💫 Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation 💫

If you're feeling stuck or wondering why this one core issue seems to keep coming up, or a particular person and nothing you do has shifted it and everything everyone else is saying doesn't make sense - this Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation shifts out what others can't, don't and won't.  

Alongside a 50 min deeply informative and in depth Past Life Training Video, the Past Life Integration & Healing Meditation will be able to:  

Get insight to past relationship karmic ties  

Understand why current relationships are so strong and 'pop back in your life' after so long of no or little contact  

Heal past relationships  

Heal constant cycles of relationship karma  

Heal repetitive patterns  

Release contracts, vows and ties to your past that are affecting your current reality  

Heal current strained relationships  

Take your current relationship to exponential heights in positive ways  

Release negative...

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Past Lives

I am seeing a deep common theme with the collective right now - there is a deep releasing of what I call 'Triangulation Love Vows'.
It is strong and many at this time - and of course, these eclipses are helping these threads come to light and move OUT.
If you are in a situation - where you are 'in love' with someone, and you 'cant have them' whether they/you are:
~ in relationship with someone else
~ no matter if you all broke up, there is still no way it could possibly work (and this love and craving them is driving you insane because you know this but why is it damn well here then?!)
~ you can't contact them and/or you know you shouldn't and it is driving you insane, because this love, what on Earth is, why is it so darn strong?!
~ that even though you've been together in this lifetime, you can't go back again, but why is the love pull so darn strong!?!
~ or want to leave a relationship but can't due to guilt or deeply embedded ties
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