It is one of the worst feelings in the world

life purpose trauma trust your intuition Aug 11, 2022
It is one of the worst feelings in the world - to be told you cannot be fixed and that they won’t touch you or help you.
They throw you into the too hard basket and wipe their hands.
You’re left feeling broken and what’s worse - they didn’t even listen to you - because actually?
The  worst part about it?
Is that they don’t UNDERSTAND you - they are not listening!
The biggest part here you need to understand honey, is that you?
You’re not fucking crazy - you’re not insane -
What is insane - or more so MAKES you FEEL insane - is you not realising - you’ve OUTGROWN THEM.
Yes! We outgrow our mentors, our physicians, we outgrow our teachers and when you do not realise your growth that is when it feels like maybe there IS something wrong with you.
Let me tell you - there isn’t.
You’ve just outgrown them. And are in need of finding the Mentor and Healer that can hold your brilliance in deep reflection to see how incredibly powerful you are and that you’ve reached a point in your growth where it comes to - yep, 100% they can’t help you.
You’ve outgrown them.
And….. you’re the only one that can do this now.
With the right support and environment to see your own brilliance and what you’re truly here to do in this world - you’ll definitely heal.
But the switch comes… in realising it’s up to you now… with the right support, mentor and healer… you can heal and thrive…
But you have to want to.
You have to be willing to be the one that does it now.
Because I see your brilliance and know you can and that’s, where I hold the space that no one else can….
Remember, you’re not crazy, you’ve just reached a level of consciousness that requires a new level of support to take you to your brilliance… and in pure unadulterated health 🤍
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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