Show the World Who You Really Are

awakening your life purpose cycles of life finding your life purpose how to trust your intuition trust your intuition Feb 24, 2023

I’ve been getting this message for a little while, then this last week, this message has come up several times in different decks. Sooo… here. We. Go.

I am being guided to SPEAK 📣 

To share what’s REALLY on my mind 🧠 

Because let’s face it, I’ve been holding back.

Big time.

Holding back out of fear of what the fallout will be 💔

When did I ever care about that? 

When I started to experience some serious kick back when I began to RISE. 

When I was being my whole hearted, full of life self, doing what I do and it seemed the closest people to me, told me not to be like that.

Some loud and angry to my face.

Some quiet and judgment glancing disapproval no words needed.

Some abandoning me in my deepest time of need.

And let’s be real, it traumatised me.

It made me stop… talking.

Stop.. being myself.

Stop being my psychically accurate, premonition self.

I took their words to deep heart.

I feared losing the precious friendship, the love and the care.

And funny thing happened, I lost it anyway.

And fucked thing happened, I lost myself too.

I’ve been pretty quiet this last 2-4 years…compared to what I used to be…


I can’t ignore the signs anymore.

I can’t hold back anymore.

I can’t sit and watch the world literally fall apart when I have sooo much to say about all the pieces of the intuitive puzzles that I’m being shown on a daily basis about ALL the things that is going on in the world…

Agenda 2030

World Updates

Daily Life Meanderings of my Heart

Things I only think to myself

Things I say to clients

Things I say in my private groups 

Things I have withheld because I was scared of showing who I really am. Of what I really think. Of what I am here to BECOME.

Deep inside my Heart ❤️ 


Deep inside my Brain 🧠 

I have let so much go and not shared it like I used to because the ‘throw back’ in my face broke my fucking heart.  

And yet, I’m still here ‘alone’ anyway, so what does it really matter?

What does any of it matter or what is it even worth living for, if I can’t share the power of my heart that people are threatened by?

What is the point of any of it, if I am not sharing the wisdom of my Soul - the very basis of my Purpose -

To heal people with my words

To kick them into gear with cold hard reality checks

To prepare them for world events that humanity has never seen?  

To share my daily life meanderings, the very essence of how I teach you to trust your intuition?  

To put pieces of the intuitive puzzle together to give people the heads up

The very basics of my existence is my intuitive gift.

To hold that back and not share that is a disservice to humanity.

There will always be haters and there will always be lovers. 

The thing that broke me, was the ones closest to me.. and now there is nothing holding me back.

I know to speak will heal me more, for this last few years have been deep healing at my core that I haven’t felt before.

I’ve emerged different… changed and more intuitive and powerful than before…

I know not everyone will agree with things I say but I guarantee one day they’ll come knocking back for more…

The world is waiting on the truth and my very essence is that. 

I am Lapis Lazuli at the birth place of humanity.  

I have been here since the dawning of time and have a connection and alignment to the galactic centre in my astrological chart that not many have seen before. 

I am here to shine light on the world in the form of truth no matter what happens to me I will stand in this for the rest of my time.

No matter how they silence me nor muzzle me to my core.  

I will not hide and cower because of heart break from those closet to me no more.

I trust that I’ve learnt the hardest lessons and now I can rise, no matter the outcome it is here, I speak forever more what’s on my mind, what my heart and soul are being shown and what is to share and show for the world.

I don’t really care what the fallout is this time because the heartbreak of not speaking my truth is worse than any thing else that’s happened to me. If I can’t be loved by those closest to me for speaking my whole truth and being who I really am, then they are not those that truly love me then are they?  


And so it is here, from this day forth, I will write and I will speak..

About the world updates, about the things deeply on my mind, about the meanderings of my heart and daily life and beyond this world…

To be real, to be true and to show the world who I really am…to heal you, to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity.

Are you ready for Hannah V2.0?