I can pick and choose when I want to work and with whom I want to work. 

I create my entire reality and can do what I want when I want. 

I love what I do and do what I love - including sitting on the beach on a Monday morning, when everyone else is 'at work'. 

Just over 3 years ago, I got ripped apart for posting a photo on social media for 'laying around on the beach on a Monday morning when everyone else is at work'. The person was an awesome key board warrior and a member of my family. Instead of communicating on facebook, I picked up the phone and called her. Of course, she didn't answer. And still to this day, there has been no contact. 

I am also a highly sensitive empath who is deeply in tune and I feel that this memory has come back recently, because I have been picking them up intuitively. Meaning, I can feel them talking about me again recently. So.. of course I will post another photo.. on Monday...

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Boundaries, Empaths & Their Families

Boundaries, Empaths & Their Families

The hardest thing to do for a Highly Sensitive Empath is set boundaries - with their families! 

Of course, setting boundaries to start with at all is tricky, feels uncomfortable and not normal! 

However, the hardest thing a highly sensitive empath that is breaking the chain of abuse, emotional turmoil and the generational patterns of everything that hasn't been in true alignment - is setting boundaries with the ones they love! 

Now, you might think, 'Oh, I actually don't love them anymore with how much they have hurt me! I don't speak to them anymore because of this!"

And whilst that may be somewhat true - the reality is that your inner child inside of you is craving and desiring their love, affection, attention and acceptance. 

This is why inner child work is so important when facing the reality of your current and past situation - it is here, that the groundwork can really amplify and take you through it, rather...

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Healing Relationships & Broken Hearts

If you're feeling broken hearted about a relationship
If you're not sure whether to stay or go in a relationship
If you don't know whether it is right
If you're 'now awakened' and struggling with them not growing with you
If you don't know what to do anymore
If you can't let go of a past relationship
I have put my best blogs and livestreams together for you - to help you with exactly these things:
Do I stay, or do I go? Do you stay in your current relationship or do you go?
The reason you attract relationships where they go back to their ex in a heart beat or are still deeply in relationship with them, whilst they are with you!
When you can't trust your own intuition again because you did and it led to your heart being broken, so how can you even trust yourself again?
The number 1 reason Women stop trusting their Men
Failed Relationship After Failed Relationship After Failed Relationship
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