"I hate you" "I love you"

"I hate you" "I love you"

I forget that other people forget... when this is so prominent in my everyday reality - this is my normal.

I forget how much I live a very different lifestyle to most.

I forget how psychic I am at times!

Because it is just my normal.

And what comes with this?

The incredible depth and sensing energy, beyond the normal day to day lives.

Being able to travel the energy waves without leaving my body.

Being able to see all your shit, through your device, well, not really - just straight through the direct energy line that links you and me. There is no time and space.

And I forget, that the incredible shifts I have had, especially in the last 9 months - has been because I started saying - I love you.

I realised how negative I was being.

I realised how unhappy I was.

I realised how cyclic my emotions were.

I realised how tired I got.

And the hugest factor that shifted me?

You might want to grab a pen and paper and write this bit down, or open the notes in your phone and take note of this:




"I will never attend an anti-war rally, but if you invite me to a Peace rally, I will be there." - Mother Theresa.

This ^^^ is 100% me.

I have known this stuff for a long time.

Yet, I forgot at times too.

I forgot how powerful our thoughts are.

I forgot how much we spiral down without even realising it.

I forgot how much I was in a hole and didn't know how to get out.

Yet, moment by moment, I chose.

I also made some drastic changes in my life too.

I wasn't happy.

And nothing or no one can make you happy - but you. You know this stuff right?

Why is it so hard to implement then?

It takes a willingness.

To do something quite simple.

Awareness is the first step, the first key.

And the first key?

Tell yourself, "I love you"

Instead of 'I can't'

Instead of 'how I'm not good enough'

Instead of 'how did I end up here again'

Instead of 'why isn't this working'

Instead of 'everyone is better than me'

Instead of 'I should have my addiction under control by now'



Do you see this rice here?

Have you seen this before? (Comment yes if you have below!)

Dr Masaru Emoto (God bless his heart!) Scientifically proved that our mind does this! For 30 days, he got 30 school children, as they each walked in the classroom to say I hate you to one jar of rice and water and I love you to another jar of water.

And you can see the difference right?



Just by saying I LOVE YOU.

3 little words.

Or, those other 3 little words.

Shocking maybe?

OMG. Mould?! In your body?! YEP! #realitycheck

Black stuff.

Heavy stuff.

No wonder you're so tired all the time right?! #realitycheck

What can you do?

Start choosing to say I love you.

Start choosing to catch your heavy hateful thoughts that you pour into your body.

Start choosing to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself.

And if that is too hard or you can't find anything you love about yourself - say, "I am willing to find something I love about myself. I am willing to start loving me again."

If your life is in shambles, if you can't get off the treadmill, if you are pissed off most of the time, frustrated that you can't shift the shit - start here.

Simply by saying, I love you.

Repeat it.

Over and Over.

Until you start to feel a shift.

Keep saying it, until you feel a shift.

You know what this does?

It starts to shift your energy.

To a higher vibration, to a higher frequency, to a place where you can not only love you again, but other people as well. Loving, your life again.

Because if you've been drawn to reading this, something has been off for you lately hasn't it.

Something has been 'stuck' on repeat right? Wondering when the cycle will ever end and if you should even try again, because nothing works for you - ever - right?

Has this post woken you a little bit? (Press the love or like button if it has for you).

Not only when you say this about yourself.... or put yourself down in any way, shape or form - see the black rice? That energy also spreads to other people... and our planet.

The thing here, is that we are in 2018.

The evolution of consciousness is changing meaning, it doesn't take much to shift shit anymore. It can and is easy - but only when you know how.

Otherwise it would be like a mechanic trying to fix a car, with Baker's tools right? #doesnthappen

Get the tools and START by saying:


I forget that I naturally write I love you on my water bottles #normal

I forget that I say I love you to myself more than I remember these days #normal

I forget that I live in a different reality to most! #normal

But... I had to start somewhere... and I did... and so can you.


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you get stuck in heavy energies more than you care to take notice of anymore because you are just sick and tired of it and 'it doesn't work' and you haven't downloaded my 5 Step Guide to Clearing Negative Energy and Increasing Your Psychic Skills at the Same Time yet - click here to do this now and get your energy and happiness back I LOVE YOU: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/5-step-guide-to-clear-energy-and-increase-psychic-skills


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