I walked into my office last night to make some last minute notes and updates for myself and my team before closing the door before I went to bed and looked around as I got up from my desk... so much mess - creative mess - everywhere. My heart smiled. She's back. 

There is oracle cards, crystals, coloured felt pens and pencils everywhere, creative notes everywhere, on the floor is piles of creative papers from my current projects and just stuff strewn everywhere.... 


I smiled as I looked around... I haven't felt this happy for what seems like years. 

Ask me that a few months back and I would've said that I am in the worst place in my life... and I was. 

I feel like I have 'popped' through the old paradigm that I had been trying to break out of especially for the last 2 years and something has massively shifted. 

I know it is because I am now valuing my worth. 

I know that it is because I walked away from unhealthy relationships that were taking me away from my Life Purpose, my Creative Gifts and my Heart and Soul of my own Life. 

I know it is because I have consistently continued on, walking in so much faith, even when it doesn't look like it is going to work out... I kept going. I keep going. 

I know it is because I say no to anything that drains my energy that is not paying me for my divine time in devoted service to Humanity. 

I love being organised and things being neatly put away, clean and tidy. But when I am in creative flow, launching and landing 10 projects at once, there is a Creative Hot Mess and whilst it looks deeply messy to others.. it is bliss to my Soul (until my 10 day window pre Moon time kicks in - then I will organise it all again!) 

The thing I have learnt is to trust the flow. 

I hire a cleaner, so I can stay in my Creative Flow. 

But I am the only one that can clean my Creative Mess, because to me it is Creative Organisation. I know where everything is and whilst it looks like a mess to the outside eye - everything is organised whilst I am in my deep Creative Fire Flow that is BRINGING MY SOUL ALIVE!! 

This time last year... my Soul was dying... stuck in a deeply unhealthy relationship... actually, that isn't true.. I chose to stay for the time I did, deeply awaiting it to shift, but it didn't, so I left, but with a massive fallout out that took me months to recover from as they do. 

And yet, we were on the best road trip of our life, adventuring whilst everyone else was in lockdown (how I roll!). 

When we arrived in home that we are in now, after 2 years of searching and being denied rental after rental, we arrived here in this home in August, and I collapsed (in a way). 

I was.... exhausted. 

Not just from the 25,000km road trip in 5 months, that I was the sole driver for, but from the last 3 years prior of PUSHING myself... breaking through the barriers, breaking through the old paradigms of living.. of..... surviving... 

After having some hard and fast strong #realitychecks late last year, I had to make some BIG changes and committed, as I do, whole heartedly, to what my intuition was guiding me to do. 

Up until mid last year, I was doing everything myself. I had heard about this handing over business stuff, but I had tried that seemingly so many times and it always never worked out for whatever reason. I could understand how I can hand pieces over, but not others and it took soo much trial and error to figure it all out. Phew! #huge

And yet, I keep trying... because I KNOW that is how to shift, expand, grow and so I took the leap of faith again - and here we are. 


Easy? Hell no!! But worth it... now it is lol! 

I always knew it would be or I would've turned back years ago and not even be here now.

I have had a vision since 2005 that sparked from when I was 6 years old and I will do anything to make that a reality. It is what drives my core, it is what drives my every decision and I will not stop, until it is done. But then I won't stop because there is always MORE. 

Only two years ago, after being online at that point for 3 years, I hit a wall of depression, feeling like I had lost my joy, it was all work and fair enough I did choose to give up all my self care practises, self love, all the activities that brought my heart alive and was sitting at my computer desk for 18mths straight for 18 hours a day, then I toned that back to 12 hours a day for the following 2 years until we got on the road last year... I had lost my joy, my spark... my... Me. 

I used to surf 3-4 times a week (taught myself to surf at 30yrs old), used to go to the gym 3 times a week, teach yoga in person, ALLLL the things. And I stopped. And so did my life lol! 

BUT... I was focused... dedicated and built the foundations to enable me to... reach you! 

I have always been different, I have always been highly intuitive that has been mistaken for crazy, that would be told all kinds of things to shut me down and eventually I knew there was MORE OF ME!!! LIKE YOU!! ðŸ¤©

I am so grateful you are here, because I came online to find you... to connect with like-minded Souls, to create a tribe that CHANGES THE WORLD through Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity. 

