99% of the time - from one single post you write. 

They no nothing about you, barely have followed you for long, or know the depth of the trauma, heart break and reality shifting hard core human history truths you have travelled... 

Which has led you to teach exactly what you do, be exactly who you are, put strong boundaries in place like you do, speak the have the dept of Soul that you do - because you have lived for LIFETIMES through this stuff....

And yet...


They will think you are blind, charge too much, don't know what you are doing, gossip about you and put you down... 

And yet...

You have strong boundaries that you easily say NO to what is not aligned and fast eradicate the draining people from your life. 

You have a strong sense of self that you won't take any shit in your life anymore and you definitely don't undercharge anymore. 

You have been living this spiritual WALK since 2005 and have never been able to hold a normal job because you were born to LEAD through the Wisdom your Old Soul requires.

You KNOW the deep human history spiritual truths and are actively doing something about Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity, which is what you have been doing since 2005.

You run a COMPANY and have been single parenting, homeschooling/unschooling for 10 years at the same time. 

And yet... 


And yet... 

They do not KNOW YOU. 

They have read ONE POST and become EXTREMELY triggered... projected, blamed and in essence DISCONNECTED from the core flag that their Soul led them here in the first place to AWAKEN to the next level of Soul Evolution that they chose. 

Yesterday, I put on my Chrysocolla Necklace that I haven't worn for ages, for our first live training in Transcendence Reality Society. 

Chrysocolla is deeply connected to the Rabbit and SILENCE in the Liquid Crystals. It is about FEMININE POWER. (Have you seen Rabbits around lately??)

This is something that I have lost over the years, through the seemingly consistent heart break, through the trauma, the life of the black sheep of the family, domestic violence, through being a single mum, always living alone and doing EVERYTHING alone. 

One could say, well, I never really actually had that - Feminine Power. 

I've been in my hard ass masculine for YEARS. 

I had to be. I had no other choice that to do it all myself - well, because who on Earth has been there?

No one. 

And in those years? 

I was EXTREMELY judgemental. 

I would mock, judge and gossip about everyone. 

I had no boundaries. 

I had no love. 

Oh... wait. I was good at helping everyone, but not myself. 

And I burnt out. 

I was committed to changing my life, and I have. 

I was sick and tired of things not working, I was sick and tired of attracting narcissistic relationships and relationships that only put me down, drained me and used me instead of loved me for who I am. 

I was sick of living week to week and being stuck on the government pension. 

I wanted MORE. I wanted FREEDOM. I wanted HAPPINESS. I wanted LOVE. 

And my masculine that I was so good at doing things - well, I changed my reality, of course! 

In 2019 I took myself off government benefits and even removed the ones I was still entitled to as a single parent simply because I didn't want to be part of that system. 

I learnt how to run a company, all the whilst at the same time running a household and single parenting, homeschooling my daughter at the same time. I've done many things... to change my reality because I was the only one that could do that for me. 

And I burnt out. 

Because my Masculine was showing me, I didn't need to run the show anymore. I had reached the point... that I didn't have to operate out of that old needy, adrenaline seeking fast past running away from paradigm anymore. 

My Soul can lead now. 

My Soul has always led me anyway... I just got in the way with trying to do it all myself.

Which - because of the way I have always been in my life - well, people pleasers and co-dependents are good at helping everyone but themselves right?

But they are usually the most judgemental and resentful, angry people on the planet. And this underlying feeling burnt me out. People would say that I was the most happiest, caring person they knew.. but underneath I felt empty, sad, resentful, alone and abandoned most of the time. 

That's not living... 

That's surviving carrying a lifetime of burden, trauma and resentment.

Yesterday, Chrysocolla strongly reawakened in me... showed me that... it is Her that can lead now. 

Fully supported by a team that has my back. 

Fully loved and cherished by those closest to Her. 

Fully seen for the Empowered Priestess Gifts that She holds and is by natural nature state of self in everything She does. 

This is something I have had to let go of control.... to let it in. 

This is my Soul - leading now... the divine feminine presence, power and love... not the masculine burn out overdrive. 


But they do not know you. 

Do not let the people who tear you down back into your life. 

Do not let the people who do not know you rattle your huge Angel Wing feathers that are here to support the Awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity to Thrive and be set free from the imprisoned slavery that we live - do not let them get to you. 

If they do, that is a sign that you are ready to RISE even higher... let alone that your self worth is being shifted to the next level - again and again... spiralling UP. 

Because you have a PURPOSE to live. 

You have an IMPACT to create. 

You have a LEGACY to leave behind for Humanity to live by. 

Which is far greater Soul led vision, than those pulling you down. THIS is why they do it, because they are threatened by your enormous vision that your Soul holds the key and they FEEL it in their bones, even though they can't consciously comprehend it. 

So walk away now and leave them behind in the tail wind of your flight and allow your Soul to be the one who loves you, leads you and guides you to the open hearted, strong sense of self, confident you that you once were. 


Continue to remember who you are... 

Continue to strengthen your SOUL... 

Continue to learn to love yourself as your NORMAL way of living... 

Continue to BE YOU in all that you do. 




That is... 

What your Soul incarnated in your body for anyway. 


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘

P.S. That might be easier said than done right? 

Yes, Hannah...

You may KNOW this stuff right? You may even think:

  • I know I have to love myself, but I don't know how. 
  • I know I have feminine wounding but I don't know how to heal it
  • I know I do and have in the past pushed people away with my over bearing and underneath needy energy that is so desperate for love I get hurt time and time again 
  • I know I need to set boundaries and I have but I keep breaking them and end up hurt again 
  • I feel at a loss because the ones I am with - have already left the relationship even though they are here and it breaks my heart 
  • I know I need to remember who I am, but I am so traumatised from everything I don't know where to start 
  • I am slowly remembering my feminine power, but I need help! 
  • I am lost in who I am but know I need to love myself... but goodness knows where I start 
  • I know I have been in my masculine doing and need to be in my feminine receiving but don't know where to start 
  • I have tried this self love stuff before and it hasn't worked 
  • I know my self worth is screwed and I have been continually beaten down for it, but I simply do not know where to start... and am so scared to even open up again in case I get hurt again. 


It is a big journey right? 


Healing from your past, to let your Soul lead with love... like the powerful Soul you know... but feel lost at how to even access that again... or at all. 

Is it even there anymore? 

Perhaps you get glimpses of it, but it doesn't stay long... and maybe you have felt it once before and is who you used to be.. but then you opened to the wrong people and they trampled your heart, more than anyone before and you've... lost who you really are. 


Two Week Immersion

Rediscovering Who You Are

Healing From Past Woundings So You Can Feel Safe To Let In Love Again 

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse Wounds

Understand and Implement What True Self Love actually looks like in your daily life 

Learn to receive support without feeling guilty, setting strong boundaries with self and others so that you can actually feel love again... let alone.. happiness. 

You don't want to go through this cycle again right? 

To sabotage the good that has arrived in your life right now after all the work you've done to reach here?

Didn't think so. 


Keep an eye out, SACRED SOUL REVERENCE drops later today and we start next Friday! Send me a message of REVERENCE to be the first to get all the details, this is going to be one powerful Two Week Immersion leading up to the Love of Mother's Day, healing all Mother Wounds, so you can truly rise into your Feminine Power of Love, letting yourself BE love... and be loved. 



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