💫 Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation 💫

meditation past lives Apr 06, 2019

If you're feeling stuck or wondering why this one core issue seems to keep coming up, or a particular person and nothing you do has shifted it and everything everyone else is saying doesn't make sense - this Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation shifts out what others can't, don't and won't.  

Alongside a 50 min deeply informative and in depth Past Life Training Video, the Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation will be able to:  

💫Get insight to past relationship karmic ties  

💫Understand why current relationships are so strong and 'pop back in your life' after so long of no or little contact  

💫Heal past relationships  

💫Heal constant cycles of relationship karma  

💫Heal repetitive patterns  

💫Release contracts, vows and ties to your past that are affecting your current reality  

💫Heal current strained relationships  

💫Take your current relationship to exponential heights in positive ways  

💫Release negative patterns/cycles/issues from anything currently going on in your life  

💫Reclaim your Sacred Gifts from your Past Lives  

💫Release blocks to your abundance and wealth that have been holding you back for eons of time  

💫Release and heal core physical wounds/ailments that just won't go away  

If you're ready to do what others can't, won't and don't and are ready to reclaim your freedom from your past, to create your future without the past life karmic threads interfering with your free will in this lifetime, click on the button below here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/past-life-integration-healing-meditation

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