energy frequency healing grief how to trust your intuition Nov 28, 2018


✨ Put down those backpacks, you don't need to carry them anymore ✨

That moment you realise you've been carrying more than your share of the load, that moment when you can choose to release that which was never yours to carry in the first place, that moment when you remember your own energy field and the place your energy field and energetic alignment to your Soul's purpose was leading you in the first place..... 


Freedom from the weight of the back packs of things that you don't need to carry, the thoughts and beliefs of your past that weigh you down, energetically are a huge load.  

I started writing something else. And it didn't feel right. Because I realised I was censoring what I really wanted to say. Why?! I never do that! I never censor what my heart really wants to say. 

Why did I start doing that? 

Because my heart is still hurting, well, I don't know - does our heart ever really deeply hurt? 

Or is a a part of our emotions our psyche that is actually hurt? 

What is hurt even anyway? 

I feel that the more I have processed and gone through what I have gone through recently, is that the only hurt is and has been coming from my own damn self. 


Because no one can ever really hurt you. 

No one can ever affect your energy field. 

Unless you let them. 

And the way that I had let them? 

Is that I had listened to their words, over me. And THAT is what I have been hurt about, that was me, not them. That is what I have bawled my eyes out about and still waves keep coming and I ride them... 

There was a part of me, that needed to be loved, validated, appreciated, accepted - for whatever reason I didn't realise I wasn't doing this for myself to this depth. (thank you for this awareness being reflected to me that I needed to go deeper within myself, that was a beacon calling for attention #gotit)

And so when I felt that someone appreciated me like that - well of course I let them in! 

Gosh, here we go, now I am getting my heart out.... what I wrote before and deleted felt forced, because I wasn't writing from my heart I wasn't sharing what my heart wanted to say. 

Why did I stop that? 

 I think exactly that reason! I let someone in, that deeply loved my heart and their heart felt the same as mine. 

Yet - what that open sharing of my heart - like I have always done - turned into bits and pieces that I deeply wasn't expecting. 

But what this showed me? 

Is that somewhere underneath my heart's surface - is that I had a belief that I was too much for people, that in that, I am draining and more for people. 

And gosh have I bawled my eyes out in these past few weeks with this realisation! 

And I know what you are about to say 'Hannah you're not too much!' Yes, I know... but I also know I am too much for some people! YET - the part I have DEEPLY realised in this part of it is that, yes, my gifts run deep, very, very deep - and it is THIS that becomes too much for people - that I sense more than most people on the planet, my gift is strong, DEEP and very, very accurate. 

The part that I am mostly hurt about in this entire past few months? 

Is that my deep, deep gift, is that I thought someone COULD meet me at that depth, and hey, maybe they can in some ways.

But as the weeks went on and the depth of understanding and inner reflection that I jumped deep into - I realised again, how powerful I am. How strong and deep my gift is, how deeply in tune I am, how much work I have actually done on myself in this lifetime, consistently for 15 years now, let alone the past 300 million years I have been around on this planet walking this Earth, walking every foot of this Earth. My Soul's wisdom is DEEP, and OLD, very, very OLD - back when mysticism ruled this planet as NORMAL. THAT is how old I am. And this experience this past several weeks, came to show me - THIS. 

I am deeply, DEEPLY grateful for these past few weeks and months, for it has taught me more about myself than I don't think I could've learnt any other way than exactly what I went through. 

Which of course, is why my Soul chose these lessons and experiences to learn this right? 

I also deeply know that what I just went through and not just these past 4 months - but this past 9 months - has deeply prepared my Soul, my consciousness for what I am about to step into, what I am about to up level to in a moment. 

I know what is coming, and I am deeply grateful for the people that have played a significant role in my life this past 9 months, because without them? I would not be ready and prepared to face what I am about to step into. I NEEDED that Soul consciousness experience of this last 9 months to help me shift and fast to enable this next depth to come beaming through. 



I pulled this card out of the Oracle of the Mermaids deck, by Lucy Cavendish - not just once this past 4 days - but consistently! It is deeply bright, orange (Sacral Chakra/Womb) and clear with a massive Pearl in her hands and heart that she is using her gifts like the Seer she is to get clear and see what is coming and to deeply, deeply prepare. 

This past 9 months have seen me go from a single person on my own, building my business to having a team to support me by my side, to walking away over and over from things that are not in alignment anymore (it feels like that is what the entirety of 2018-2020 has been - showing me what is what, exploring such a depth of energies and consciousness that I 'thought I had dealt with' - but cleared out the old threads that were still lingering, so I can be completely free, so that I can deeply bring forth what it is that I see in that Pearl. Pearl, is also Purity in The Liquid Crystals, it also relates to the Maiden. I have been through the Mother and the Crone in this last 9 months - and now, born again, pure, clean and with a new layer of conscious consciousness that is shifting me and fast, into the next part of this journey that I can feel in my bones is going to move rapidly and fast and I need to be prepared. 



Returning to the Ocean has been a gift and even in Winter this year, I knew this Summer coming was my healing womb of creation time. I was in a deep cocoon of creation this last few years, I barely left my desk, I sacrificed so much and 18 hour work days were the norm.

This deep healing and repair has already begun for me and the clarity and conscious connection to clearing my Aura in this way has already had profound strengthening affects on me. No wonder I surfed everyday back in the Summer of 2016! 

How else can you clear your Aura? 

  • Imagine, feel, sense a colour of light, permeating your aura from the inside out - this beams out from  your Solar Plexus and clears your Chakras at the same time
  • Become deeply aware of what your energy atoms are in your energy field, get to know your Aura, become friends with it, who and what are you carrying in your Aura? Put down those back packs, you don't need to carry them for them anymore. You've got your own to deal with. That's plenty!
  • Consciously be aware of your thought processes and how they change the colour and energy frequency of your Aura
  • Notice how big or small your Aura is and adjust it accordingly 
  • On a physical level, sleep is a powerful healer in growing strength in your Aura, as is salt water that cleanses the positive ions out and resets your frequency back to natural states and vibrations 
  • Be mindful of what you eat and put in your body physically 
  • Be mindful of the energy around you, you have a powerful choice to let things in and not - and whether you do let them affect you or not, all comes down to you and the choices you make, not them. This is about you, always you. 
  • Brush your hair. Your hair is like antennae and when you brush your hair, you are combing out other people's energy, it is super cleansing for your Aura and energy field. 

In the first few months of this year, I did so much consistent internal work that took me to a place of love for self that I had never felt before. It was soft, gentle, deeply, deeply grounded and powerful beyond measure. 

I find that whenever I step up to make huge rapid changes and shift things out of my consciousness and energy field things also step in to 'test' me if you may, to - ask me, to show me - is it? Is it what you really want Hannah? Do you REALLY love yourself THAT much Hannah? And then I dive deep, realising this is my own fears, my own doubts and I transmute them and FLY. 

If I think it is, I am shown there is parts of me, that deeply feels for ALL of humanity and I allow myself to experience all of it. 

And then I make a choice - about what I really want. 

About what Hannah's Soul is guiding her to do. 

About what I am here for on this planet. 

And nothing makes me more happier - than following that. And only that. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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