It might seem like nothing is happening... yet, hold faith that it is.

It might seem like nothing is happening... yet, hold faith that it is.
Patience may not be your strong point, yet Mastery of our Reality comes into deep sensual, womb centred grounded trust, that all will be revealed, all is occurring in Divine timing... nothing more, nothing less.
Impatience is a sign that you don't trust the Universe - but you do - right?
Drop your brain into your Womb... place your hands on your Womb (Men - you have a womb, it's called your Sacral Chakra, and it is imperative you honour it if you are trying to manifest or connect with life itself)
Place one hand on the front of your Womb and one hand on the back and drop your brain into your Womb.
Let all be there - let yourself be present with your Womb.
This is your Divine space to transform and heal ANYTHING.
Allow it to be so.
Stay here until you feel Peace again.
Let all emotions flow.
Stay here until you feel Peace again.
Delays have been normal for almost everyone I have spoken too and these delays may have been amplified this last 2 weeks, but have really been going on since April this year in a way.
Breathe deeper. Get into your Womb. Drop your brain into your Womb.
Stop trying to figure it out (this is where we get stuck in our head) and can't manifest into our physical reality because your head needs to ground into your Womb.
Stay here until you feel Peace again.
And drop through your legs, your feet and down into the centre of our Earth. Connect with Her. Drop your Womb through your legs, through your feet into the centre of our Earth.
Connect your Energy with Earth. She is the same resonance of energy frequency that you are. Align to Her. She is evolving and will take you with her - if you only open to Her Divine presence that gently awaits to take you Home 🧡🧡🧡
Right now we are being asked to TRUST.
Trust in Divine timing. Trust you will be shown.
Walk groundedly.
Walk solidly in the truth of your Home.
Connect down, through your Womb, back to your Home - your body, your Earth awaiting you with open arms right now.
It's you, you've been waiting for and the Divine is awaiting our return to ourselves to reconnect the true power solidly on our Home/Earth - to ground this level of Light - you're going to have to be grounded in your body, on our Earth to receive it - are you Home yet?
The Divine is awaiting on you, and you are being asked to Trust in Divine timing.
Nothing more you can do will change the outcome of the siutation you are waiting on - the only task you are being asked of you right now is to trust in the calling back Home - which is your Womb and your Soul deeply grounded here.
Your body is your Home.
Ground into it.
Connect into it.
For then, and only then when you are at Peace with this much space, can your physical reality shift
Just when you think nothing is happening of a birthing Mother, the baby is born and a whole new reality begins.
Just when you feel like nothing is happening - all you need to do is practise presence, grounded curiosity and deeply solid trust - that all, always occurs and a whole new reality is born.
Your only duty, is to be present, whole heartedly present with this space.
One hand on your belly, one hand on your lower back/Sacral. Breathe here. Drop your brain into your Womb.
Stay here. Breathe. Drop deeper. Stay here. 💗🕊🌏❤️
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. This deep present space... this opening in the Galactic Alignment, this beautiful New Moon as the Dark Moon peaks, this core rewiring, beyond anything felt before - Earthing a new reality of your own and the collective takes a deep encoding, recoding and energetic hardware upgrades.
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