💜Crown Chakra Consciousness 💜

chakras crown chakra consciousness Jul 15, 2019

💜Crown Chakra Consciousness 💜

The beginning of where we OPEN to Spirit and RECEIVE the light, energy and awareness to take guided action, let alone where our Soul can enter into our Body, the Crown Chakra is the home of your Claircognisence Spiritual Organ where you receive your intuition through 'thinking'.

It's those out of the blue thoughts, the thoughts that you wonder where they came from and 'of course, why didn't I think of that!?', the gentle, tapping on the shoulder repetitive thoughts, not the loud screaming at you obsessive thoughts. It is gentle precise, and usually very subtle if you are not attuned to it - or perhaps you brush it off. 

Our Crown Chakra is associated with the colour purple and is based on the top of our head, and just under our skull. 

Symptoms of a 'Closed' Crown:

  • Depression
  • No light can get ‘in’
  • No energy
  • Shut off from the world
  • Quite a negative viewpoint
  • Negativity - is just fear
  • Highly judgemental of everything and others
  • Closed minded
  • Feeling lost & ‘in limbo’
  • Loss of identity of self
  • Not trusting
  • Questioning ‘why’ everything & ‘what’s the point’?

Symptoms of a 'Too Open' Crown:

  • Not grounded
  • ‘Lights are on, but nobody is home’
  • Vacant
  • Not really ‘there’ when you are speaking to them
  • Burning out too easily
  • So many ideas, but action not taken on them
  • Limitless stream with no ‘container’ to hold them and implement them - causes burn out through too much energy pouring through
  • Can’t get to sleep at night
  • Feeling like you are running on adrenalin
  • Scattered Mess
  • Highly Creative
  • Attention Dialled into a Higher Dimension - just need to ground it
  • Creative arts to balance the stream of energy
  • Direct the energy somewhere
  • Channel it
  • When the outlet isn’t there it piles up and pours out in ways that burn out
  • Scattered Mess
  • Other Mental Illnesses

A Balanced Crown: 

  • Clear Thinking
  • Highly Claircognisent
  • Very, aware of many things at the same time, but very grounded with it - this is from the Heart and FEELING the depths
  • Moving into new realities
  • Life feels like it has purpose and meaning again
  • New ideas come rapidly and out of the blue, but are implemented
  • Finishing one project before starting the next
  • Getting on task
  • Grounding your ideas into reality

The depths that you can go exploring your Crown Chakra - the realms of possibility are infinite. The most important thing to remember with the Crown, is that without grounding those magnificent ideas that flow in from Source - down through your body and into Earth - actually making those ideas happen, that beautiful energy stays up in your head and makes one go crazy and feel ungrounded, yet when you can harness that energy and bring it to Earth - your entire body is flooded with the very energy you are craving and seeking through quick fix mechanisms in our Human world. 

Imagine - that delicious energy of connection, oneness and infinite blissful feelings - completely harnessed through your entire being and flooding through every cell of your being. It is like an entire new reality of BEing isn't it? Active, alive, energised and focused. 

Imagine where that energy goes when it can't continue down through the rest of your body and how on Earth does your body even receive fuel when it can't come in. Quite the opposite right? 

What ideas are you needing to ground down in reality? From what seems even, like the most simplest of needing to get more exercise that has been tapping you on the shoulder, helps to bring those ideas to reality and what happens when you do so? It opens the channels for even more ideas to flood in and be grounded - thus... aligning you with your Life Purpose and that - is the purpose after all right? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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