'How Do You Do It All?' One of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked ❤️

'How Do You Do It All?' One of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked ❤️

People also ask me, 'What do you do?' - My reply?

"Everything that you see on my social media and my website, is what I do. I don't do anything else. I don't have a mainstream job, I gave that up a long time ago. This is what I do, I am an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor. Reality Awareness, Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity - that's what I do."

I have had so many people ask me in this last 2 weeks, where I have learnt all this stuff, the online technology side, who my mentor is, how do I do the business side of it and make the money I do and I answer with - well, that is a bit of a long winded answer and.... and the reason why I teach all I 'do' and all my 'know how' in my Life Purpose Mentorship because there is so many intricate parts to it! 

As for my mentor, I have ALWAYS had a mentor, there has never been a stage of my 'spiritually awakened' life (almost 14 years now) that I haven't been having regular mentor sessions. Majority of the time I am seeing 2-3 mentors at the same time. Why? Because my Soul calls me to! 

I guess you could say I have this insatiable desire for learning, yet, I am only always ever following what is right for me at any given moment and I am constantly wanting to up-level my life - I know where I am headed with my Soul's calling and I know the fastest way there is learning from people who have done an are doing what I want to do in life! Let alone solely trusting my intuition 100% of the way and sternly but kindly saying no to ANYTHING that diverts me from my Souls calling aka Life Purpose. Hence - there we are!

Whether it is strengthening my intuition, fine tuning and honing my emotional, spiritual and psychic skills, gaining deeper insight into the inner workings of earning millions of dollars, building and expanding my online business and all the technology that goes along with that - my Soul has desired this and I am constantly and have always lived my life doing exactly what I want to do when I want to do it - just ask my family I am sure they will tell you! 😉

Some people call me stubborn and a bitch (the ones that don't understand what I am doing, nor do they care to take a moment to understand) and I just shrug my shoulders and know that I am a natural born leader who is here to do big things in the world, and gently turn my back and get on with what my Soul calls me to do. Just like I always have. 

The thing is, that it isn't just 1 single thing that I have done, or 1 single mentor that I am learning from. As an Intuitive Healer - the entire reason I called myself that in the start, was because it covers EVERYTHING

I am not just a yoga teacher, I am not just a meditation teacher, I am not just a crystal healer, I am not just a Life Purpose Activator - I am EVERYTHING and have studied A LOT in the past 14 years, let alone living it every single day and that is why I am an Intuitive Healer - because it covers everything and that is the most powerful form of healing - trusting my intuition with ALL the skills I have learnt in this lifetime and recovered from previous lifetimes and activated from alternate dimensional realities, that enable the deepest of depths of the most profound healing there is. (Which is why you can now too, become a Certified Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Activator with Reality Awareness, because you don't just do 1 thing do you?)

Yes, you can outsource someone setting up your website, building online funnels, facebook ads, graphic design and everything you need to turn your passion into your profit - so when someone asks me 'how do you do this' - I kind of look at them with a weird look on my face and I guess this me 1. wondering how I answer that in one sentence answer and 2. cue into how serious they are about putting in the work. 

Yes, you can outsource all these things as I mentioned - yet, for whatever reason, my Soul desired me, it was such a strong calling for me to learn all the ins and outs, all details, understand how all the systems worked and trust me, in almost 3 years online now, learning all the technology of all the back end systems and how everything connects together, let alone building a following who totally love and adore my work, resonates deeply with them, constantly sharing it, having incredible life changing shifts, just from even reading my content, let alone doing the work THAT is something that has taken me 3 years to learn and is a tad hard to explain, let alone teach in a one sentence answer. If you want to learn - are you willing to stay your course, no matter what it takes? Are you willing to DO what you learn, not just wishful thinking it to happen?

I remember sharing with my Dad once before and he said, "It's like you're at University" and I was like, "Well, yes, I guess you could say that! Except, I 'come out' with already earning incredible money in my desired job, not now having to search for it!" #bonus 

What is the difference between my Life Purpose Mentorship and my Trust Your Intuition Course?

