Come..... where deep is normal ❤️

Come..... where deep is normal ❤️
Come.... where the penetration is not pointed and judged thus separated, but felt in its full spectrum and held deeply compassionately in all it's fullness and glory... ❤️
In softness and kindness, for all aspects of being ❤️
Even the angry ones....
Even the deeply upset and sad ones....
Even the darkness that you cannot even see yourself....
It’s all held.....
There are few, that can hold such light that sees through the shattered human in all its zillion parts all at once....
There are few that can hold that shattered human in all its zillion parts, with the deepest compassion of the darkness that it doesn’t even see itself in....
Come where the Light and the Dark are equal.... ❤️
Because in truth?
They are....
There is no separation....
There are only spectrums....
To play at one end only, of the spectrum, shatters the obliviation of all that is....
And in that shattered obliviation IS the separation....
And in the separation is the collective humanity of judgement of torture....
There is a deep, deep Heart shift right now...
Hearts are being activated at core levels...
~ Wake ups to roles in relationships
~ Unravelling of the masks that you’ve been wearing
~ Unwinding several thousand years of threads you've been connected to
~ Seeing clearly the masks others are still wearing
~ Seeing clearly the roles in relationships, the masks and how they affect your heart ❤️
Energy is moving FAST.
What felt right last week, doesn’t anymore.
What shifted last week, has shifted to deeper layers again.
What you thought was happening, has deeply changed.
The roles in relationships are being shattered.
The masks are coming off....
You’re seeing - what really is - with the Heart. ❤️
There is a deep, deep Heart pull.... and its calling me into deep alignment right now.
I haven’t been sharing much lately.... I’m not sure when I stopped sharing who I really am...
But there is a lot I stand for....
Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity is not something I take lightly, but I hold a fuck load of light for this...
I hold a fuck load of light for the darkness and those in a tonne of darkness are shifted without ever thinking they could ever get out of that space...
I hold a fuck load of light and shift people that have tried every other avenue on the planet and nothing has worked before now....
I can hold a fuck load of space for people because I am the space....
I am both of it - the darkness and the light.... we’ve all got a shadow - it’s connected to you, even when the sun ain’t shining....
You can try and run from it, you can turn your back on it but your shadow it's connected to you, it’s just on your back....
I can hold space for people who can’t even see their own darkness - because
People who haven’t done the depth of darkness integration shy away from the dark...
But in their shying away from it and ONLY standing for and in the light BECOME the dark...
They wear the cloak...
People who can’t see their own darkness
~ shut others down around them
~ come in with better than mode #on
~ can’t hold space for the dark, any aspect of it
~ project what they are not, onto others
~ don’t see who they really are, so don’t see humanity (the exact reason we are on Earth)
~ get caught up in truths, that are not their own, swallow others truths and not know who they really are (struggling to speak, throat issues, throat chakra - exactly where the shadow’s home is)
My voice has been quiet... my heart has been quiet....
Maybe it’s time to speak again, deeply from my heart.. ❤️
It’s who I am, after all 💚
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. I’ve been holding back.
The doors are OPEN.
This space, where you really want to not only face your shadow, but understand how to actually be on this Earth, holding humanity directly in your heart - every single aspect of it, and transforming it at the exact same time.
To deeply connect to your Soul - so you are not swallowed up by somebody else’s truth and living your life as someone else’s truth and then fall down and wonder what just happened.
To deeply connect with your intuition in ways you never knew possible.
To understand how to even receive your intuition.
To connect to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Star Beings and so much more.
To truly HEAR what Mother Earth is asking of you.
To hold space for your own darkest parts of humanity - so you can face what’s right in front of you instead of shunning it (swallow what’s not real and wonder why you're sick).
So you can become the transformer of energy without even doing anything but being exactly who you are.
To stop the narcissists in your life.
To become that which you know in your Heart.
This is for:
The Humans
The Men
The Women
The Earth Angels
The Merpeople
The Wizards
The Witches
The Starpeople
The Leprechauns
The Devils
The Demons
Because there is no separation here and you already feel this in your Soul.
Click here to watch this: or send me a message if you just know you have to get in now and transform this right in front of you.
You are the White AND the Black magic.
You’re all of it.
If you feel this Soul resonance, message me now.
(yes I created a new word #standard)

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