heart healing how to trust your intuition reclaiming your power Nov 27, 2018


Why did you even begin? 

When you get shut down, lose yourself and FORGET WHO YOU ARE - you also forget why you even started!! 

There are things that pull at you, push you aside and tear your heart out... trample it into the ground and leave you in a crumpled mess.... 


TO remember who you are - I guess!!! 

I was so focused, so clear about my WHY and recently... I forgot my WHY. 

I remember years ago, when I was 20, I was involved with a network marketing company and they always talked about a WHY. 

Back then, I guess my WHY wasn't strong enough. 

Yet - I also realise why it wasn't back then... 

Because I 'was selling their thing' - not my own. 

My gift, my passion, my life purpose IS my WHY. 

And recently I had forgotten that. 

I had forgotten my dreams - recently. 

I was deeply focused - sooo focused.

I had just started to crack the code, just started to make headway, understand why on Earth I am here - realise who I am and my reason for being on this planet - well, I had known - but I had started to step up and out in a VERY big way in my business, my life, my LIFE PURPOSE. 


And I had not only the biggest income month of my business at the time to date back in August - yet, my following and impact reached new heights. 

But apparently, I wasn't owning it ENOUGH... so the Universe showed me. 

My recent experiences have shown me how much I gave my power, my light away. 

Or more so - how much I wasn't owning my light and my power. 

I realised I got caught up in the other person, the other side - but I realised deeply, now, why I did this. 

I forgot my WHY. 

I forgot what I was doing. 

I forgot..... my LIGHT. 

Back in 2004 before I was even spiritually awakened, I had a dream of following the summers and the festivals - my favourite DJ's around the world. 

That dream hasn't left me. 

It might sound silly - 'But Hannah, isn't your dream to awaken the consciousness on the planet?' 

That isn't a dream. That is inevitable. That is what I am born for. That is... just what I do!

Just by me - following my passion, my purpose, my internal calling that has been there since the beginning of time - is what I am here to do and is just what I do - I cannot not do this. 

In 2008... my WHY became stronger. I found out I had Adaya in my belly. 

I have stepped up and changed so much since then. And since I have found my online outlet - well, lookout world, here I come - here I AM. 

This isn't a time I fall, this is a time I RISE. 

I have fallen recently. 

I went into a hibernation I didn't realise I did. 

I found myself paralysed in my work. Funny that isn't - I just stepped up into who I am and then that happens. 

That is what we call Sabotage - you have a good thing and your purposefully ruin it, because you feel on some level you are: 

1. Not good enough 

2. Past life trauma gets in the way and 'paralyses' you so you can't move forward. Like literally. 

You will do everything to stop it, even you are conscious of this and do it anyway when you know you don't want to, but can't stop it too. 


I realised on Sunday I had forgotten my WHY. I was stuck. Paralysed in moving forward and had been for weeks! 



I CREATE like a mofo!!!! 

I channel like it is out of this world and then ground it down to Earth so people actually get it and SHIFT. 

This is just me owning myself again. 

I recently forgot who I was. 

I kept getting told things that made me wonder if I was Arthur or Martha. 

My intuition IS and ALWAYS has been on point. 

So when I pick up something - I PICK IT UP! 

And when I bring it to the table, I forget at times, that I pick up more than EVERYONE around me. 

Because this is what I do. 

This is my gift. 

And this gift, I realise now, shows me the way. 

Shows me without me needing to voice a single aspect of it. 

Two ears and one mouth for a reason right? 

And when I deeply reconnect back into that silent voice, that silent space - the answer has always been there. 

That drive, that calling that WHO I AM and WHY I AM EVEN HERE. 

And that - is not something ANYONE can understand except me. 

Maybe you do in a way - but it is also something I completely don't even understand. I just know I have a vision and a calling and this internal drive to create and do what I do without knowing the deeper reason why. 

Step by step, day by day. 

I let go of being with anyone ever again at the end of last year, because of my Life Purpose and recently forgot about this... 

Now it is BACK and I am grateful for what I have learnt. 

I realised that even though I stepped up and out in ways I had never done before - I was still hiding - or moreso - I was not fully owning my light. 

I was not, claiming my light. 

I was not, seeing my gift for what it was. 

I was not, owning who I really am. 

I was not, honouring it for what it was. 

And so I attracted in, something to 'take away my light' - so I could be shown my light this way. 


Won't be doing that again! 

I am ready to own my light, to BE MY LIGHT. 


And this?

Is the best form of protection EVER! 

I am good at owning my darkness - but my Light had to be 'taken away' so I could own it! 

Right! GOT IT! 


And, now, I choose to OWN IT. 


To have a massive impact on this world 

To Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity


To create, create, create - because I was BORN TO CREATE - everything and anything my heart so desires... 

Meditation after meditation, blog after blog, healing after healing, money after money, love after love - EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want! 

I am born to create, I am born to EXPERIENCE!! 

And now, I choose the LIGHT - to experience the LIGHT in all that I do. 

I own my darkness, I see it, feel it, be it, transform it in my space - but to do this efficiently I MUST OWN MY LIGHT. 

Because in me owning my LIGHT? 

Is the reason I was born in the first place. 

Because my LIGHT is what transforms and the darkness, doesn't even touch me anymore... because my light is too bright for it to exist within me. 

I remember my why now... 

Every single part of it. 

To live a life of freedom - what does freedom mean? 

The ability to pick and choose what I want to work on and when and with WHO...

The ability to fly to Sydney for dinner because I feel like it...

The ability to surf on a Monday morning when everyone goes to work...

The ability to travel in high class luxury and style... 

The ability to receive large amounts of money rapidly so I can do what I want when I want.... 

When people say to me, 'Oh, it's all about the money for you' - I - 1. back the fuck away and 2. Say, "Yep! It sure is!" Because money creates FREEDOM and most of societies problems and issues are because they don't have the FREEDOM to do what they want when they want! 

Imagine a life you really want... gosh, most people don't even let themselves dream that big because they don't know how! 

I never knew how either. 

But I kept turning up with that insatiable drive to live my life on purpose. 

Because if you don't - someone else will choose it for you. 

What do you... choose? 

Do you - even REMEMBER YOUR WHY in the first place?

Love Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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Do you listen to it, or ignore it? 

Do you even know what is under the surface of what is calling you and why? 

Do you even hear your calling at all?

Or is a blur and a blank of everything you've given up on? 

Those things you once thought important and amazing - why did you give up on them? 

Isn't it time to stop sabotaging yourself and allow your light to shine? 

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