Oh babe, come on... seek in YOUR heart, not mine...

Oh babe, come on... seek in YOUR heart, not mine...

I say that, I feel there is a connection there between us, yet what you are feeling, is a connection with your own soul, your own heart - and the love and attraction you feel is a love and attraction to a version of yourself that you need to own, step up to and BE in this world - THEN you will attract someone who reflects that to you, you don’t need to look for love you need to BE love… I hear there is a deep longing in your soul to be loved, to be needed to be honoured to be cherished… yet - are you doing this for yourself? When we are searching for that counterpart - you will only seek emptiness… for you are empty yourself, seeking to fill a hole. Yes, it is a very real human need to be loved, held and cherished…yet.. what areas of your life are you neglecting that you are needing to turn this love, acceptance and cherished energy towards?

Open-mindedness that the possibility that there is that ONE person in the world you will eventually be with?

Faith that by focusing on yourself that that person WILL turn up?

Opening yourself to being the ONE you have been waiting for?

Living your truth in EVERY area of your life?

What are you compromising in?

Where you not standing up for yourself in your life?

What do you need to do to nourish and cherish yourself more in what area of your life?

What are you willing to do - to do what it takes, to BE what it takes - are you even willing to BE that person you have been waiting for?

How can you expect to meet that person if you are not your whole heartedly self, turning up in EVERY area of your life for yourself?

How can you expect the Universe to deliver to you what you are not yourself turning up to?

There is such a different energy to someone fully living their life and getting on with it, to someone actively looking for love and a relationship.

This morning….. our tame cockatiel flew away…I put his cage outside as normal in the early hours of the morning, yet in my half sleep state, didn’t see the little door open… the sadness hasn’t quite hit yet… maybe because it isn’t sadness, maybe it is deep gratitude already, although I am aware of the process of change… the cycle that is spurred on by ANY change…. This cockatiel flew into my life a day before my 32nd birthday in September this year… I just knew, when I found him on the side of the road being attacked by magpies, that he was here to stay. I felt to let his wings grow back. And I did. I used to have an Alexandrine Parrot - Greeny, and I always used to cut his wings… and the wings of my cockatiels when I was a teenager. Yet, this BirDaay, as I seemed to call him, for some reason, I wanted him to be able to fly… you may have seen him in photos and on my snapchat recently (add me on snapchat if you haven’t already, you’re missing out if you ain’t following me there realityawarenes) character he was….

Yet… significance and hugest shift and takeaway…. that it has been… yesterday, I had my high level mentoring session PLUS I have been working through a new program with 2 other high level mentors… and it is shifting me… deeply… greatly…

Yesterday in my in person mentoring, with Lois, I shifted a deep thread in my Heart…. it was a big one… and one I didn’t realise was sitting there, or maybe I did, in a sense, it is what has been sitting there for a long time, playing out… and it was time to own it, to feel how it affected me, to be it and to let it move through me for the final time…

In the core of Solar Plexus week, this is all happening - owning it - and doing something the fuck about it. Stepping up and taking responsibility. Getting mentoring on a deep level - and booking in REGULAR mentoring for the next 6 weeks. It is time to REALLY step up.

The new program I am working with 2 mentors Kat & Regan, is also taking me deep… realising on Day 1 of the 7 day intensive, that actually I haven’t been owning it… I haven’t been 100% stepping up to the plate… as much as I thought I was - there is MORE to own, MORE to step up to. Am I willing to do that? YEP. No more fucking around. No more hiding. No more. No more.

The biggest takeaway on Day 3 - is about stepping IN… stepping right IN… and really pulling it out how I see it, calling it how I see it, in a way I haven’t done before. I am unsure exactly how this looks like - yet, I can feel it in my bones and SOMETHING is about to shift big time, something more than has already. I see that with this shift, I can feel it, not quite articulate it just this moment in time, but today, has seen a huge shift already.

