how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Feb 09, 2024


So much has changed in my life recently and at the same time everything is the same - but when I truly ‘feel’ into it - everything has changed.

For quite some time I have found holding 30min Psychic Reading sessions with my one off clients so draining! I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and so continued to do them but I just couldn’t place why it was always so draining to me - not really energetically - just… didn’t light me up. And if I am not lit up, on fire, in deep sensually wet love with my work and my life - fuck it makes me depressed and some and I am not tolerating that for myself anymore. I just couldn't figure it out... 

And yet - I kept doing them, because I LOVE psychic readings! I love cards, I love psychic development and I just love the psychic intricacies in the entire process and what I am shown when I am with clients - I LOVE it.

And hence why I couldn’t figure out why I was so confused about feeling this way.

Recently - it has all landed. (21 Day Quantum Trauma Shifter at the end of last year anyone?! - This 21 Day program moved sooo much for me and my clients!)

I realised it is because most of the people who book in ‘for a cheap psychic reading’ - sure it might help them, give them a bit of insight and clarity to why they are feeling like they are and what is going on for them 100% - but… I found a high percentage of them don’t actually put into action the guidance that was given to them to change their life.

I understand change can take time, that being in violent and traumatic situations are a deal to remove yourself from sure.

And yet, this… is the part that was draining for me. They would be all HELL YESSS all over the place and fired up and then continue you on with their lives with no changes. Gah. That, was draining for me. And I got over it.

And I am soooo glad I figured this out.

It is why now, my 1:1 private mentoring has raised it’s standards.

It’s why I now charge $1,111USD for a 1 Hour Psychic Reading/Healing Zoom Session.

It’s why now, I charge $5,555USD for my 3 Month Telegram Only Psychic Acceleration & Healing Mentorship Program.

It’s why now, to work with me for 12 months it is $115,000USD.

I am here for the committed rebels of CHANGE.

I am here for the ones serious about doing the work and shift their life to step into Soul alignment and contribute to the mass awakening of human consciousness - in an AI world, Souls in FULL POWER ALIGNMENT OF THEIR SOUL ARE A MUST. We are the damn technology and when we are in FULL ALIGNMENT - this is where our power drive is on, where the game heats up and the world shifts the way WE know it in our heart - not the current leaders of the world - THIS is changing and it is up to YOU to step into it - NOW.

It is why you can’t stop thinking about it. Your Purpose that is. A different life that is. Your SOUL IS CALLING - are you LISTENING?!

You can receive plenty of insight from my daily psychic reading reels, my self-help page on my website and my programs - paid and free. IF - you do the work.

As my mentor once said to me, “The work works, when you work it!” 150 million % it does.

I have so much content from my 8 years online that you can find on my website and work it!

And yet, those that don’t just aren’t ready to.

And that is fine.

And that… is what I realised was draining me.

I am a highly intuitive, intricately meticulously energetic worker who moves fast, gets to the core quickly and accelerates people who step into my field. You even feel it just receiving an email from me or reading my content or watching my videos.

And it was here, honouring myself, raising my standards and who I am prepared to work with and have in my close proximity had to change - for me to get my spark back, my passion back and the love for what I do.


This includes who you have around you, who your clients are in your space, how you hold yourself and what you know is the standards in life you are meant to do.

If you’re not tending to do this immediately and first, everything else is a band-aid that falls off when it is wet and dirty and you’re left with the same situation that you tried covering up with some quick fix pill. #yuck.

So thank fuck for that realisation!

I am here for the change-makers, the rebels without a cause who are storming through the paradigm of changing the damn world, I am here for the ones seriously ready to leave their toxic relationship and get their purpose on track today - no matter how old or young they are.

I kept getting tapped on the shoulder by Spirit about Healing Remedies - which are the protocols for healing - any situation, whether mental, spiritual or physical and THIS BRINGS ME ALIVE WITH SO MUCH EXCITEMENT AND PASSION!

I am serious about helping people.

I am serious about teaching you how to fish so you can feed yourself for life.

Not me catch your fish for you and you have to come to my house every night for dinner just to eat. #ugh

Meaning - I am passionate about teaching you how to heal - anything and everything and every situation - and give you the remedy to put into action like today - to do that.

