It's always better in the flow...

It's always better in the flow...

Life is so much more peaceful for me when I trust the flow and do what I feel like instead of what I think I should do.

People say, 'Oh well I can't do what I want when I want because I have to work.' 

And I say, I have created a life where I get to choose to do whatever I want when I want and that edge of freedom, is becoming a reality every single day - because I am making it so. #simple

I know I have been quiet on social media recently, there has been HUGE upgrades going on behind the scenes here and soon, you will see them all as they are released over the coming months. 

The main part of my 'quiet' is that I have been training my team and expanding Reality Awareness into other areas which eeekkk! I am excited about! #ofcourse

It's funny, people think I am training my virtual assistant (VA) and handing over 40 hours a week. I mentioned that to someone the other day, so I can work 40 hours a week, not 80 and even though I couldn't see...

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