business life purpose life purpose mentorship Apr 01, 2019


I have been called to open the Life Purpose Mentorship for a very limited time only!!

This is for people who are:  

🌿Trying to, struggling with or wanting to up-level their skills in business, mindset, journalling, money, Life Purpose and more  

🌿Wanting to understand more about journalling and 'how to do it right' even if you don't have a business yet or even want to but know this can help your life or 'prepare' you for one  

🌿Have a business currently, or are looking to start a business in their field  

🌿For Entrepreneurs who have crazy ideas and don't know how or where to start and are scared to even tell people because of past responses from people  

🌿Who are wanting to increase their income, whether they are in business or at 'normal' work  

🌿Who need support, tools and different ideas to increase your clientele  

🌿If you feel like something is missing in your current role of your business and life or know there is just one single key that you can't pinpoint you are supposed to be bringing into your business whether it is an online business or in person business  

🌿Are wanting to increase your consultancy rates  

🌿Are wanting to know how to increase your business without cold calling  

🌿If you are trying to understand how people have an online business and can create what they do and still tend to the normal day to day duties as well  

I have been intuitively guided to open the doors to the Life Purpose Mentorship for a VERY short time only. Where this is your key and much more to all of this!   Usually $97/mth, I have been intuitively guided to open the doors at $33/mth until this Tuesday Midnight AEST and then it will increase to $47/mth and then back to $97/mth.  

This is a monthly membership and you can log in and cancel your account at any time. No lock in contract. (All in USD)  


🌿 Access to weekly livestream support calls from myself to answer your personal questions in your own business and life  

🌿 A plethora of tools and trainings, already waiting for you right now in the Life Purpose Mentorship to shift your business instantly  

🌿 Access to advanced healing techniques through Rapid Ascension Awakening  

🌿 Journalling/mindset prompts to take any area of your life to the next level  

🌿 Plus clearing the past life blocks and vows, that so many Lightworkers, don't even realise is 'why' it 'hasn't happened for them yet' is all waiting right now for you in the Life Purpose Mentorship.  

Click here for the run down of exactly what is in the Life Purpose Mentorship where you can join and log in right away for $33/mth and start increasing your business income no matter what field you are in, with tools in there waiting for you right away.      

Click here for more details on Life Purpose Mentorship:

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