ascension symptoms energy frequency positive affirmations reclaiming your power Mar 04, 2019


With intention to CLEAR, so I can RECEIVE. 

I'm clearing my container, I'm clearing my vessel. 

I've always known... now it is here. Now it is time. 

I release all the feelings of being shut down, that every time I open my mouth about what lights me up, about what my desires are, about what my HEART calls to me to LIVE, I release all the hurt from anyone who had any negative comment in response about what my deepest heart callings are, I release this so I can be free, to hold the vibration and power of exactly, what my Heart is calling me to behold - because..... it already IS ME. 

I just need to BE IT. Behold 💗

I release all the hurt of how can someone just completely shut me down every time I open my mouth.... So I can deeply stand in my truth and stand tall in what I know is my heart's desires and calling on this Earth. I release this hurt, from every energetic, physical, emotional and deep desiring part of me, from every cellular memory so that I can deeply hold my ground, with solid, powerful presence, so that my vibration alone, shifts all that needs to be said and gives me the courage to use my voice in present, power ways to speak any aspect of my truth that needs to be said. I have courage to use my voice. Behold 💗

I release all the pain of all the energetics I have been carrying from all those times they told me it wouldn't work so I can be solid in what I do and allow my business to continue to rapidly flourish and deeply support me every single step of the way and bloom Humanities consciousness into consciousness with rapid speed and deep, deep love. Behold 💗 

I release all the energetics I have been carrying of all the shock from how can they say that about me? So that I can be super clear in knowing who I am, so I can live in from my heart - with my Heart wide open with deep compassionate love for everyone that passes me. I walk, grounded with deep certainty of the path that is laid out in front of me to simply walk and deeply live, with every cell in my being, with every part of who I am, deeply present, deeply here, deeply ALIVE. Behold 💗

I release all the fears of what I think when someone hasn't answered my message when I feel they should. I release all worries that I am not good enough, or whatever story runs through my mind at that time, I release any anxiety that creeps in about anything, I release this all from my the cellular memory of every aspect, every layer of every part that makes up my entire Being, so I can be FREE to energetically vibrate at that which my Soul so desires, that I AM. Behold 💗

I deeply shift, all that has ever held me back, any person, place, thing, vibration, energetic resonance, that is not mine anymore, was never mine in the first place and stopped me from Beholding the truth of who I am, in every aspect, layer, shape and form, I am now clear, clear to receive all of me, all of who I am to be, all of ME. That I am. That I always was. That I choose to fully BE with every breath, with every thought, with every part of my Soul, with ALL OF ME. 💗

Deeply integrating into the core of who I am, into the cellular body memory of who I am. That anything else, is no longer here, and no longer a fit for this vibration. Through all eons, time and space, realities, dimensions and beyond, from this moment on, I only call in the highest vibrational aspects of any place, person, piece or thing and know that anything else that shows up, gets to be transformed instantly. I allow all of ME, all of my power to BE. BEHOLD 💗

Behold who I am, and always have been. 💗

Are you, Beholding, yourself with as much care, esteem, and utter truth of who you are?


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Did you guess my word for 2019, is Behold? Because, I already AM 💗😍💗