Geez! Whatta week! I have been sooo angry and resentful this morning and wondering wtf is going on... STILL!

Nov 21, 2020

Geez! Whatta week! I have been sooo angry and resentful this morning and wondering wtf is going on... STILL!

This week feels like it has been pure chaos for me and yet, everything is still. 

This week, but into the week before too - the ENERGY HAS BEEN INTENSE!!! To say the least! 

I had a flow going though.. you know - keep going - don't let the increasing distractions stop you from your purpose work - yep - had been doing that but fark, this morning?! 

WTF - but I see now it made me STOP and reassess... because.. I needed it more than I realised.. but it was the piece I had been missing all along. 

This is huge and super vulnerable for me to share this level... so here we go... 

You know how I have been saying so many changes coming to Reality Awareness... well, there is even more now - however, it is almost like these 'new' ones, were already sitting there - awaiting me to become conscious of them, because it ultimately pulls my vision for Reality Awareness into FOCUS - rather than scathing around through the blur or something is how I can describe it! 

You may have seen on my story earlier this week that I went quiet because ultimately I was energetically paralysed. I felt like someone had put a curse on me after I shared the two days before on my story that I just came out of my team meeting with my new members and how exciting it is of Reality Awareness's expansion - which is what I have been creating for the past 4 years purely online. 

A session with my Healer showed me yep - the curse was real and it was cleared. Along with that, was a pile of entities that felt like someone was gripping the back of my neck, it was so intense and they were removed to and yet.. I know how they got there. 

I have been working 18 hour days this past two weeks.. and THAT is something I haven't done in over a year! I stopped doing that because I burnt out from that.. and yet.. I did it again. 

HOWEVER - I did it with the pure purpose that I have been training my new team member on admin tasks that I am handing over to her, which is the reason why I asked for such a person. That was the ONLY reason I did 18 hour days again. 

I was okay with it, because I knew this. 

Because I certainly don't do that anymore like I used to because of the huge crash and burn that I had at the start of 2019 - that saw me come off the tail end of 18 months straight of 18 hour days! HUGE. 

I was still learning my business, understanding what I was even doing online and figuring out how to best share my gift, my purpose with the world. Some say I should've handed over tasks back then. The truth was I did and it wasn't the right alignment for me to do so back then, nor did I really know how to delegate what I needed to do to create my time freedom or even my business back then. 

Soo many people would've given up back at that point I now see, but for me, that has never been an option. 

This morning, I was so angry and resentful... but that was because a series of BLOCKS TO MY FLOW got in my way! 

I sat down to record the Activation for Transcendence and... no joke the neighbours music began. WTF. They are my only neighbours close to me and I haven't heard boo from them in weeks. WTF. 

So after sitting there in my 'you've got to be kidding me, this is really happening right now?' for a few minutes I breathed out and got up and changed the sequence of my workflow and did something that didn't require silence to accomplish. 

Then when it stopped.. at the divine time I had finished that task at hand... I went back in my make shift recording studio and 'beep beep beep!' WTF! A car horn WTF now?! I got up and saw the farmer in the paddock herding the cattle. RIGHT. WTF. 

After exhaling SEVERAL times I let it go. FINE. I will record it tonight in the dark, in the silence tonight! 

Even writing this... I can still feel I am carrying the energy of.. the OTHER thing that thew me. 

Last night I was doing my thing and getting dinner for us and I received a text from my ex... which was the second one in two days the first being 'have you seen this article' and I was like wtf!? I screen shotted our last text and sent it back to him because he told me to stop contacting him after I told him I am not open to an unconscious relationship. Then last night, another message 'Do you 100% think we are not supposed to be together?' Again, I sent the same screen shot that I sent the day prior. WTF. 

There are a lot of WTF's here and my super reactive energy is in full swing - I am SUPER aware of this! 

And I damn well know why... 

The 18 hour days? 


That'll do it. 

The dropping 99% of self care to do these 18 hour days to hand over a huge work load that I have been carrying for far too long.. well, it's just time but yep, time to RECEIVE SUPPORT in my business that I have been so delicately protecting and for good reason - it's my BABY of course! 

However, my business has grown up and.. so have I. 

I am sharing this - because I used to be reactive ALL THE TIME. 

And it was the detriment of ALL my relationships in ALL of my life. 

