I used to get frustrated and agitated, let alone exhausted

I used to get frustrated and agitated, let alone exhausted...

That people weren't hearing my message... 

That they weren't paying attention to the truth... 

I used to talk to anyone who crossed my path and gosh, they weren't expecting to get the barrage of truth that I now see with my Wisdom Eyes, they were just not ready for - just an unconscious Soul going about their daily business and then wham, some crazy person talking them about stuff in the world that... only happens in movies 🙄

I would always have something to say about it - to ANYONE that would listen. 

Or the other one - have a solution and could (still can 😉) fix everything that anyone comes to me with - any problem, even if they were only talking to me about things in passing conversation I would instantly know the answer, the solution to their issue and passionately start talking about it because, well, this is what can fix your issue! 

They would most often, pause, screw their face up at me, kinda nod and then... I would never hear from them again 🤔

It took me a long time to realise what was going on, it took me a long time to realise what I had to do - even to find the channel of my creative gift, my work, my helping skills that are beyond the capacity of a 'normal' job. 

I found myself teaching classes and workshops in person... then I reached a point where I was getting frustrated because I wasn't reaching enough people. That wasn't even a conscious decision, it felt like they weren't hearing my message or implementing what it was that I was teaching. Let alone I reached a point of exhaustion. 

Then.. I found my online outlet and here we are. 

It took me a while to realise, to feel - now with Wisdom Eyes, realising that every time I get frustrated or angry or feel like they aren't hearing my message, aren't receiving what I am teaching - it isn't that I need to give up or stop, it isn't that I am not teaching what I am meant to - what is actually going on is that I am expanding to a different version of myself, of Reality Awareness, of a version of expansion that... reaches more people in a way that supports the Consciousness shifting people - in the way that is most supportive for what the planet needs. 

Exhaustion comes in when you keep barking up the wrong tree, when you keep knocking on that closed door, when you keep going down a path that you are meant to change directions now - not your message, but the way you deliver your message. 

If you find yourself getting agitated that no one is listening to you - or perhaps they are, but you get told you're crazy or you never hear from them again and you're losing friends and family - find your outlet. 

Online is beautiful, because you can reach the people who are ready to hear your message. You have a portal to reach millions if not billions of people if you choose. 

Perhaps it is a book that you need to write or a different way of delivering your message. 

Do you know what happens when you step foot in the direction that is your creative channel and outlet of what your Life Purpose is calling you to do?

You stop feeling exhausted. You stop feeling like no one is listening to you and like magic - actually find people that do listen and even ask you more questions. They even can pay you! How about that! 😉

You actually start feeling happy and like your life is on track... that deep internal fulfilment that nothing and no one can fill - but you and your Life Purpose. 


That feeling. 

That... is what is calling forth of you. 

Where is your message, asking you to expand to? 

Do you even allow yourself a moment to trust this, let alone, take action on it? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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