A day before my birthday, I had a new photoshoot done. When I saw this photo, it brought my heart so much joy. 

Of course, it kicked in, oh but the wrinkles... 

I have used filters and smoothing apps in the past, but they never felt right... but when someone sees me in real life - I don't have smoothed over perfect skin - so why use it? 

I am all for Keeping It Real after all!

It never felt right. This... taught me to fall in love with myself all over again. 

I know my birthday was fuelled with the joy of this photoshoot and what it brought my heart alive with. 

I feel like I have been in the darkest tunnel this last 6-8 months and now - I am birthing a whole new me. 

I feel so much more alive than I ever have before. 

When the waves come, I ride them and I ride them hard. I am getting better at surfing after all. I don't seem to get dumped or scared by the big waves like I used to (I mean in real surf I am talking about! Even when I surfed with my ex a while ago, out at my favourite break in 4ft swell, he even was screaming at me to come back in, but I didn't hear him until he paddled out once I made it out the back finally and told me, but I never heard him and grateful I didn't! I love feeling the deep groundswell of our Mother out there! It holds me!) 

I'm getting side tracked... 

I have had to do a lot of Soul searching and digging lately and I feel like I have broken through something that, I never saw coming. I have stepped into a different part of me, a more stronger, wiser and more grounded part of me and for this, I am grateful. 

I have had to put a tonne of trust in myself in what hasn't felt right in these last 3 months and have let go of things, courses, mentors and even my Lombok Retreat that... I didn't know why, but it didn't feel right to not hold it. I trusted, with a tonne of faith and of course, questioning my decision afterwards (yet, knowing how normal this phase is after making a decision, riding this wave too!) 

It was many signs leading up to it that showed me to not hold it, yet of course, 'I thought that is what I was meant to do!' - however - my trust in my intuition and my faith in self that I am 100% guided with every single business decision and decision in my life - 6 weeks later, I get shown 'why' and what I am meant to do instead. (Yes, you're going to have to wait to see 'what' 😉) 

The point I am sharing is that - whenever we make a decision, especially when it is TRUSTING and letting go of things that are not aligned anymore - sometimes we are never shown why we had to do/let go of something. 

It was 6 weeks, nearly 7 weeks later, that the 'why' to not hold the retreat in Lombok dropped in for me. It wasn't like I was waiting around for the answer, I never expected one. Yet, when they showed me what I am to do instead - gosh, I am so glad I trusted myself and my intuition THAT MUCH that... the bigger picture, so much more ALIGNED and the ALIVENESS makes TOTAL sense. 

Do you, trust yourself that much? 

Do you, trust yourself, every single step with every single breath? 

Do you have that much faith in your intuition to guide yourself, or do you doubt yourself every time you get a message and then wish you'd listened AGAIN and find yourself going around in circles, let alone the negative spiral and clouded energy time and time again? 

I guess you could say, that this smile, is a combination of things. The realisation of what I am here to do, what I am meant to be doing, and deeply aligning to this every single day (that came from letting go of so many things that weren't aligned anymore and so much SPACE that was left from all those things that left/I left) - everything wouldn't have come in, had I not created so much space and trusted and walked away from so many things that weren't aligned anymore. 

This smile, even with my wrinkles, is me, IS my smile, is me, loving me, loving my life again, loving all parts of me, and finding the joy in what I do, who I am and everything I have been through let alone, where I am going. Just like I used to love me - yet this, is on a deeper level, a more solid, grounded loving me, that no one can knock out of me this time. 

This is me, finding my joy, my light, my happiness again, after shifting through some of the darkest and most painful spaces in my life - MY LIGHT AND LOVE FOR LIFE IS BACK! ❤️

I've walked through some dark spaces recently - but I had to go that deep, to take the light there. It was like a beacon, calling - that I dove into and I am so grateful I did. For it has lifted my entire life and for this, I am eternally grateful. 

Do you dive, deep into the darkness? You do know, that is where the light gets shone on right? ☯

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you're ready to come out of that dark tunnel, if you're ready to shine the light in there and resurface into the you you know is there somewhere, yet are in a place where you have lost your way, you don't know which way is up, or even how to turn the light on in such a space, Mystic Mastery is where you can shine your light with the deep guidance, support, love and care - that no one else has been able to show you before, without judgement of your darkest thoughts, energy and more. 

If you feel like no one has been able to help you before, that meditations don't work, that you are not where you want to be in life and are tired of being the jealously and darkness, click here for all the details for Mystic Mastery as this closes tonight:


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