And yet, this month has seen the rise of old patterns, old behaviours, old relationships ALL come to the surface - oh, and let's not forget the impending Eclipse season starting in less than 10 days which we are ALL feeling btw! 

HUGE is an understatement. 

These energies are only going to increase too btw! 

And YET - there IS a solution. 

Again, I am sharing this because the ONLY reason I have been reactive and btw - the reason the entities came in? 

Because I had dropped looking after myself FIRST that is why. 

You see, they only come in and hang around and LATCH ON - when you are low. 

Actually there are is three reasons why - because you are about to uplevel (are you sure you want to do this? Oooh yes I am sure! RISE BABY RISE!) - one calls that sabotage when you get close to your goal/project and then it drops, entities usually are gripping on for dear life as you're rising, but if you aren't aware of that well, BOOM - you walk away from your Heart's desires. Well, that ain't happening here! 

The other is because you're not listening to your intuition about leaving an unhealthy situation that you know you are meant to. 

And three - is that - you are low. Meaning, you've dropped your self care, you've been pushing yourself, you aren't taking care of yourself, you are lacking in sleep and eating crap, let alone all the supportive practises have gone out the window as well. 

This morning after the music which didn't last too long and usually doesn't happen and the farmer and his cattle, which also rarely happens... I took a shower to shift my energy and had the hugest realisation #ofcourse. 

#1 wtf haven't I blocked my ex yet. Well yep, that was immediate out of the shower towel still wrapped around me DONE. 

#2 is this seething resentment underneath... that I had even been asking the question all this week - why... how.. how is it that I have been doing this, this long.. and I am still doing so much?! 

On my road trips, it showed me just how much help I need in my business admin wise and hence, being grounded here in this beautiful Home that I manifested, that is all I have been working on. 

This last two weeks kicked me into gear of right - #letsdothis and yet... I have think a huge part of the anger/resentment has been.. how on Earth have I actually been doing ALL OF THIS for SOOOO long?!?!? 

No wonder my spark has gone.. 

No wonder my health has suffered... 

I knew this at the start of the year though.. and I guess it has just taken me until now to figure out how to actually do this... how to hand over something so near and dear to my heart, that is sooooo intuitive and be supported in that? 

Well, I called it in and manifested it of course, my beautiful Soulmate Team that deeply support me in what I do and help Reality Awareness manifest into the grand vision I have held since 2005, when I was spiritually awakened for my 21st Birthday. 

In me diving under the anger and resentment is that I want my time freedom back! 

If ever there was anything blocking anything it has been this! 

Yes, I live in a beautiful home, but have I had time to stop and enjoy it? Maybe for a second or two! 

Yes, I went on a big 5 month road trip, but did I have time to enjoy it? Maybe for a second or two. 

This diving underneath he anger - this anger - only even surfaced as I have been handing over tasks to my team! Amazing what has been sitting underneath right? Some would call that a block to abundance! 😉

Yes, I have been supporting myself financially and have broken through many, many layers and barriers however, I realised the block to my next level - is my time freedom! 

THIS is THE most important thing to me. 

And now I have written it all out, it doesn't seem as drastic and huge, however for me? 


All this time I have been 'looking in the wrong places' about what is blocking me from my next level... and it hasn't even surfaced until I began handing over tasks to my Reality Awareness Intuitive Support Team!

It has made me cry.... and feel soooo relieved realising this, this morning. Thanks neighbours! Thanks Farmer! If it wasn't for those 'blocks to my flow' I wouldn't have become so angry and made me shower to realise this... 

My time freedom. PRICELESS. 

You can't get time back, everyone knows this. And I have been working solidly for the past 4 years online, my time, has become even more valuable to me. Some may say that realisation shouldn't have taken me so long, however, I also.. haven't realised how busy Reality Awareness has become over the years and so I just kept wearing all the hats and doing it all and kept going because well I am good at doing it all and keeping on going! 

However, something huge came of that road trip... the grief of the trauma I have carried with me for my entire life... well, that huge physical trauma also came out of my body on my therapists table last month and I guess now.. the physical is shifting to match this new energy that is now in my body... it's me... not the trauma sitting there. (Which was embedded in my spinal column, causing 3 of the bones to grow deformed since I was six years old. That is a story for another time). #huge. 