Most people want to join the Life Purpose Mentorship because they think it helps them to find their Life Purpose - and whilst it does - you need to be able to Trust Your Intuition to deep depths, for your Life Purpose to fully manifest into full bloom! 

You want to know what your Life Purpose is? Trust Your Intuition! #simple 

Most people don't Trust their Intuition to the depth of capabilities that their Soul is calling them to step up to, because of sabotage, traumas, hurt, pain, past lives, this life pain, the list is endless right? 

And no - you don't need to be 'healed' before you can live your Life Purpose! Quite the opposite actually! 

However - if you don't have the tools, the resources, the know how, the TRIBE OF SUPPORT of people WHO GET YOU and know exactly what you are talking about when you speak of energy and feeling someone or a presence in the room, or are going through deep grief and we all encourage it, rather than tell you to get on with it and 'think positive', that we are all right there with you and actually HOLD YOU so you shift through it FASTER and actually feel supported for once in your life - if you don't have this kind of support around you, then yes, you are going to struggle at trusting your intuition, doubt yourself, be stuck in confusion and turmoil, think that something is wrong with you and wonder why everyone is living the life of their dreams but you. 

And THIS is why Trust Your Intuition is your first port of call if you are deeply serious about turning your passion into your profit, gaining the tools, support and knowledge in how to support yourself, trust yourself to the deepest core at EVERY LEVEL. 

Because every single human on this planet has emotional stuff. Even the Dali Lama does. EVERYONE DOES. 

NO BODY IS COMPLETELY HEALED AND PERFECT or we wouldn't be in this dimension! 

That is why having the tools, the lifetime support of the Trust Your Intuition tribe, so that as you keep evolving and shifting in your business, you not only have the tribe support to hold you whilst you up-level every single time and don't feel so alone on this planet in this journey you have chosen that your Life Purpose is deeply calling you to and everyone thinks you're crazy but us, but you have the tools to immediately turn to, when something comes up blocking you from your Life Purpose and shift it so you can keep going on your Life Purpose rather than thinking something is wrong with you and 'why does all this bad stuff happen when I move forward?' - no, this just means you're doing something RIGHT! But if you don't have the support around you to birth your Unique Life Purpose and deeply trust it, then you will probably continue to walk around in circles and feel upset, depressed and sad majority of the time. 

The Life Purpose Mentorship is where we get down to business, how to build your business online, what if your Life Purpose is not an online calling (we cover this too), physical body health as well as all the other areas and layers, how to build a following that totally adores your work and you and book in without you even cold calling them, Lightfilled Yoga, it is also here we talk about the depths of money, (You can't make a huge impact on this planet with no money honey!) the internal work (mindset, healing and more) and the external work (technology systems, advertising, websites and more) required so you don't burn out as a spiritual entrepreneur creating the life of your dreams and getting out of mainstream work. 

Then of course, figuring out, well, what do you even offer as your 'product and services' and that is where the key Life Purpose piece comes in, that is unique to you and that comes deeply from starting to Trust Your Intuition and continually turning up, even when the blocks come, even when you don't feel like it and your sacred keys for overcoming this, every single day. Let alone the tribe of support in the Life Purpose Mentorship too, of other Spiritually based entrepreneurs who are making a huge impact on this planet. 

This is the Unique Inner Circle and one of the fastest growing spiritual communities that are here to impact our dear Mother Earth and change the world at the same time. What is your Legacy? 

How do you know if it is for you? 

Oh, you know alright. You have a calling, it is strong in your heart and soul and you know you are here for big things but don't know what, exactly, or perhaps you are super clear of your vision and ready to up-level to new heights and fast and want the guidance of all the ins and outs but the deep spiritual transformational shifting tools as well! 

You will know reading this, as this already lights you up, is a massive YES and just need to get on with it and now! 

No more mucking around hey? 




Send me a message if you have any questions ❤️

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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