition that I am to take you deep into the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose for FREE.

This is 12 months of diving deep into the exact principles that do exactly that - Awaken Your Life Purpose. 

Yes - 12 Months for the entirety of 2019 - to Awaken Your Life Purpose - for FREE. 

For each month of 2019, we will be sitting, experiencing and living in this powerful vibration of each Divine Principle that is your powerhouse divine key that unlocks, opens, awakens and shifts you into alignment with your unique Life Purpose.

You cannot, not Awaken Your Life Purpose when you deeply commit and embody the energetic vibration of these powerful Divine Principles, the 12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose.

These are a way of BEING and are exactly how I have come to the alignment of my Life Purpose since living, energetically embodying these 12 powerful Divine Principles for the past 13.5 years now. 

Let alone clear accurate and deeply powerful intuition that is crystal clear and #onpoint beyond words that leaves people with their jaw on the ground wondering how on Earth Hannah?! These next 12 Months are your powerhouse divine key to unlock and Awaken Your Life Purpose, for free. 


For each month you will be given insight into:

- what each Divine Step is

- what each Divine Principle is

- How to apply it to your life

- How to use it to Awaken Your Life Purpose

- How to use it to increase and amplify your intuition


How will it all work? 

- it will be kept simple and manageable to integrate into your daily life

- held in the Reality Awareness Support Group on facebook, that you can join for free by clicking here:

- Each month a livestream video will be held diving deep into each principle of the month that gives you a deep understanding of what it is all about, and how to use and embody it. Over the month, I will intuitively post in the group about the Principle and what it means for you, your life and your Life Purpose. 

- Everything will be there, so you can get to it in your own time, but I recommend being deeply conscious of what the month is about if your Soul is already saying YES to this, because you will be in the energy of it anyway, and it will be happening in your life, so you will want to be mindful of what we are doing to Awaken Your Life Purpose and Awaken Your Consciousness in this way. 


Yes, this is free. I trust my intuition 😉 on this guidance to offer you this, like this, for 2019. But I can safely feel/trust, that in 2020, it won’t be free.

Are you wanting to be one of the founding members that rock this World by energetically shifting and energetically being a part of this collective contribution and shift as we all embody these powerful Divine Principles, these 12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose for a powerhouse 12 Months?

What magic timing as 2020 is the start of the Age of Aquarius, The Light Bringer.

Goodness the things that happen when I trust my intuition! So intrigued where this is taking us all 😍

Click here to join the Reality Awareness Support Group on facebook, we will officially start this 12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose on the 12th January, to give everyone a bit of time to settle after the holiday season. 

If you want more information about Awakening Your Life Purpose to see if this is for you, click here for more information about it:

I'm receiving soooo many downloads about my Life Purpose and how I am serving you in 2019 and beyond, I cannot wait to start sharing them all with you! This is just the beginning 😍


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