Even when it seems like you aren't getting any intuitive messages or information

Even when it seems like you aren't getting any intuitive messages or information - this is your POWER SPACE - do not doubt this space! 

This is so important to know this! 

When you feel like you aren't getting any intuitive information from your meditations, your angels, guides, universe and more - you actually ARE!!! 

These times you are listening - opening - waiting - receiving - and this??? 



Because in this space - your spiritual muscles are opening, receiving, waiting - and this is a potent time for being at the 'spiritual gym' - you are strengthening your capacity to receive spiritual information/intuitive guidance and messages and it is so important to be mindful of your words and not say things like: 

- I am not getting any messages
- It isn't working
- I mustn't be doing it right 

Because - you are affirming what you don't want! 

Better to use language like: 

- I am opening to receive my intuitive messages that are for my life
- I am strengthening my spiritual muscles right now
- I am working on my capacity to receive my intuition 

As this is affirming what you do want. 

Most of my clients and students that I find this with - is that they are receiving way more information than they realise and are just not sure how to recognise it. 

Here is where the practise comes in, the skills, tools and knowledge to know what you are looking for and more. 

And most important, build those spiritual muscles! You are going to spiritual gym, every time you do a meditation, ask your intuition for a message and more. You can't expect to be a body builder overnight, neither have clear accurate intuition from 1 single meditation (although with the latter it is possible, you just have to have the capacity to TRUST what you receive 😉)

If you feel like you aren't getting any messages, or that you are doing it wrong, or that your mind is taking over and 'doing it for you' - be mindful - your intuition and 'ego' are very similar - so I wouldn't discredit any information that you are receiving when you ask for spiritual guidance or sit down and meditate - because EVERYTHING is a message when you do this - the question is - 


That, is all you need to concern yourself with. 

As, any doubt in your abilities - is just this. 

That's all. 

You are the Divine Connection. 

Trust yourself and know that every time you ask, the information is there. 

You just have to recognise it. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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