I have been, remembering what I love

I have been, remembering what I love.

Because somewhere along the way, I forgot. 

I have found myself this last 12 months, becoming or realising more so, that I had become extremely resentful to a lot of things in and about my life. 

This last 4 weeks? 

A complete softening, a complete annihilation of that buried resentment has been pouring out of my system. 

I have been taking time. 

Time to do things - presently. 

Being conscious of what I am doing. 

Knowing that everything is taken care of as I do what needs to be done - what I am guided to do, what I FEEL like doing more so! 

I've come through a portal of recalibration that has now found me assessing EVERYTHING as this softening is creating a space of.... 


And in that BECOMING... 

Is everything I have ever desired INCLUDING things I had forgotten about. 

They have been rapidly entering my life, like a thousand butterflies fluttering around, coming out the other side of a dark tunnel... the Light, a recalibrated Light... a different FEELING about all the same things that make up reality. 



Fumigated and totally obliterated and returned to it's whole state at the same time. 

Renewed, present - ALIVE. 

After a synchronistic unexpected adventure journey today, I was met with angel numbers almost every where I turned, random conversations with strangers that left me in tears of gratitude at just how the depth of feeling of this synchronistic flow that has returned from following my intuition - Every. Step. Of. The. Way. 

Is bringing me back to LIFE. 

Complete reality shift. 

Complete recalibration into another dimension of reality - that is still the same, but everything FEELS different. 

It feels softer. 

More flowy. 

More connected. 

And I smile as I deeply remember... 


The deep, buried unconscious resentment - dissolved. 

The softening. 

The opening. 

The gentleness. 

The synchronistic gratitude - as normal. 


Like a beautiful huge flower, opening after the dark stormy skies have passed, opening to receive all the warmth from the sunlight and warm summers air, as everything comes to pass, even those things that were forgotten that I once wanted. 

As Jasmine made me melt today, with our beautiful Ratty that found solace in her big arms, it made me realise... this is Ear Chakra Consciousness. 

The melting of the hard shell, the outer do do do, masculine overdrive. 

Ear Chakra Consciousness, dropping me back into not just the softness of life - but the PRESENCE.

To be at Peace with NOW. 

To be grateful for NOW. 

Last week, I consciously unplugged from the world stuff, as I had an obvious in my face reminder of two very important things: 

1. NOTHING IS SET IN STONE. Reality is constantly shifting and changing and I am the only one who creates my reality. The future is not defined - only by what I choose. Nothing outside of me, affects that. Nothing. 

2. Reality is created from what we choose to focus on. Ear Chakra Consciousness is potent in inter-dimensional reality. When we are in the Ear Chakra Consciousness, reality is amplified, tangible and very malleable. This very malleable reality, is giving me rich, delicious and an incredible abundance of opportunities, if only I would say yes, choose it and.. go first of course. 

Jasmine and Ratty reminded me of the softness of this moment, of the love, the abundance of love, in every single moment. If we only stop to receive it. To open to it. To notice it. To choose to let it in. 

The more I have been letting these moments IN - being consciously present with all that I do, with deep Ear Chakra Consciousness openness, deep seated listening through the realms of this moment - the thing that has been happening the most?

My reality is shifting - FAST. 

Because I have been RECEIVING. It ALL. Now. Real Time. Present Time. With deep connection to my intuition. 

Unplugging from world stuff last week and being sooooooo very conscious of where my time, energy, focus and who I am listening to 99% of the time - has rapidly accelerated what was always meant to be. Unplugging from things that didn't feel aligned, unplugging from that which was making me angry, depressed and distracted as fuck, has created Heaven on Earth for me. 

Opportunities have opened that were not in my vision before, but are so aligned I am wondering how I never thought of it myself! And yet, my intuition already did, already... knew.  

For this moment in time, creates where the next moment leads, creates where your tomorrows come and which direction life takes. 

For all of life. 

Which direction, do you choose?

From this moment forth?

Your.... Focus?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Inter dimensional realities. 

Time travel, time collapsing and expansion. 

Generational lineage transformations. 

Galactic Queen Entourages. 

Through the dark tunnel and into the Light - nothing has changed - and EVERYTHING has changed. 

Ear Chakra Consciousness. Are you joining the chamber of transformation? Click here for all the details, time, like you've never experienced it before: https://www.realityawareness.com/soul-calling


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