 The other piece about the resentment and anger.. of my time - is that I haven't had enough of it lately! In a sense that I have so many creative projects to do (like writing my book for example!) and yet, I am finding myself spending all my time supporting people/clients - WHICH IS WHAT I DO - however, again, over the years, I haven't realised how busy I have become with clients, through my 1:1 Programs and Psychic Readings and Distance Healings. 

 You've seen me change things sooo many times, because, well, you've seen my journey... 

The other huge realisation that dropped in this morning, that brought it ALL together... is that I have been operating like I'm still thinking it is 2016 when I began online. And yet, I definitely wasn't this busy back then! 

So a huge piece has been, well, how can I still support my clients, tribe and healers at the highest capacity that I WANT to serve them AND have my time freedom to LIVE and to write my book let alone the other creative projects?

It was like the hugest realisation ever and somewhat nervous for me to do - however, it also makes total sense to me let alone the relief I felt when it all made sense?! Words, can't describe that feeling! 

From 2021, I won't be holding any 1:1 once off 45 min Psychic Reading Phone Call Sessions. These will only be available in my 1:1 Programs. There are only a few available 45min Psychic Reading appointments left for the 12th December and then that is it! 

For example the 21 Day Shifter Program, has a 30min Phone Call in that program. My Inner Circle (Life Purpose Accelerator) has 2 x 30min Phone Calls every month that you can access. 

In 2021, my Distance Healings will be $333. Right now, I am fully booked out of these until the early next year. Distance Healings are also available in my 1:1 Programs. 

For example, my 21 Day Shifter Program has a Distance Healing in the Accelerator level and my Inner Circle, you have access to 4 x Distance Healings. 

The other huge shift is that, the 21 Day Shifter Program will be increasing from $444 to $997 and the Gold Level ($297) won't be available anymore after the 25th November (yes, next week!).

In 2021, my Inner Circle is increasing as well. 

This feels super aligned for me!

'Yeah, yeah, Hannah you change shit all the time!'

Yeah, I sure do. And it has definitely been a journey to reach this point, and it isn't even about the money!

Which many won't even believe me let alone understand. 

I am not here to be understood. 

But I am sharing because I know that some of you are RIGHT HERE WITH ME and totally get this and the reason I am sharing it because... 

#1 I realised the 'money block' to my next level wasn't about the fact I was not doing the thing. It was that I was focusing in the wrong place.. or missing the key element - it wasn't even about the money - but my time freedom! 

#2 It hasn't been until I have valued myself enough to stop giving all of myself to things that took me away from my purpose. Which btw - is always evolving. Right now, I am being called to write my book amongst other things and I needed to re-evaluate my schedule and look at what needs to shift in order for me to do that. 

#3 I haven't been valuing myself enough. Meaning - how much I give and actually how powerful my content is, but haven't been putting enough time into this to be able to scale it to support myself in valuing my time freedom. 

Some people won't understand that. Heck, I didn't even until now. 

It is a definite energetic unlock, in ways that I can't put into words.

And for some reason, I needed to share all of this. 

My time to spend with my daughter... my time to spend with myself... my time to spend with my animals.. my time to spend surfing.. my time to spend on mini road trips without stressing about getting work done... my time to enjoy cooking and preparing meals because I love being creative with food... my time to spend reading... my time to spend in the pool... my time to spend growing my veggie garden... my time for exponentially Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity doing what I love in my business WHILST living and enjoying my life at the same time! 🙌🏻

So, if you've had a hard week... or 2-3 weeks - you're not alone!

The energies have been INTENSE! 

They have also been tapping into Oct-Nov-Dec 2018 timeline of what was going on back then and shifting it out so patterns aren't repeated - however, if you're not changing the structure of what you're doing, those patterns will just be on loop play. 

If you feel like screaming and no one can hear you anyway... 

You're not alone!

If you have felt clumsy and hurting yourself or cutting yourself - you're shifting out of the old energetic frame that has been keeping you unconscious to some things. By the end of November - expect huge clarity and somewhat confrontational truths and realisations about your reality that you won't be able to stay in any longer and make changes accordingly. 

Know that overall - this time is a birthing canal and you are birthing new realities right now. The next nine days leading up to this Eclipse Full Moon is going to feel even more intense. 

So take time out to soak up the sun, or soak up a tree, listen to the ocean waves and ground yourself through a strong yoga practise to see yourself birth through this with ease and a shedding of an old life of you that is definitely no longer required.

You're not alone. 

You're just ready to rise. 

That's all. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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