Healing Relationships & Broken Hearts

💔If you're feeling broken hearted about a relationship
💔If you're not sure whether to stay or go in a relationship
💔If you don't know whether it is right
💔If you're 'now awakened' and struggling with them not growing with you
💔If you don't know what to do anymore
💔If you can't let go of a past relationship
I have put my best blogs and livestreams together for you - to help you with exactly these things:
✔️Do I stay, or do I go? Do you stay in your current relationship or do you go?
✔️The reason you attract relationships where they go back to their ex in a heart beat or are still deeply in relationship with them, whilst they are with you!
✔️When you can't trust your own intuition again because you did and it led to your heart being broken, so how can you even trust yourself again?
✔️The number 1 reason Women stop trusting their Men
✔️Failed Relationship After Failed Relationship After Failed Relationship
✔️Relationships are the death of me, and the RISE of me
✔️But How do I really let it go?? I have tried and tried and still can't! Here is how you can
✔️It's okay to walk away without guilt or explanation
✔️I stopped looking for my Soulmate when I realised they had been in front of me the entire time
✔️Suicide and the Empty Heart, why when you shut yourself off, you shut everything out, not just the pain
✔️I thought I wanted a conscious man - my deep realisation around the 'conscious man concept'
✔️Reactions, Judgements, Criticism the reason I have been in every 'failed' relationship
✔️Spiritual Arrogance, Spiritual By-Passing & Narcissism
✔️Boundaries - how to set them when you're in a tricky relationship 'The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself From Someone's Energy'
Click here for all these to deeply support you in greater depth dear one: 
Remember, it's not Broken Hearted, it's Broken Open 💔 That's where the LIGHT gets in 💫
Please share if you think this can help someone ❤️
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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