You don’t need a psychic to tell you what is going on - let’s be real, you know the situation you’re in, what you need to do to get out of it and move towards and into happiness in your life - you truly do. What you need is the energetic healing protocols that unlock why you’re still there and not moving or healing, whether past life, generational, childhood trauma, energetic curses and lock holds from dark wizards keeping you in their dungeons inter-dimensionally.

This - is what my Healing Remedies do. Give you the keys to go and do it - rather than sitting on the phone with me for 30mins telling you the feelings you already know and are feeling - Healing Remedies give you the solution to use to unlock so you can move forward with your healing, your life and your heart again - with freedom. Healing Remedies start from $15 and go up to $1,111USD with different options available. Comment REMEDY below and I will send you the details or you can find it on my ‘work with me’ section of my website.

And so - only the people who are truly ready to heal, to move forward and change their life - are now truly in my space.

All my programs are designed this way - to teach you how to heal and shift for life. In any of my programs and courses I run, I am there, guiding you, moving through it together - leading by example and moving together as a collective. These are powerful - but again, only those that enter - are a BIG FUCK YES to do this and I LOVE that I have these people around me.

You truly do get to choose who you have around you in your life.

Yes, leaving less than your high standards situations can be tricky and a long drawn out process, whether domestic violence, divorce or a situation you just know is not aligned anymore - but on the other side, I promise you - is the life you keep thinking about and if you didn’t keep thinking about it - it wouldn’t be something meant for you - it just wouldn’t be in your awareness and I highly doubt you’d be here following me or even reading this far.

Helping people get out of unaligned situations and into aligned situations for their Soul a nd Life Purpose - is my forte. I am a number 5 in numerology - CHANGE. It is my gift, to help navigate through the dark waters, so you may wind up on the shore of the crystal clear white sandy haven beaches where your life truly begins…. Cleansed, clear and ready to take on the world.

Because that… is why you are here.

You’re a rebel.

You’re a leader.

You do things YOUR WAY.

You're a highly intuitive get shit done passionate fire master of your destiny and won't let anything get in the way.

You have a strong fiery passion deep inside you that is here to change the damn world and you KNOW it begins with yours.

You love this psychic shit, you live everyday speaking to your angels, intuition and connect to the spiritual realm or figure out the message it is telling  you with everything that passes your way. You're highly connected and in tune - you know this i at your core. People have always shut you down for it and so you buried it, even though you lie to yourself that you still let it out today - but you know there is MORE... it is rumbling and can't be denied anymore - that, my love, is making you exhausted and depressed - let it run rage through your Soul and remember this is your purpose, your magic and it is trying to take you through the door! 

Whether you’re ready to clean up your own life or have done that and are ready to step into deep service of ripping fires of change through the old structures and create the new ones that have not left footprints in the sand yet (aka your Unique Soul Blueprint Life Purpose) - then I am the mentor for you.

You know where to find me. Send me a message if you know I am the mentor for you.

Otherwise I will see you on my livestreams, my blogs and in my courses.

I love you. 

You are here to change the world and you are born for a Purpose - remember that.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

P.S. O.M.G. - WILD SPIRIT has been BORN. Talk about flying free. Talk about Soul to Soul talk! Talk about igniting the fire you were born with that has been put out by the trauma you've been through, by the constant put downs by those that were supposed to be closest to you in your life and your biggest supporters that you’re STILL healing your broken heart from - WILD SPIRIT is your gateway to remember who the fuck you are and ignite this wild, free, deeply intuitive and wild as fuck spirit that you are to reclaim your soul, light up your life and put that damn smile back on your face again! The one that makes your energy glow and your Soul feel on fire, the one that speaks her mind and feels sensually happy and free about every little detail life has to offer right in front of her… that one. I recorded a short video to see if this is an aligned fit for you - comment WILD SPIRIT below and I will send it to you.

P.P.S. There is only another week before my 3 Month Psychic Acceleration & Healing Mentorship closes! Comment MENTORSHIP if you know this is the space to be in to rise out of the mud and get your flower ass back on the road!

P.P.PS. Life Purpose Legacy has begun! Doors will be closing at the end of this month - if you’re ready to go ALL IN with your psychic development, healing the trauma that has bound you for eons, raise your standards and be around others doing the same - LEGACY below and I will send the details or send me a message with any questions.