Letting go of relationships that no longer serve you.


Letting go of control and the anger, frustration that comes with that. Things not working out the way you want. Sabotage. You’ll be shown clearly who is stuck in your energy field. Crown Chakra (birthing new realities) moving into Third Eye (relationships) STOP LOOKING BACK YOURE NOT GOING THAT WAY. Old paradigms that don’t serve you anymore. Regret. Mercury Retrograde & Eclipser Season. #phew 😳πŸ€ͺ

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to the Crown Chakra

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to the Integration Consciousness


WE DID IT!! Integration Conssciousness Crystalline Chakra Activations:

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Crystalline Chakra Journey Begins πŸ’œ Welcome to the Crown Chakra πŸ’œ

Crystalline Chakra Journey Begins πŸ’œ Welcome to the Crown Chakra πŸ’œ
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We are not the Dark OR the Light

We are not the Dark OR the Light
We are not Black OR White
We are ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME - in ALL REALITIES existing at once - the good the bad, the hate, the love - ALL of it exists at the same time.
If you think you are this label or that label - you are not integrating the entire picture of reality and therefore missing out on the key of LIFE.
Remember how months ago, I kept saying, it is only going to get worse before it gets better? I think we are ALMOST at that peak - but not quite just yet.. there is still more to come in my intuitive sense about it.
Humanity is almost reaching a tipping point... but we are not there yet.
In my January 2020 Prediction when the Star Being came through to me and got me out of my Float to download/channel a message that i then had to go home and livestream about - the Star Being said this would go on until 2022. Yes, that long. Now some have said longer - but this 'feeling'...
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πŸ’œCrown Chakra Consciousness πŸ’œ

Crown Chakra Consciousness

The beginning of where we OPEN to Spirit and RECEIVE the light, energy and awareness to take guided action, let alone where our Soul can enter into our Body, the Crown Chakra is the home of your Claircognisence Spiritual Organ where you receive your intuition through 'thinking'.

It's those out of the blue thoughts, the thoughts that you wonder where they came from and 'of course, why didn't I think of that!?', the gentle, tapping on the shoulder repetitive thoughts, not the loud screaming at you obsessive thoughts. It is gentle precise, and usually very subtle if you are not attuned to it - or perhaps you brush it off. 

Our Crown Chakra is associated with the colour purple and is based on the top of our head, and just under our skull. 

Symptoms of a 'Closed' Crown:

  • Depression
  • No light can get ‘in’
  • No energy
  • Shut off from the world
  • Quite a negative viewpoint
  • Negativity - is just fear
  • Highly judgemental of everything and others
  • ...
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