That - when you REALLY step into OWNING YOUR STUFF, like deeply and yes, you may need mentoring to see what you can’t see - in fact, I KNOW this to be true, that when you deeply own your shit, feel it, shift it - that your entire reality shifts. The path you thought you were walking actually takes a turn and you step into a different direction - but you know what - it becomes YOUR direction. YOUR path. YOUR purpose. YOUR life. YOUR way. Not someone else’s. Not what they are doing. Not what you thought you needed to do to get to your bigger picture dream, goal, path, purpose.

When you are not fully owning your shit, you do not see your path clearly - you are actually walking blindly, fumbling through, thinking you know they way, yet in fact, you are still seeking that outside validation, awaiting some person to say yes, to honour you, to accept you, to guide you, to fucking be with you!

Honey - wake the fuck up and realise that this person IS YOU! That when you just STOP allowing those ‘permission’ notes to arrive, your reality actually shifts deeper than what you already can perceive. That your reality actually becomes something with greater depth than you realised before. That you actually step into something more than was ever not imagined before… because honey - it IS you…. you shift humanity when you do this on a level you cannot even begin to fathom, to hold, to even perceive until you actually experience the shift.

That deep in the core of your being is YOU… is YOU awaiting to claim and reclaim you over and over and over and over again. That the joy, the peace, the FLOW, is actually YOU reclaiming you… that it becomes second nature and the path you are MEANT to walk becomes soooo clear it just IS… it IS your reality…. it IS YOU…

Are you ready to fucking claim it babe? Honestly? This is a part of you that is untouched, that can’t be touched, that can’t be knocked, that doesn’t fall over, that doesn’t get affected by others, that doesn’t take shit from anyone, that see’s straight into the bullshit and beyond, that at the same time holds space for the deepest transformation to occur without even saying a fucking word, that the power of reclaiming this part of YOU and walking YOUR own path is beyond what anyone can perceive until it is FELT at core level.

When are you going to own this truth for you babe? When are you going to totally honour you and not seek a relationship outside of yourself? When are you going to step into completely nourishing your core in a way that no one else can do? When are you going to realise that the one you have been waiting to give you permission - is you?

You Soul is calling you babe - are you listening? Are you there? Reclaim you, ALL of you… only then, will the love of your life show up and BE the reflection of you that you are pining for in others, that you are dying to receive from that one other… that you are longing to find in your soulmate, twin flame or life partner… are you going to claim you honey?

My cockatiel that flew into my life 1 day before my 32nd birthday, was so significant to fly away - this morning. That, yesterday, I shifted that deep core hole/wound/black thing in my heart that for fuck knows how long had been sitting there for, calling in all those experiences of my past……. how is it significant? Well, the obvious one being that yep, I let his wings grow back. Out of the back of our Heart Chakra, is our wings. Be them angel wings, eagle wings, butterfly wings, dragonlfy wings or some other wings - we all got some sort of em. Just depends whether they are clipped, or chained, or are they open and flying free? In The Liquid Crystals, the animal totem Parrot - is Kunzite. Heart Activation.

Justin Moikeha Asar, literal channels in The Liquid Crystal Book for Kunzite:

“In the simplest of terms, if Kunzite has come to you, she has come to activate the Heart and open you to a new level of love both internally and in the world around you. Kunzite reminds us, that as the world around us evolves and changes, the levels of love and activities that must be undertaken to recognise that love also vary. She comes as a messenger, entering life when we are missing something that the world around us is offering; she has come to help you see through the Heart and receive what you deserve, not by defining it, but simply knowing it is there in absolute open-hearted, deserving trust.”

The levels of Joy that I felt flooding my life, just last night with life experiences unexpected and deeply welcomed, and the sensations I was acutely aware of running and pulsating through my Heart Chakra once I climbed back into bed in my half sleep-half wake state was one of deep bliss, of deep within my Heart Chakra, this pulsating space I have never felt before and a giggling joy bubbling from deep within that I also have never felt before, at this stage, unaware that BirDaay, had taken flight, giving me his deepest healing gift that his Life Purpose involves, activating the Heart at the deepest of levels.

