If you feel like a part of you is dying, it is because it is.

energy update Aug 02, 2018

If it feels like a part of you is dying, it is because it is.

Allow this space.

It isn’t what you’ve lost, it is what you are aligning to and moving towards.

The Wolf has been strong in my awareness recently and the Wolf is the symbolism of shedding aspects and parts of your consciousness that is no longer needed.

There is space, there is a breath almost, where it feels like nothing is moving, nothing is happening, nothing is going to happen, nothing….. is.

Do not be fooled beautiful one - this ‘space’ is the most fertile space there is right now.

This space, this ‘darkness’ is where you fertile seeds in the moist, rich soil is planted.

This space in the mud, is where the lotus flower blooms to the sunny skies above.

If it feels like a part of you is dying, or there is space there - allow it.

Get comfortable in the unknown.

Walk forward in curiosity, knowing that space is where things and new people can come in, enter your life and fill it with deep joy, connection and fulfilment.

The question is - do you trust this space of nothingness right now?

Are you allowing this space right now, or are you grasping and trying to fill it? Do you feel like the Earth, your footing has fallen out underneath you?

Can you trust the Universe to, catch you?

Can you be comfortable in what you are not aware of coming to you?

Can you, trust the Universe knows exactly what you want, and if things have fallen away recently that you did not see coming, that you did not expect - the question is, do you trust it?

If a part of you feels like it is dying, it is.

But what this is, is an aspect of your consciousness, that is no longer required in your field.

This will mean that relationships, people, places, things will be changing, shifting out, sometimes unexpectedly. Allow this space.

Because, space, is beautiful - you can breathe. Deeply.

And let life IN.

It might feel like death, and honour it if you can - you have opened a new book, not just chapter. And you have permission to write this new story, exactly as you want, without the past karmic threads, ties and energetic entanglements interfering with what you are here to create on Earth.

Do you…. trust this space?

Can you…. honour the letting go process?

Can you…create a ritual, ceremony and truly acknowledge the gifts it gave you, so you can be free to move forward in pure freedom of choice, without the ties to your past?

Can you… be open, to what the Universe is realigning you too?

Can you… get comfortable in the unknown?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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