“But how will you afford it? How will you pay two rents??”

“But how will you afford it? How will you pay two rents??”

“My life is Magic, and this my life happens like this, I am a Priestess of all of the increments on the spectrum of the entire scale of the Light AND the Dark. I follow the Light, things happen to me like this, because I CREATE them, because my intuition GUIDES Me and I TRUST and ACT on it.” (and usually VERY rapidly and 'out of the blue'!)

I wanted to reply in full… but I just replied with just - “My life is Magic and this is the way my life happens, you know this.” - is what I ACTUALLY replied with… because I know that trying to explain anything further than that is just a waste of time and energy at this point in time. And of course, they go silent, knowing the truth of the way my life is... like magic and people can't fathom how I even live a life of magic like this... 

And yet, this isn’t the first time people ask me these sort of questions and to be honest I never think about it, I never worry about it, it isn’t even ever a though that enters my mind….until afterwards but I continue on - in the way I began.. that is.. how I have lived my life since I got in a car when I was 18 and drove across Australia at the time from West Coast to the East Coast, only because I knew I HAD to. 

There are many times i don't WANT to do something but know I HAVE to and do it anyway and... realise why my intuition was telling me to do the thing, even when I just plain didn't want to and at times it breaks my damn heart. 

However, I follow my Heart anyway, and do what what I want, when I want and THEN the resources turn up. Every time. Even when I just don't know how. #talkaboutwalkinginfaith



It also, wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t meant to… nothing does. And everything does, for a reason…

I never think about how much it costs… and so therefore manifest places like this at less than half price! How so? Who knows… my life is MAGIC and that is.. just how things roll in my life - again, it isn’t even a thought.. but A WAY OF LIFE. But actually I do know.. it is called TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION and TAKING A LEAP OF FAITH - You go first - the Universe will CATCH you… it is called being an ENTREPRENEUR and just KNOWING you have to do something even though the world calls you crazy and especially those closest to you (until you find your TRIBE and your SOULMATE) and do what you do so naturally…. And are SUPPORTED in that - and yet THAT takes a entire reality shift for that to even occur and manifest in your life too….

You could label it:

  • Divine synchronicity
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Perfect timing
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Acting on your intuition
  • Whatever label you put on it.. some even call me delusional and not living in reality… and yet, here I am, following my Heart, my intuition and living my dream life… all because I trusted my crazy intuition over… what ANYONE told me I could and couldn’t do…

Like buying an almost new brand new V8 Wagon that when I test drove it ‘Imagine Dragons - Born  To Be Yours’ - was on the dash screen radio window thing and I froze, staring in awe - knowing at that moment - this was always born to be my car.

Like me, not telling a SOUL that I was buying it, for learning deeply from my past, not telling a Soul what I am doing - just damn well doing it to avoid the negative back lash from people around me sharing their fears of their own limitations on their reality for… only I know what my Life Purpose is calling me to do.

For those that create a life where they can just pick up and leave and get in the car and drive 1700kms when their intuition tells them to when the world is going into lockdown… well, that is because you’ve followed your intuition from day dot and have CREATED such… rather than holding back out of FEAR… and doing the logical thing instead.

My life has not been created from logic - but from pure, pure intuition.

Pure clarity and deep TRUST and follow through…

My Business that enables me the FREEDOM to get in my magic black V8 wagon with all our animals that enables me to drive wherever my intuition guides me to go… even when I don’t WANT to - but know I HAVE to = and right there is KEY.. to living your Life Purpose in the fruition of what you ARE and are BORN on this EARTH to embody.

And here we are in this Divine Victorian Home at less than half price of what they were asking for, with my Home on the Sunshine Coast, still awaiting our return (if we do!)… and yet, everything has fallen into place with sign, after sign, after sign - like arriving in this town at 10:30pm at night, and me HAVING to drive through the town in the dark for some reason and driving not only to the ocean shore to hear the sound of the waves in the starry night sky, but to also to find the Angel in the town.

This.. my Life Purpose - that has been built, to I give myself and my daughter this freedom to live the way we want to - when we want to and end up here (for now!) - this.. is worth all the pain, all the 18 hour days for 18 months straight… all the 5am starts and 11:30pm bed times.. .

All the sacrificed time with my daughter building strong foundations..

All the sacrificed time with friends and family ..

All the sacrificed time for myself like surfing or going to the gym to keep me sane..

Life Purpose Rules - not some network marketing company or other opportunity that someone proposes to you and you join their ‘team’ -

This is solid, purposeful SOUL LIFE PURPOSE RULES baby!

For consistent $10-$20K+ months that led me to turning Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to company and birthing in ‘instant manifestation’ one of my dream cars that enables us to be here in this country Victorian coast line that feels like the Home my Soul has been searching for…

Is PRICELESS and worth every sacrifice I ever made to do this..

And yet… it has never felt like a sacrifice because it is just something I need to DO…

And have done..

Without thinking..

And there.. is the MAGIC…

Because most people stop and think logically about all the scenarios - whereas I just do what feels right without even thinking about it - and 99.9% of the time it makes no logical sense whatsoever! And yet, I jump anyway.. and the Universe ALWAYS catches me - EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

The difference between someone who loves what they do and does what they do because they have to is a very fine line…

When you do what you love and turn up because you have to… there is ultimate freedom….because you WANT to.. and it is just.. the way your life is, that people envy, that people are in awe of.. but that is just WHO YOU ARE and you LIVE IT.

And that… leads you to where your heart has always Called you to go - to ultimate bliss, love and the divine abundance that ONLY comes from an open heart and one that will lead with their heart and only their heart…

No matter what world stuff is going on..

No matter how worried you get at times when you have already taken the leap and don’t know ‘how’ but it always works out and your heart is FREE 100% of the time because you TRUSTED and ACTED on it..

Does that mean I don’t break down in tears?


Most of the time it is HARD!

Hard to continue following your intuition when 10 years ago, you kept your daughter out of school and UNSCHOOLED her, when everyone told you not to…

Hard to continue following your intuition when 10 years ago, everyone told you, you were crazy for doing this ‘spiritual stuff’ and then online… easy? Nope! Lots of tears, lots of heart break and soles walking this path alone, because my intuition and Soul’s Purpose is more important than someone telling me why I shouldn’t because of their own fears - (hence me learning to just do it these days, like driving 1700kms south and not telling barely a Soul)…

It has definitely been a learning curve and to this day my Soul brings me many lessons to break the realms of existence of current reality that most won’t dare to even explore.

Something magical is happening on the planet right now..

Some say it is bad..

Some say it is hell and only going to get worse…

Oh, but Honey, the worst thing on this planet is not allowing your Heart the Freedom to follow what -


Because if you don’t - your Soul has already died and awaiting for your return to the Light…

But honey, don’t you realise..


You are the Heaven on Earth..

And your ALIVE Soul is what…

Shifts the World and activates, awakens and allows you to



Of the ENTIRE reason you are on this planet…

It isn’t easy..

But worth it?

Oh honey, I say it every time, those that have walked it, won’t settle for anything less.

So, are you?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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Let alone the mindset and deep, deep energetic work that ANY online successful entrepreneur consistently does and especially what they did in the start to push through all the negative comments that others continually tell you why - like the ‘but how will you afford and what about… fill in the blank..’

#rollshereyes “Don’t you remember I told you my life is Magic and you know this is how my life always happens to me?!”


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  • Are worried about what others will think (don’t worry I have walked through this first hand have many tools up my sleeve to share with you on what to do to combat this so you can FLY in the direction your SOUL is calling you to LIVE your Life Purpose on this Earth)
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