Energy Update - Portals are Opening

Energy Update - Portals are Opening, activating and allowing the higher pathways. 

I am being told there is a key date coming up - the 23rd October is a key significant shift in global and interpersonal events and relationships. 

They are saying it is a key activation period from the 23rd-25th October and like a higher portal of energy is streaming through - almost like a potent power portal type thing that when channeled, can totally amplify what is going on in your life. 

It is like a gateway is opening, they are showing me, like an energetic - hmmm, I am not sure how to describe it - almost like we have an opportunity to walk right into another dimension. 

Now - when I say these things, I am not feeling like we have/are going to disappear to another dimension like the Mayans did.. or are we 🤔Nah... ha.. I don't know.. or maybe? 🤔

No...😍 the sense that I am getting is that this portal, this crucial period of time, this gateway portal - is like, yes dimension - that we can elevate our desires - and stream this energy through and into our projects, and lives... 

It is like the dimensional shift and yes - walking into another dimension - but, we are not leaving the Earth, like the Earth is going through a Dimensional shift... bit hard to describe this sense of energy... like we aren't going anywhere, but we are moving into another dimension at the same time... 

But there is something else here - it feels this is a power doorway that is going to fuel almost, the energy until April next year (2019). 

These next 6 months from the 23rd October, are like power packed energy fuelled loved up desires almost energy, that is going to see a lot of people in the epitome of their desires that they have been... working towards, craving and wanting for... sometime. 

I am hearing - the key word 'ALIGNMENT' here with this one. 

Like - ALIGNMENT is what keeps you on track with your Life Purpose... and to harness the key elements that are streaming through from the 23rd October and peak during this time 23rd-25th and then not so peaking but just a steady stream until around April next year... 


Who is 'they'? 

On Monday, when I was filming my content for the Crown Chakra - the Star Beings 'interrupted' me if you may during my filming and got me to add in content that I wasn't aware of until that moment! It was amazing... hence my share in my free Reality Awareness private support group! 

Point is - that the Star Beings came to me last Full Moon Ceremony and told me they are helping me film the Crown Chakra. I was grateful, but didn't pay too much attention to it. And then 2 weeks ago - they made their presence very known to me again - they were trying to deeply get my attention. 

After Monday when they 'interrupted' me and it wasn't that - they were literally giving me the downloads to information about the Crown Chakra that I literally wasn't aware of until that moment - but sooooo many pieces of the puzzle that I didn't even know were missing came into that... and floored me in awe! #humbled

After that... and after my mentor session with Lois, I realised that I ultimately haven't been opening up tot hem as much as... I probably should be! There are many reason's why... and that is a whole blog itself... for another time... 

Anyway, after that... on Tuesday, night, I spoke to them, and allowed myself up to their help, healing and guidance... .and... phew.. it has been huge since Tuesday!! 

So, I am more open and receptive to actually paying attention to their direct messages, healing, upgrades (there have been many of those recently!) and what they are guiding me to share, teach and bring to Earth here to help you. 

And this - tapping me on the shoulder, whilst I am only 70% way through A LOT of amazing notifications and couldn't keep going until I share this message... I trust what needs to come through/be said and when! 

I am sensing right now too - coming up - is a final clearing/healing of the past 6 months of the eclipse season and more. From about March-August was a huge reshuffling and clearing out of old threads, karmic ties and more... and the Full Moon next Monday/Tuesday - is like a final 'revisit' or shift, or ALIGNMENT I am hearing them say. 

It is like this Full Moon next week, is shifting, the last dregs out - but also, this past 24-48hours, we have already been revisiting past lives, healing the karmic ties that are - tied to not just the Full Moon next week and the past 6 months - but this is a like a 'setting stone' if you may - for the portal that is opening on the 23rd-25th October. 


What is no longer in your current vibration - like what is not a match for your new vibration that you have been constantly shifting into - especially if you did a big pile of inner work around mid August - September, it feels like this is amplified during this upcoming time.dates. 

What were you doing mid-Augst through September? 

It feels like there is a big influx of energy coming... like a rebirthing, a new you... in a way that - this portal on the 23rd October coming up, you are about to walk into... a while new life almost - that is the sense of the energy of it. 

So what can you do with it? To prepare for it? 

I am hearing the messages of: 

Don't take things personally. Focus on YOU. Know that we are all in this together and if someone can't be there for you like they have been or there has been a change or shift - honey, this is the energies at play - it is time for you to STEP UP and do what you're here to do.. .and sometimes to do that - you need not the people in your life before then! 

If something has changed, get supoport with that change. 

You are ALIGNING to where you are meant to go. 

If you follow me, dear one - you have a big Life purpose on this Earth and wouldn't resonate with the messages I share - if this wasn't so. 

So - let go and trust. 

How can you prepare? 

What do you need to do to take extra care of yourself... and prepare? 

What changes do you know are coming up? 

What changes are possibilities that you are aware of that are coming up?A

Are you prepared for them? 

If not - why not? 

If you have an inkling of what things could be or that you WANT them to be - why are you not preparing and walking in completely faith that your intuition is 100% spot on, correct and.... get ready to go honey!

THis is the strong message. 


You are coming into DEEP ALIGNMENT. 

Hear this call. 

Trust your intuition. 

Listen to what you are being called TO - not away from. 


Key dates have been mentioned... it is up to you to prepare... 

#energyupdate #justpassingonthemessages #listening

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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