Partial Solar Eclipse July 2018

The partial solar eclipse portal has OPENED - the 3 day window either side of any moon phases is always significant and a potent space for healing, this one in particular is to do with the Females, Mothers, Female Generational Lineage, Women, Daughters, Aunties, Grandmothers. The partial eclipse is on Friday 13th (Goddess number!) AEST. And our New Moon is in Cancer - Dark Moon on this peak at 12:47pm Brisbane AEST.
It is also the 11th July. And just gone 1:11pm AEST.
If you’ve been feeling:
- extreme highs
- extreme lows
- frantic
- jittery
- overwhelmed
- anxious
- wondering what is going on
- panic attacks
- increased worry
- physical aliments that the doctor can’t find anything wrong
- incredible energy flow
- and all in between
- dense heavy energy, like you are fully feeling the weight of your physical human body in a way you’ve never experienced
- crying at the drop of a hat and can’t stop crying (yes, your heart is thawing out, defrosting and FEELING all the pain that you’ve bottled up for years… let it out - soften those walls beautiful one, you are safe in the vulnerability to share your hearts feelings. Find a tribe, that allows/supports this)
We are rapidly rising in frequency, vibration and these symptoms ESPECIALLY with the eclipse window now upon us - what is actually happening here?
We are coming out of our head and into our HEART
So, a deep shift in energy from.through the neck/throat:
- sore necks
- stiff necks
- losing voice
- voice issues
We are moving from the Head to the Heart - more so, the two are being reunited, connected, so pain in the necks (literally ask yourself what/who is a pain in the neck to you right now and this will give you clues about what your intuition is telling you to make changes of in your life) - the physical aches and pains in the necks are the energy shifting from your head to your Heart and the aches and pains are the shifting of energy. That’s all.
So, make sure you ask yourself:
- where am I not living my truth right now? (all good to speak it, but are you living it? Both reside in the Throat)
- who do I need to speak my truth to, that I haven't?
With all these the past few nights especially:
- not being able to sleep even though extremely tired
- weird dreams that not able to make sense of when you usually you do
- food choices are ‘off’ but also not sure what you want to eat, or even at all
- feeling like your whole world is falling apart (this is just the linear line dropping into the Heart/Spiderweb, please watch my cosmic update from the other day for this deeper explanation if you haven’t watched it already: )
- feeling like no one can help you, almost don’t want help, but also know you need to get help before ‘it’s too late’
How to support yourself through this:
- reach out for help with like minded tribe, join my free reality awareness group here:
- get support from people who UNDERSTAND your Heart, not try to change what you feel, no matter how bad you feel
Send me a message if you haven’t found anyone that understands your Heart or anyone that has been able to help you before now. I am offering a special offer for people who message me privately and want to work with me 1:1.
My gift is helping those who feel that no one can help them, or that no one has been able to help them in the past.
A lot of people are experiencing energy - who have never experienced it this way before.
With this specific eclipse portal it is:
Divine Feminine - so the Matriarchal energy.
Females, Mothers, Female Generational Lineage, Women, Daughters, Aunties, Grandmothers.
If there are any issues with these relationships - they are being shown to you. And this is a potent time for healing them.
What does this mean?
On a grand global scale we are HEALING OUR RECEPTIVITY.
The Feminine is:
- softness
- kindness
- receptivity (any issues with money or love, look to how you feel about your Mother and the women in your life, if you are ‘scarred’ there will be blocks there)
- letting things IN to your life (receptivity again)
- LOVE (no wonder everyone is going, hey this isn’t okay anymore and working on healing their heart that is desperately calling their attention)
What else is this on a grand global scale?
People are becoming conscious to the intuitive sense that is already there and has been there all along.
Receiving your divine wisdom -
Actually LETTING YOURSELF FEEL YOUR HEART for once and learning to trust it rather than shove it down and numb it away, try and block out your Heart trying to speak to you.
This works for a little bit, but then it reaches a point where it ‘hits your physical body’ and you HAVE to listen to it. Physical heart issues are your signs, anxiety, pains in your arms, I could go on.
And what is happening - with these people that don’t usually feel it - what is happening is they are, and they are not sure how to deal with it, or listen to their Heart, when they know it means making big changes that scares them… It’s just change, but you have to know how to support yourself with the emotions that stem from such great change.
I have continued to say to you all dear Healers recently, be ready, get ready, are you ready?
It’s already happening, people are waking up AND FAST.
They are physically being ‘hit’ with energy and don’t know how or what to make sense of it.
This is where we come in.
Do you understand the depth of energy to be able to support them?
Do you want to be able to do this for yourself? (My Trust Your Intuition Course is where/how)
Healers, we are being summoned, called, people ‘falling in our lap’ somewhat quite literally.
Be ready.
Are you?
Channel that frantic energy dear Lightworkers/Healers into your gift and Life Purpose. Now is the time.
If you are not sure how to support yourself through this energy wave and want 1:1 help through the energy wave ‘chaos’, please send me a private message for the information of the 1:1 package I currently have.
Simple steps to support yourself:
- be gentle with how you speak to yourself, speak kindly to yourself, like you would small scared child in a big dark room
- take extra care of your body, drink more water, get sunlight, put your feet on the Earth as it resets your energy frequency to that of the Earth frequency, instead of the chaos caused from too much wifi, get more sleep and if you can’t sleep rest your physical body.
- Know that there are big energetic shifts right now, don’t fear of freak out about them - remember you are expanding which is your Soul’s true nature, that is all.
- Yes, that does involve change mostly 100% of the time, start telling yourself/training your mind to be okay with this and find the support that can help you through the intense changes you need to make or are in the midst of making.
- If you are worried about ‘who’s who’ in the Spirit World, always ask the being (there are many you can use) of 100% Light - that way you know you are getting the highest frequency.
- Don’t deny the call of your intuition any longer. Physical illness is what happens when you ignore it, so don’t ignore it anymore.
Remember to breathe deeply, trust yourself, and remember that your heart is MADE of love, no matter how bruised or battered it is - the fastest way to start feeling the love your HEART is MADE of - is to start listening to it (especially if you feel like no one in the world is listening to you! 😉)
Okay, that is all for now.
Lots more that I’ll share coming up as we move forward towards our eclipse on
Comment below if this resonates, share it will someone you think it can help, send me a private message if you want to know more details about the 1:1 offer.
Holding you in deep compassion, remember, you are just expanding which is your Soul’s natural state.
Put your feet on the Earth, Breathe. Expand.
Love, Hannah 

The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. Not long until the doors close for Trust Your Intuition, if you want to get a real understanding and learn to support yourself in ANY RELATIONSHIP you’ll want to understand the energy of what is going on, and Trust Your Intuition is how, click here for all the details:
P.P.S. Send me a message if you want 1:1 support from me, even if you feel like no one has been able to help you in the past and I can share the offer that I have been intuitively guided to share

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