I laid in bed after the news of his departure, shocked, but not shocked at the same time, with all of this awareness I’ve just written about, at the same time flooding through me all at once… I eventually got up out of bed, feeling obligated to walk around the block calling him, even though I knew our time was done, knowing that after 2 hours had already passed and his gracious wings taking him way beyond the block of our home, having the deep realisations - that actually this year alone, we had saved 2 other cockatiels, but I was very quick to give them to the lady at the end of the street with her aviary of cockatiels, because I didn’t want to care for another animal, I guess on some level, I wasn't ready for this deep healing, yet this time, when BirDaay flew into our life, I was like, ‘Hey, feels like you are staying with us hey?’ unaware, at that time, a day before my birthday, how pertinent a healing he was coming to share with me, to give the gift of his Life Purpose, to help me on my Life Purpose. And then for him to continue on, enroute, for his next human being healing.

The gift of his Life Purpose, has enable me - to DEEPLY step into mine. That I thought I was deeply owning my life, my purpose and my shit. Yet, Kat & Regan’s 7 day intensive, Day 1 - realising how much I haven’t been… and then the session with Lois yesterday, unexpectedly dropping this Heart space healing on such a deep level I didn’t know could be possible… with the shifts today and the biggest takeaway on Day 3 of Kat & Regan’s 7 Day intensive - that something has shifted energetically - something has taken me on a path I didn’t see coming - I could see the plan, see it all laid out, then today - BAM - hello - you haven’t been owning it Hannah - and now you are and with your new shift - HERE YOU FUCKING GO! THIS BABY… THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

I see a new vision - I see a new path - I see where I AM MEANT TO GO… not where I thought I was going… I have some new visions that I am now working on babe, and at the right time - I will share them with you! First one, I will share the news with you in 11 days.. yep - crystal clear vision on a path I didn't see before… now I have shifted this Heart thing - and you know, like - that Kunzite says it all: “she has come to help you see through the Heart and receive what you deserve, not by defining it, but simply knowing it is there in absolute open-hearted, deserving trust.” - THIS is the energetic shift that has made me see clearly this path I didn’t see before, that IS ME, that IS ME CLAIMING AND OWNING ME more than I ever thought possible before. Deserving Trust. Hello Solar Plexus Week, hello, fucking owning it, taking responsibility at a core unknown before possible or that even existed, or that was even there… That stepping out of Heart Chakra week - to be open, vulnerable, trusting - these two powerful Chakras… now healing, claiming, owning… BEING…

Honey, if you look at me and fall in love with me, know that this is a part of you that you are loving - that is beaming at you to be reclaimed, re-owned and born into a path of YOU that you didn’t know existed before. Know that I am seeing someone currently in my life that is reflecting all that I am back at me… because I stepped deeply into trusting my path, my life and that by focusing all of me on me - I knew someone would turn up and show me all of me in ways I didn’t know possible before. So, if you are looking at me and falling head over heels, know that this is you - loving you - more than you can realise…. so turn up for YOU honey in ALL areas of your life and know that when you do, someone will be there, when you ain’t looking for it, when you least expect it - because you are showing YOU what you can do with your life and the Universe goes - and here is this for you too.... and this too… and this too… and this too… :)

Know that I stepped up in my business, my life and in ME and that I wasn’t looking for love, I wasn’t looking to meet someone that wasn’t the purpose of me stepping up and live streaming and upping my social media presence, upping my life…. I was and AM sharing love… because I AM LOVE… and THAT is what you FEEL when you see me on live stream, when you connect with my photos, my writing, my everything… that this LOVE is activating this part of you, that is longing to be expressed as YOU in everything you do… to be claimed, filled, experienced and shared with ALL that you do, ALL that you are…. What you see in me, what you long to experience in connection with me, is what is IN you babe - and it is calling to come out… for YOU to OWN and EXPERIENCE AS YOU…. are you going to let yourself receive this now?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑



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