I know you get it, I know you've been through the wringer and sometimes wonder what is the point to it all, what on Earth am I doing here? Why even... bother. Trust me, I have been there! 

But I am so grateful you chose to stay and are here... with me.. with us... so we can all be in this together. You got a purpose to live too you know! 

And THAT is my Purpose. 

To support you in Awakening Your Life Purpose. 


I haven't felt this ALIVE in what seems like years. 

But it was a conscious choice to CHANGE the way I was living, the way I was doing everything by myself and attract a soulmate team to support Reality Awareness in it's deep and ever evolving creative expansion that touches the lives of many, Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity as we go. 

I have made myself as priority. I never used to. And this is the biggest change that has rippled out and changed EVERYTHING. 

In the last week, I have swam in local hidden from tourist Sacred Red Jasper Rock Pools, climbed steep mountains that made me dizzy (I never feel dizzy!) and a man who was literally running up the steep slope stopped, glared into my eyes and said, 'No, this isn't dizzy! It is the happiness and joy coming INTO your body!' and then kept running up the mountain ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜‚ no joke but! I was like, okay, okay Spirit I get it! Instant dizziness #gone. Almost adventuring everyday, let alone surfing the other week for the first time in over a year before the solid rain came, my SOUL IS COMING ALIVE! 

And I love it - my Creative Hot Mess Self is back and THAT is where the FIRE lives ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

That is where my Goddess Self Lives ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

That is where Creation takes place ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

That is where REALITY IS BORN ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

THAT  is where I am of greatest Service to you, to Humanity, to the commitment, dedication and divine honouring of my Life Purpose, to support you in discovering, trusting and birthing your Unique Life Purpose. 

I USED to be like this, then became so busy online when I began several years back... that I didn't really know what I was doing lol! And now, having my amazing Soulmate Team to support me and you, so that I can stay in my CREATIVE HOT MESS and serve, create, inspire and LIVE my Life Purpose, so that you can too. 

I love my BIG HOT CREATIVE MESS because it means I am ALIVE... it means I am LIVING... it means I am THRIVING... and I also know in my Hear that I am following FLOW. 

Amongst incredible Reality Reconfiguration Quantum Portal Sessions with my incredible clients, off the hook on fire Soulmate Team Meetings, loving on my daughter and kittens and all our animals and all the ideas in full throttle manifestation mode... I AM ALIVE again and I am so damn grateful. 

I know I am in flow.... I also know that my CREATIVE HOT MESS gets cleaned up when my body and hormones change before my Moon Cycle and THEN I clean it IF it is alive for me and it gets done with effortless ease - THAT is flow. THAT is TRUSTING the flow. THAT is LIVING in flow. 

Do you? 

Live in flow? 

Do you, have your CREATIVE HOT MESS SPARK ALIVE so you can LIVE? So you can THRIVE? 

In divine Service,
Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. The journey of your Spiritual Awakening, is not easy... 

The journey of discovering who you are, walking through hard, toxic situations to survive coming out the other side with no one left but yourself... 

Wondering what you are doing here or what is the point and how did I even survive that for... what? 

You question things, you go back again, you wonder if anything was worth it... 

But then you start getting a spark again and then... it disappears again. 

You have ideas again and YAS feelings and then... it all crumbles again... 

But you KNOW you have to keep moving forward on this path.... 

You HAVE to... 

Even when others tell you not to.. 

Even when others leave you when they said they wouldn't... 

Somehow you keep going... and finding your way.. 

And you arrive... somewhere that you still don't know what you are doing, but you just keep going, one foot in front of the other, yes, you have some sort of idea, but really you don't and you just keep going anyway.. and then.. you arrive... somewhere.. that starts the up-levelling, the Rapid Ascension Awakening... and you KNOW you have finally find the thing you've been looking for...

To support you... 

To guide you... 

To be there for you when you fall.... 

To be there to CELEBRATE you when you rise


Enrolments are now open, for this Sacred Divine Vortex that takes you deep into the subconscious, that transforms darkness to light and allows you to rise to the incredible inspiring HIGHLY intuitive Soul that you are, shining your Light and allowing your Divine Consciousness to be the rippling effect that changes the world, that your Life Purpose has blueprint in Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity. 

Drop a ❤️ below as enrolments are now open and I will send you all the details!  



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