Do you know what I did after I got off that livestream yesterday?


Do you know what I did after I got off that livestream yesterday? 

I realised and remembered, well, I am deeply aware of that black steam rising and releasing from Mother Earth - and just like a say, if you sense dark/dense energy somewhere, just like picking up a bit of rubbish off the beach, you are aware of it for a reason, time to clear the energy of the place/space. 

As I walked up the beach after I got off livestream, I found myself, not walking here, but there, under Bali, in the 'Underworld' you could call it. (I would only recommend doing this, if you know what you are doing, going into these 'dark' places btw). I found myself walking amongst the darkest of dark spirits and souls, snake like creatures even, and they wanted to attack, to harm, but with my energy, I just stared them in the eyes with LOVE, the most powerful thing on this planet. It was like a dark cave, and I kept walking through it. 

With my hands, pouring healing, clearing energy as I went along and Amethyst, deeply pouring through me at the same time. 

Staring them in the eyes, as I walked through, gazing with deep, DEEP, gratitude - your job is done, you are free now, we are here, we are awake now. Thank you, for doing your job. 

They all started leaving, one by one. The dark, dripping black, sticky goo, covering the walls of the cave under the entitreity of Bali, of Indonesia, as the cave continued, so did I. 

As they tried to scare me and do their bidding, I kept doing my duty, seeing the light right in them, and piercing them from the inside out, activating their light as I saw it. As they melted as I did, not like the witch melting, but, their light within, growing larger, as their eyes staring, trying to scare me back, turned into somewhat, like the Puss in Boots large cat eyes, as they tremble with the Love they feel once again, and in that moment, freed back to the light, their purposeful work done. 

She sits there, staff in hand, I see her, I acknowledge her. Her space, different now. 

As I got back to my car, I realised how different a walk that was walking back from the beach yesterday afternoon. 

When I got home, writing an email working, sitting at my computer, a fly - buzzing - then noticeably, landed on my desk, legs in the air - dying right next to me, next to my keyboard. Flies, Grim Reaper, Flies, Entities. Dying, right next to me. #myjobisdone 


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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