Past Lives

I am seeing a deep common theme with the collective right now - there is a deep releasing of what I call 'Triangulation Love Vows'.
It is strong and many at this time - and of course, these eclipses are helping these threads come to light and move OUT.
If you are in a situation - where you are 'in love' with someone, and you 'cant have them' whether they/you are:
~ in relationship with someone else
~ no matter if you all broke up, there is still no way it could possibly work (and this love and craving them is driving you insane because you know this but why is it damn well here then?!)
~ you can't contact them and/or you know you shouldn't and it is driving you insane, because this love, what on Earth is, why is it so darn strong?!
~ that even though you've been together in this lifetime, you can't go back again, but why is the love pull so darn strong!?!
~ or want to leave a relationship but can't due to guilt or deeply embedded ties
~ or a relationship has come back out of the blue that you thought you dealt with ages ago
If you done so much work on releasing this 'lover' from your life, cut cords, blocked them, deleted them (and they STILL come back), if they've blocked you, if you know you need to stay away, but deeply pine for them and no matter what you seem to do - this darn love is just THERE.
These Triangulation Love Vows - are when you are in caught up in this triangle of being with someone, but crave someone else, or they are in a relationship and there is no way you could ever be together, but they feel the same, but won't leave their current space either.
This thread I am seeing A LOT right through this last 3-4 months, is deeply seated in Past Life vows, that you've said in that lifetime, whether it was:
~ you're my one and only forever
~ marriage
~ I only ever want you
~ you have my Heart
~ my one true love
And more...
There are many Past Life instances this has occurred through the Eras gone by that I am very clear of for myself, clients, and my students.
If these words were said in a Past Life and haven't been released, healed and deeply understand the entire purpose that you've had lifetimes and lifetimes with this same Soul/person, then this Past Life Integration Meditation flooded through me to shift exactly this.
What happens here - is that you release these vows - so you aren't karmically tied to this person.
So if you want to be together in this lifetime AFTER you do this Integration Meditation - you can without the karmic cycles of the past, you are free to be you in this lifetime now and come together in complete choice and freedom of now.
And the release of energy you feel from releasing the heavy weight of vows/words is beyond description.
Click here for all the details of this Past Life Integration Meditation:
To complete FREEDOM in LOVE. ❤️
(rather than energetic cyclic ties, that continue to repeat!)
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. If you know this is going on for you, but want support in releasing this, rather than doing it on your own, my 21 Day Shifter Program is exactly where you get this deep support beautiful one, let's free your SOUL:

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